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  1. Sherri - when Muzza gets back from the city today I will try to have him send a few photos for posting! Kiwi and Muzza just left with Peter to go to see the Museum of Natural History and a bit more of Times Square. I haave to work today so I am home finishing reports and notes. I loved yesterday so much - it was really the essence of what we love about ec.com. People from all over meeting up to discuss our mutual love of music and artists. We were lucky enough that, at the beginning, we had Lucille's cafe all to ourselves - perfect for hearing all the conversations across the long table. There were 11 of us - DonnaL, kathy222, AnneG, Maggie Clark, GMan, Dianed, Muzza, Kiwi, JohnP, Pete and I. For two full hours we had a great time meeting our newbies and catching up with the old timers. The New Zealand flags were flying on the table. Then at the 4 p.m. time, a large group of musicians from a Pueblo, Colorado High school came in. Parents and friends came to hear 2 jazz emsembles from the school, one of which won the Best High School Jazz Band in the State of Colorado. So we heard geat music for the next hour while we wrapped up our meet and greet. I absolutely loved the whole day. And, yes, as usual, we discussed some "sex on a stick" - you'll all just have to wonder who that referred to (there are two) Don't Ask - Don't Tell. Thanks to everyone who came out!!!
  2. ...this will be a great day - top answer on the board!
  3. Happy happy birthday Sherri!!! We will toast you today at BB Kings - hav a wonderful day!
  4. Oh Sue, you poor baby!!! i hope you feel better and you will be missed for sure!
  5. I know that from Wednesday until they leave is already arranged, tickets and all, since before they left NZ. I am pretty sure there's another get together - check with Ira. I don't know what you will be able to arrange Tommy and Lew - get thee to the city Sunday, boys!!! :p
  6. OH MY GOD! I get to meet Giro - I am so stoked, you have no idea!
  7. we're praying for ya chris! lol, annie
  8. I am so looking forward to seeing you again John!!! Donna and Kathy - john is one of the sweetest guys!!
  9. Ha! birthday Twin, you beat me to the punch...I was gonna say that Marilyn's is your sister's husband's cousin brother in law's aunt's niece.
  10. Tommy, who said there's no karaoke? I love it!!
  11. Hi ya everyone - Just to give details: we have a reservation for 10 (let me know if we need to add!) under "annie" for 2 p.m. at Lucille's Grill in BB Kings for this Sunday, May 3rd. Let the Good Times Roll!!!! Everyone is welcome and definitely the more the merrier!
  12. You'll be back on line Friday afternoon from my lap top!!!! I get them next!!!!
  13. Can you stick your tongue straight out when you look in the mirror? If it curves, get thee to the hospital. never hurts to check in any case, right?
  14. Now, I JUST got an email from BB Kings about THEIR Gospel brunch on sundays and I was just thinking "maybe that would be GREAT" haven't broached the subject so go for it Tim!!! great minds think alike.
  15. My dearest Jay and Lisa - I know your mother was a great woman because YOU are a great man and very kind and loving. My sympathies to your family and my prayers for you both. Lots of love, annie
  16. I kept looking for Uncle Fester in the photo - Tony, you're much cuter than Fester. Put your son's picture in as your avatar!!!
  17. Oh, what great photos - I wish i had been there BIG TIME!!! Hi everybody!!! (as she waves at the people in the photos as if they can see her)
  18. I can't wait to see the pictures - I will try to do the same for the NYC meeting nxt week!! have fun, wendy - you will love them.
  19. Have a wonderful birthday Bessie!!!!!
  20. Happy birthday my friend - I will toast you at my table a few days after the actual day!!!!!!
  21. I'm so jealous!!!!! i am so excited because I got a PM last night from two members we haven't met before - Donna L and kathy 222 sisters from Joisey - who are joining us at BB Kings!! YAY!!!!!
  22. My brother and his wife went to Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium but first they went to a BBQ at the old stadium. They were then taken to one of the new stadium's primo corporate boxes to watch the Yanks lose 14 to whatever. Well, it didn't suck as much being in the lap of luxury - he said the new stadium was spectacular. And if you can't rag on each other's sports teams, you take out half the fun of being a fan in the first place!!!
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