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  1. Would it be too much to ask if we could all have a gigantic slumber party at Eric's house??????!!!!!!!! At the very least - we all have to meet up at a hotel for a Berry Bash!!! annie
  2. Hi Bernie & Ken - I could barely put the book down - I spent the weekend driving (I was not doing the driving!!) back and forth from upstate NY to Boston, Mass and back. I read the book with the Raspberries greatest Hits playing in the car and I'll be damned if the CD didn't follow the storyline i was reading about! I loved the book - I actually ooh'ed and ahh'ed out loud several times and had to read the parts aloud to my husband. I am dumbfounded that the cover for either Side 3 or Starting Over (my husband has the book now!!) was shot in Suffern, NY 5 minutes from MY house. It's a good thing i didn't know then - I would have been chasing Eric all over Rockland County!! Your attention to detail and backup information let me have an unprecendented literary experience: I wasn't left asking questions or feeling like you left something out. Everything i wanted to know was right there, in black and white, in the order I needed it. I also admired the candid nature - you had to have that for credibility. Bravo. It was also obvious that Eric wasn't interested in having more of his personal life in relation to "girls" explored and that was OK too. But, I still have this "oh my gosh..." punched-in-the-gut feeling about what might have been with Eric's career. John Kalodner produced Boston's greatest hits album and on the album, it has two versions of "Higher Power" - one of which is labeled "John Kalodner version." Now I know why!!!! It STILL PISSES ME OFF to this day to hear background vocals on "Boats." Reading about it in the book just brought that all back. Bravo, gentlemen. From Cameron Crowe's foreward to the rorshack, every word was worth waiting for. Thank you so, so much - hey, let's not forget the photo of Eric signing the book!! That was such a gift. annie kalotschke tuxedo, ny
  3. Oh BOY, did I laugh when I saw the promo last night for the next episode of "That 70's Show" - I will never hear "All By Myself" again and only think of Eric!!! My husband looked at me and just burst out laughing - he knew it was all over for me! Even my kids turned to see if Eric was singing on the TV and laughed when they realized what it was about! Doesn't Eric get royalties every time someone uses his music? What about on "American Idol" when the one contestant sang "All By Myself" last week? Annie
  4. Kirk - I had a similar experience. To this day, there are a lot of Eric's songs, especially from "I was Born to Love You" that echo that past relationship, as well as my marriage. It is the eeriest thing! It's as if Eric was a voyeur who wrote the soundtrack to my life. But there are so many of us in the same position, right!? All I know is - I'm glad i don't have to find out what my life would be like without the Eric Carmen experience. Annie
  5. Hey Randy - I can't believe I didn't automatically think of the Raspberries when I saw the show. My husband and I are hooked. It is very interesting to see where all the band members are now and almost painful to see some of the reunions. The universal component to all the ones I've seen (I think there's only been three or four so far) is that at least one member was completely unaware of how their behavior badly affected another band member. I vote "Yes" and I'll supply the Raspberries album they are all supposed to sign! (of course, the album does not become permanent property of VH1 or its parent companies. All rights reserved!) Annie
  6. hey everyone- I am also a over-the-moon-heart-stopping-sighing fan of "She Remembered" and I'm seeing a trend on the board with the responses, people! MOSTLY, (now, see the bold lettering - it doesn't mean 'everyone') the members who find the song sappy are......wait for it.....guys. Naturally, the majority of the song lovers are romantic females. The other part of "She Remembered" that strikes me is the fact that the emotions evoked in the song are so often unspoken by anyone, but experienced and thought about by so many. ON a quick side note - did anyone catch the mutilation of "All By Myself" on one of the auditions on "American Idol" last week? I almost leapt through the screen to throttle the girl. Boy, did I crack up at Eric's question for Paul McCartney. THAT is exactly the Eric I can't wait to read about in the book. Annie
  7. It's all in the voices for me - even someone with an amazing speaking voice can hook me. Actor Frank Langella's voice KILLS me!! Musically, it's the same - I saw the Raspberries on the kids show "Go!" in the early seventies in a recording studio doing "GATW". I heard them first, from another room and was really drawn to the sound. Lyrics are really important to me too. Combine a romantic voice like Eric's with his lyrics and I'm a goner. Makes my heart ache or swoon every time. Currently in the cd carousel are Jason Mraz (awesome) No Doubt, Chicago, Afro-Celtic Sound System, and Boston. I also love Harry Connick Jr, Barry Manilow, Jimmy Buffett,Eva Cassidy, Linda Eder. Very eclectic mix but great music. Hey, I love Canada, too! Am I exiled!!?? ;-)
  8. Happy Birthday, Eric! Virtual hugs and kisses to a special guy. Enjoy many more enriched with health and happiness. Lots of love, Annie Kalotschke
  9. :rolleyes: "Average"? "Watered down Barry Manilow?" whatever I don't understand why you'd be interested enough to be on this website if that's the way you feel about Eric and his music. "Walk Away Renee" is one of the best covers I've ever heard and I am totally blown away by the fact that Eric played all the instruments on that song. I saw Barry Manilow a few months ago at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and he was spectacular. Michelle in Ottawa -- I'll be there the last Wednesday-Friday in July. If you need a babysitter to go to the concert...what am I saying!! I'll find one and we'll both go!! Annie
  10. Hi everybody: Here I was, grumbling since the tour was announced, that every single date Eric was going to be around New York I was going to be in Canada!! THEN -- I saw a date posted in Toronto, a mere four hours from where I will be staying in Ontario. NOW -- am I happy or sad? I'm feeling very badly for everybody who hasn't had the chance to see Eric live, especially GATW & BATC. I don't know Eric. I don't know Bernie. But I do know that neither one of them takes any of us or what they do lightly or for granted. What I would be SUPREMELY pissed off about is if I HAD spent a small fortune, like some of you already have, and Eric went on with a crappy show out of a misplaced sense of financial obligation to me instead of cancelling. I follow no one blindly, but I don't condemn anyone without the facts first. Patience, people, patience. Annie
  11. The first time I heard "GATW" was on the TV show "Go!", 1972. I was 11! It was a kids show that showed how different things got done and they showed the Raspberries recording "GATW" (supposedly) but the music hooked me. It has been my all time favorite song of any artist since then. I used to go to a club called Maximus in New City, NY and the DJ was great. I could request "GATW" and dance my behind off!! Later on, I had a boyfriend who was a DJ and had every Raspberries and Eric solo album. it wasn't til then that I had a copy of the GATW album in my hands. Needless to say, I got some of the albums in the break up portion of our relationship because it "would have been too painful to listen to Eric without you." Awwww...I bet he's kicking himself now!!! Congrats to Eric on a song that could hit the top ten today and no one would know it was 30 years old. Love ya - Annie
  12. Hi Bernie, Eric and everyone - all I can say is WOW! This is So great and I love it. Thank you Bernie for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you, Eric, for being so in touch with all of us and for TOURING!!!! Yee-HA! Hope NY is on the list. I'll take NJ, too! Annie
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