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  1. Have a wonderful birthday John and we will get to see each other again soon!!!
  2. Thanks everybody!! I had a wonderful day and you all are a big part of that!!
  3. We need the recipe!!! congratulations, wendy!
  4. Happy birthday to me, too!!! Yummy and thank you Wendy for saying what I was thinking!!!
  5. dear lisa and Jay - many prayers for you both and your mom and hugs and kisses as well!!
  6. Hi all - the date is coming up - can you let us know who will definitely be coming to BB Kings?
  7. hi maggie - we're meeting sun may 3 at 2 p.m. to get together with muzza and kiwi - look under everything! I'll see who else is coming - i had not heard from anyone else.
  8. OH MAN !! Nice - he really does not take a bad picture!!!!
  9. Have a wonderful birthday, Kathryn with lots of best wishes form New York to the Ohio dancing princess.
  10. We've all noticed that about Dave
  11. I especially love the part with Barb and Jim in the shot - timely photo considering Jim said the other day was the 44th anniversary of him asking Barb to go steady!
  12. OH man, I would LOVE to be there for that! Kudos to the boys for some well-earned recognition!!!
  13. Harry, I think we'll be in the city for the whole day and I know you have a busy day that day. I have to discuss with Muzza and Kiwi but we can always meet up with you anywhere - if we move on from BB Kings, maybe we'll see you in Chinatown or Little Italy. You are also welcome to come Friday to my house for dinner - i pick up our honored guests at 1:15 at Newark. Also, Ssturday, Pete is going to escort our friends on a museum trip in the city. So let us know what works best for anyone - plenty of opportunities to seize!
  14. Thank YOU for the updates and tell Val that we are thinking of her with only positive prayers for you both (and a quicker spring to get rid of the black ice - YIKES!) So happy to hear you are Ok despite the crash!! Be well!!
  15. Mr. Tunes - i will be looking forward to meeting Lady Tunes.
  16. Tommy, you will be with us in the city, right??!! I was hoping you, Bundles and diane would round out the crew with marlene and the rest of the crew!!!!!
  17. AnniekNY


    A cougar in the US terminology is the hot older woman who prefers younger men. By itself, it is a compliment, as I am sure your son's friend meant it. Usually it's another woman who puts the negative connotation on the cougar by saying "desperate cougar'!! Tommy, you are a playa.
  18. James - you have finally done it: you have convinced me that all those years of mindless devotion to Eric were a mistake. YOU now have all my devotion and attention.
  19. OH MY GOD!! I AM HYSTERICAL!!!!! That provided the best laugh of the year so far!!! You are so friggin talented Drupelet!!!!
  20. oh..how sad! so young too..."We may never pass this way again" was my prom's theme song. Beautiful voice.
  21. As a member of Eric's female audience from the beginning, you are correct, Drupelet!! But I have to say I heard the Berries before I ever saw a picture of them. It was definitely the song writing that hooked me. Funny enough, my hubby is now a fan - that's what happens when you hear the music over and over and over... It has always been that the music and lyrics spoke directly to me and that the fact that the boys are VERY easy to look at comes second. I hate the "tonight you're mine" album cover and I know that Eric had nothing to do with the cover concept. marketing is marketing.
  22. Ah, it will be so great to take you up to OC Choppers - I haven't been there yet but I hear it is something to see!!
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