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  1. I KNEW I could count on you tommy!!!!
  2. Have a fabulous birthday Steve!!!
  3. prayers for you both!
  4. Hi everyone! As you know, Kiwi and Muzza are winging in from New Zealand to visit the US and as many of their EC.COMers as possible. SUNDAY, MAY 3RD 2 PM AT BB KINGS, NYC. Let's all meet up for an afternoon of good times and lots of laughs! RSVP here so if anything changes, you can be updated.
  5. Happiest of birthdays Dave - hope to see you soon!!!
  6. OMG!! Too funny! Duane you are killing me, i am ON THE FLOOR laughing!! Please let it be the dream sequence, Lew - you haven't jumped the shark yet!!!
  7. Eric, i'm gonna hold you while your brother slaps you a good one... Why don't sharks eat lawyers? Professional courtesy.
  8. Wasn't Billy's ex-wife Elizabeth also his manager (presumably with her brother)? I remember reading Barry Manilow's autobiography "Sweet Life" and he had discovered that he was nearly bankrupt only when he wanted to buy a house in CA. His manager, accountant, etc. etc. etc. invested his money none too wisely. So while he was creating, performing, traveling and sacrificing a personal life, he didn't have the money to make any of it worthwhile. (this happened twice if I recall correctly.) How can you, as an artist, keep your fingers on the pulse of your career, creativity, finances, family, friends, trends, and integity of the professionals you MUST work with??????!!!!
  9. NOW, that's impressive!!! You had that track at the tip of your fingers. Great song. Re: attorneys and music: what about conflict of interest and legal ethics...oh, right...you just proved the "flexibility" of the law! Fred, I know this doesn't apply to you
  10. That is a spirit breaking experience without a doubt. But there is the moral tale of the rattlesnake. A rattlesnake is sunning himself on a rock near a stream. A woman comes to the stream to cross and is startled by the rattlesnake. The snake says "if you pick me up and carry me across the stream, I promise I won't bite you." The woman agrees and carries the snake across. Just when the woman reaches the other side, the rattlesnake strikes her. She drops it and cries out "you promised not to bite me." The rattlesnake calmly replies: "You knew what I was when you picked me up." Why do we trust someone with our dreams, goals, and creativity? Because we have ambition and drive and we make big leaps of faith. It is horrendous when the one you trust isn't there to catch you. And takes your money.
  11. Happy belated birthday to one of my soulmates!!!! lots of love - annie
  12. what a thing of beauty...spectacular shot, Bernie.
  13. The most common sensation associated with panic attack is "I think I am going to die." The average panic attack lasts 10 minutes and short circuiting the fear reaction is key! Deep breathing and positive self talk really help. Julia, I love what you wrote and I just got home from work with a very young victim of panic attacks - i'm gonna write down what you said!!!!
  14. I agree - an underwhelming year for ads. I guess I just love Jeff Bridges voice in the Hyundai commercials.The E*Trade "shankapottamus" baby spot was really funny and the Doritos "snow globe" spot was laugh out loud funny.
  15. LOVED IT! Of course, all I could think about was high school...even I had more hair then!!
  16. I would say that I have seen Springsteen 7 times in concert - I think the shortest one was three hours, the longest was four (of course all the shows were in Joisey!!) He puts every ounce of energy, charisma, talent and joy into every show and he did that again tonight. HOW the HELL did he BEND LIKE he did at the opening???!!! The slide into the camera guy was hilarious and I thought "uh oh...he's just received the camera lens right in the solar plexus and lost his breath!!" LOVED IT. AND he didn't lip sync.
  17. Well, Darlene, I think our Denis knows what butters his bread and his brand of butter is profanity!
  18. Eric, here's the funny part: I had to interrupt YOU singing "hungry Eyes" in "Dirty Dancing" (on Encore) to listen to Duffy...it instantly rang a bell from the commercial. She's great!
  19. He's never been a very robust kinda guy...maybe he's just in better condition since his hip surgery??? (she said hopefully???!)
  20. Dearest Bernie - I hope you had a spectacular birthday filled with music and happiness!!
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