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  1. I will be waiting every day for this thread....
  2. I absolutely LOVED that band. A female person of my aquaintance who shall remain nameless had a few dalliances with Frank back in the day. I WAS SO JEALOUS and terrified of the thought at the same time. Ah, adolescence....don't miss that ONE BIT!! Thank you TIM for the great romp down memory lane!!!
  3. Re: Education: WAY TO SAY IT PERFECTLY ANNA! HELL YES. I got my degree in English literature/Education in '83. Had to take 2 mathor science classes - I took Biology (the only english major in it) and The Genetics Explosion and it's moral Implications. (this was in '83 when HIV was pretty much known as GRID) No Stats - thank God. No money in teaching when I got out. Had to go to NYC to go into advertising to find a little money. But I would not go back to teaching now for love nor money. I just accrued $42,000 in student loans for a Master's Degree in Science/Mental Health Counseling and the loan payback starts in March. I love what I am doing but working my ass off for VERY LITTLE MONEY. Insurance companies - they need to be overhauled too. Keep going Eric - I'll vote for you.
  4. Now, Tony, you know what happens when conspiracy theorists publish the correct information by ACCIDENT, don't you??? make sure you look UNDER your car tomorrow before starting it up.
  5. And how do you explain that the journalist doesn't keep his finger on the pulse of the music scene by reading the major papers at least - the reunion was covered for chrissakes - just look at the media section on this website - how HARD is it to google? It's inexcusable and unprofessional.
  6. New Zealand man surfs with killer whales (ok, not Muzza but a fellow KIWI!!) Sun Jan 11, 5:16 pm ETWELLINGTON (Reuters) – A New Zealand man surfed with three killer-whales at the weekend, saying the waves were too good to be put off by the predators a local paper reported. Craig Hunter, who has been surfing off New Zealand's North Island for almost 50 years, told the Dominion Post he spotted an adult orca and two young calves lurking just beyond the breakers as was surfing Saturday. "There was no way I was going in because the waves were too good," Hunter said, adding that this was not the first time he had surfed with an orca. He said he was too old to be bothered by the possibility of being attacked. "My outlook is they are big enough and quick enough. If they thought I was a seal, I'd be long gone." There have been no known cases of orca attacking humans, the Dominion Post said. NOW: that's just so cool!
  7. Happy Birthday CubbieFanMike from YankeeAnnie!!!
  8. I don't love Lew cause he pissed me off once and he remembers me telling him so in a post but we BOTH can't remember what it was about!!!!!! I don't love Lew cause I don't get to see him enough with Tommy.
  9. I love Lew because i got to meet the real Dave.
  10. Happy Birthday Wim - it was great to meet you in NY!!!
  11. Have a wonderful birthday, Julie!!!
  12. AnniekNY

    Frankie Valli

    I fell in love with these guys all over again after seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway. I absolutely love Frankie's voice and Bob Gaudio's writing.
  13. Go to your wireless provider and see if they can block that number - my kids seem to think this is a viable option. But it is clear that she is not a well woman and needs a consult by her local police in phone dialing for harrassment purposes.
  14. ok, i SOMEHOW forgot to check in on this thread yesterday and yeah...HOT DAMN!!!!! Me likey. The funny thing is I was at work a couple of hours ago waiting for a client and had the pleasure of hearing "ABM" with no distractions. All I could think was "I kissed the lips that are singing that song." Thank God I didn't have a client...I would have been nodding my head hearing "waa waa waa" and tuning in to the music instead!!!!
  15. I will be home now to watch my pauly on the tube!!
  16. Happy birthday Julia!! Hope you had a great day!
  17. Happiest of belated birthdays Dave!!!!
  18. just so shocking...i am so sad for the family and my prayers go out to them.
  19. I felt so bad for our Pauly - it was something like 2 degrees with the wind last night but I'm sure the high of playing in NYC on New Year's Eve was quite the warming experience!!! Great job Paul!! I felt SO HORRIBLE for Taylor standing on stage with the Jonas Brothers - I hope she was able to enjoy the moment without being too uncomfortable that the ex was also there.
  20. Hi all - I will not be able to get into the city today - bummer!! but have a fabulous time!!! annie
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