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  1. Ummmm...let me just say re: monday morning drooling - I love Barb Bonfanti. She is just so much fun and great to talk with. So I HOPE she will understand when i say that her husband is definitely hot. Then and now. and Hollies, you hit it on the head: Jim is a total class act.
  2. THANK GOD Bernie missed it too!! I feel horrible, Ernie - BUT happiest of belated birthdays and a big hug and a kiss from me!
  3. I can't even bring myself to actually address the topic of the thread!
  4. You know, I am beginning to believe james is actually the Hugh Jackman of EC.COM...even I'm pissed off he went jogging in sweatpants and I don't even know what he LOOKS LIKE!!!!
  5. Happiest of birthday weeks, larry!!! hope to see you again soon!
  6. One of my favorite professors had several copies of Frankl's book on his shelf in his office (he's a prison psychologist and we toured the prison as part of our class) and he said that the truths in that book have not aged off aafter all this time. It is as fresh and enlightening today as it was when he wrote it! Thanks for reminding me about this gem - and you are 100% right - there were so many references to Frankl's material in my textbooks and lectures, he should have gotten royalties.
  7. This one is on my list of must reads - we discussed this in my graduate classes as a seminal look at the differences that shape our lives.
  8. That is a wonderful protrait...what's the background for this one? Who took it and where?
  9. AnniekNY


    The smell of a turf fire (irish peat turf - just ordered some for christmas)... The smell of the christmas tree... Being all cocooned in a warm bed when it's snowing or pouring rain... LOVE watching the birds on my deck...deborah, we have the same plus blue jays, cardinals, tufted titmouse (I'm waiting for Cartmill to chime in on that one) hearing a baby's belly laugh...
  10. AnniekNY

    "Black Friday"

    Pete and i went out and had massages!! the traffic was nonexistent and the Kohl's store in Ramsay, NJ was PACKED (well, the parking lot was, I wasn't crazy enough to go in) Our daughter, Marykate, went to work today at 3:30 - midnight at Woodbury Commons Premium Shopping Outlets (10 minutes from us) the traffic was backed up the NY state thruway for miles last night at midnight when the stores opened.
  11. Thanks, Eric - I hope you are not as comatose as we all are right now...the turkey coma is settling in!!
  12. be careful about gift cards this year - some stores are filing for bankruptcy protection and will not accept their own gift cards!! Check internet for a list (Linens and Things is an example.)
  13. Well, that was about as perfect an answer to my question as I could have asked for, Eric. You made me feel like i was backstage. Dream big, indeed!
  14. Happy birthday to the luckiest, guitar-winning man on the planet!!!
  15. Happy happy belated birthday Missy!!
  16. AcK!! Happy belated Reid!!!!!! Hope you continue on with the birthday week tradition!!
  17. great photos - eric, you look SMOKIN', dude!!! How much fun was this event?????!!!!
  18. Yep. Love it. I can't remember the last time i listened to the radio - i play my ipod. I listen to new cuts on Itunes and through my daughter and son's playlists. We had Sirius radio for a while but it's too hilly here for clear reception so we gave it up.
  19. What a perfect story for Thanksgiving. Kathy Lee, I don't have the selflessness to do what you do. You and your family are heroes. I pray for a happy outcome for you all. Thank you for sharing.
  20. and the list hit me differently - I thought what a stimulating conversation we could all have if we were listening to this playlist!!!
  21. From your lips to God's ears, especially about the part staying off the thighs...!!! Have a wonderful holiday everybody - I will raise a drumstick to you all!
  22. Not much has changed when you compare the audiences then and now!!! We're still reaching out!!!
  23. I came across this list on Yahoo Shine and I just started laughing my a$$ off about the second song on the list... TURN IT OFF! The Top 10 Buzzkill Party Songs Posted Wed, Nov 19, 2008, 12:49 pm PST POST A COMMENT » The evening is perfect. You've made your finger-lickin' herb dip, decked yourself out in your finest, and opened several bottles of killer Zin. Your entourage arrives -- things start kickin' -- and your "best party EVER" is in full swing! Now... just make sure you have the perfect playlist pumping so the evening's music is as flawless as every other detail. Until it's your own party you may not realize that a really bad song kills a good vibe -- and that's not easy to revive. Here are Foxy's votes for the ten worst buzzkill tunes of all time. I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred This song's humor wore out long ago, and now it's just vulgar, cheesy, and so annoying. It's kind of become a really bad, hairy, cheap-cologne-wearing gigolo anthem. All By Myself by Eric Carmen Music to make even the happiest person on earth sick with despair. There's no amount of nostalgia in the world that can make us yearn for this song -- even if our dog died... even if we lost our job... and especially if we're trying to party! When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls These girls are H-O-T. We get it. And if your party playlist was voted on looks alone, they'd be near the top. But this repetitive, hi-pitched, electro-pop track lacks the sexy vibe of "Don't Cha" and just leaves us wishing the Dolls would grow up and sing a little something else. Endless Love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross Just thinking about this gushy ballad makes us so happy the ‘80s are over! Even the divine Miss Ross can't save this duet from being maudlin. Macarena by Los Del Rio This flash-in-the-pan phenom is our pick for the most annoying song of all time. Even if half your guests agree with us (and we think the will), cross this dance ditty permanently off your list. Fergalicious by Fergie The funky Fergie stutters her way through this irritating tune, parts of which sound like a broken record, literally. She may have the best abs in the music 'biz, but do you and your friends really want to listen to her sing about herself for nearly five minutes? I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry Too loud. Too obvious. Just trying too darn hard. With its in-your-face content and dumbed-down lyrics, it comes off as a one-hit-wonder curiosity for the under-twenty set. The kind of tune you'd expect to hear playing at a teen-store at the mall, not a hip soiree. We like the taste of cherry chapstick too but... My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion Your gathering will sink and crash like the legendary Titanic. Need we say more? Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin Childish, perky pop -- upbeat to the point of being really really annoying. This is a song that makes you be happy that you're near the door. The End by The Doors Weighing in at over 11 minutes long, this song will stop even the most raucous party in its tracks. The lyrics - "Father...I want to kill you" - are not quite the feelgood hit of the century.
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