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  1. Don't feel bad Wendy, I only had time to find three - i missed 'BOATS" and "house of Blues" because everyone was screaming for Irish breakfast and took my computer away!!!!! Thanks Bernie!!
  2. We would be arrogant to believe that we were alone in the universe.
  3. Happy, happy birthday Dennis!! You are so much fun and I hope to see you again real soon! lots of love - annie
  4. You know me too well, Jay!!!!! Can you say "mouth to mouth resusitation"??? I knew that you could...
  5. Merry Christmas to my favorite Kiwis!! Be safe and listen to the Berries on the 4 1/2 hour drive!!!!
  6. nice......i want Dave to give me therapy on Jim's boat...please Santa...that's the only thing I want this year!
  7. 70% but very interesting....
  8. You scored: 19 / 20 Total points: 190 The average score for this quiz: 18 / 20 damn the year...... fun!!
  9. thank you, kholvn and the same to you and your family. be safe!
  10. Happy Chanukah, my friend and may you receive lots of gelt and mitzvahs in the New Year!!
  11. DUDE!! Have a fabulous birthday John!!
  12. Now that is so funny, Eric...that instantly brings to mind what our Paulie Sidoti wears on stage with Taylor Swift...and he's from Cleveland!!
  13. May God rest her soul and hold her in His arms. May her mother never have a moment's peace of mind until the truth is told.
  14. Thank God the newspaper got the songwriter credit right for a change!!!!
  15. Hi Julia - my sincerest condolences to you and your family. I had the most interesting esperience last night - I went to see John Edward (the TV pyschic "crossing over") with my best friend. Not my idea - I was skeptical. But there was 2,000 people there all hoping and praying to get a message from their deceased loved ones. I have to tell you - it was incredible. If he fakes it with plants in the crowd outside or in the audience and uses an earpiece, he does an AMAZING job. But I can't say it i saw one shred of evidence it was faked. He made a point of saying that what we perceive as suffering at the point of death is not the experience that is relayed from the dead. It was a quick "tug" and then the person was away from the finale of the body dying. He was very comforting, very very funny and it made the inevitable act of dying more palatable, if that doesn't sound too weird. The main point was to celebrate the life of your loved ones and don't dwell on the 60 seconds that we perceived a hellish transition. I hope it helps, that really is my intent on mentioning it - I think it will mean more in the long term and not today, it's too soon. But I'm thinking of you just the same.
  16. HOW COOL IS THAT?????!!!!! Great photo of our Al too!!
  17. AnniekNY


    I would swear that I saw footage of the first plane hitting on the day of (9/11) and not 9/12. I never left the TV all day because Pete was in the city and didn't have a cel phone and the phones went dead shortly after the crashes. I have no doubt that all things are not as they would appear - it wasn't the first time the government "wagged the dog" and it won't be the last.
  18. oooohhh..do you know I never thought of that before, pat?! But i bet Bernie has had some stage time with the boys at a rehearsal or a sound check (well, maybe not a sound check...too much serious work to be done to have a jam session)
  19. in the immortal words of hollies....heh. dumbass is right.
  20. How incredibly sad...I hope it is caylee so she can be put to rest and all the searchers can have some peace of mind. Too bad about the death penalty - it seems the authorities tried to lure Casey into revealing where the little girl was by taking the death penalty off the table.
  21. OH MY GOD WENDY!! I am laughing so hard that tears are running down my face....you, girlfriend, are one helluva writer and so so funny!!! WORD!
  22. Yes, Barb, I know you've always KNOWN he's hot and I know you are a very secure, happily married woman. That's why I made sure you knew the motive behind my compliments was PURE.
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