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  1. I'm with you, Cosmik and my heart goes out to you. My 8 year old shepard/rottie mix, Mia, had 2 cancerous cysts removed from her paw last month. Her blood work came back with elevated liver enzymes, indicating something else (or cancer somewhere else) and tests on Thursday show some sort of hepatic disease. She's her same perky self, she's eating and drinking. So we just watch and love her. But I know I will follow your footsteps and help her over the Rainbow bridge at some point.
  2. is there a storm there? there's nothing like the sound of a tree falling to scare the crap out of a homeowner...did I mention I live in a forest?!!!
  3. hi to everyone - new or old poster, platinum numbers or bronze number of posts, fan, groupie or personal friend of Eric's: it is clear to all of us that we are upset by recent events. we have spent a lot of time together with the "boys" rocking to the music and enjoying conversations with them as well. We have formed some great friendships too. If we didn't CARE, we wouldn't be so invested (and opinionated about!) in Eric, his family, Jim and his family, Wally and his family and Dave and his family, the Overdubs, and the extended Crew and their families. No one is going to have "unconditional" support for a drunk driver no matter his/her status, job, or relationship. But I also don't cut people off for behaving uncceptably. I'm just here in this thread with all of you because you can identify with how I am feeling and I need to share this with people who understand. Let's not say anything that would prevent a joyful reunion.
  4. Al, you are a wonderful guy and Denise is lucky to have you - have a wonderful birthday!!!
  5. I'm watching the names being read from the Pit. My husband, Pete, can see it from his office at the World Financial Center. My prayers to everyone who lost someone and especially to the Crowther Family - former neighbors of mine who lost their 24 year old son, Welles Remy Bosley Crowther, when he stayed to help others escape from the towers after he made it out safely. I will always remember you as the little boy I babysat who grew up to be a hero.
  6. I am sure there are many posters who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Art - but his post is just like having a conversation with him - honest, heartfelt and on point. And beatnut, i think you said perfectly what my worst fear is - thank you.
  7. I am sorry for your losses, Gene. thanks for saying it so well.
  8. Anna, it is totally understandable that this is a tough subject to tackle for you due to your sister's problem and it's tough for all of us on many different levels. don't feel badly - everyone wants the best possible outcome for eric and his family, as well as all of our affected family members or selves. that's why we're family - we don't run away in the face of adversity. We band together and respect each other's opinions and values.
  9. Eric, I love you and support you but I'm with Beth. I am angry at what could have happened and I pray for your recovery and that whatever is causing you to be unhappy is resolved. But, until then, don't you dare get behind the wheel again. As for the media, I think Don Henley said it best in "Dirty laundry" - kick 'em when they're up kick 'em when they're down kick 'em when they're sick kick 'em all around. I don't give a damn that this is in the news - I want Eric to be safe and healthy. Eric, if there's anything you need...just ask.
  10. well, enjoy it!!! Eat in the city and then hop the train!
  11. Bob, what do you think about "Africa"? I love that because it's so beautifully layered. but you feel free to be honest!!!
  12. Hi Harry - my boys are advising 1) NO - there are no restaurants within walking distance as it is a very industrialized area. if, however, you need industrial solvents or ball bearings, you're in luck. 2) Parking - since you are not there right NOW (8 p.m. saturday night), chances are slim since you are unfamiliar with the area and now there is also a double header due to today's rainout is scheduled to start at 2:15 but the lots will be full before your game. So plan on getting there 2 1/2 hours ahead at least to get a spot. 3) yes, the area is safe but there are no other lots and you are also competing with the US Open traffic as well as the traffic from the first game. You really know how to pick 'em, buddy... Our advice - plan ahead. Pete says if you are comfortable, drive to Manhattan, park the car and take the number 7 subway from times square or grand central to shea stadium - it stops literally right there. PM me if you need more specifics. love ya - annie
  13. Happy happy birthday, Julia!! I was wondering the same thing as Marlene: but also: what flavor???
  14. Happy birthday to one of funniest and nicest guys I have met here!
  15. MJ, too funny!! What a nice retrospective!! thanks, bernie and eric and susie, clayton and cathryn!
  16. harry is right as always...Cleveland Rocks!
  17. Happy belated birthday wishes to a very talented guy!!
  18. Happy Birthday, Clayton! You share your birthday with my MOM (and Darlene and Tony) so we will all send you best wishes from Cape Cod on Saturday! annie
  19. Happiest of birthdays to you, Tony! i always look forward to seeing anything you post!
  20. Dearest Rival for Denis Leary's attention: I wouldn't have it any other way!! Much love and best wishes for a spectacular day to one of the brightest stars to shine in the EC.COM universe.
  21. AnniekNY

    Cheer me up

    Hey Julie - I think that the reason the meds didn't work is because you may not have a serotonin/norephinephrine imbalance. (dianed, you such a great docta!) Situational depression and isolation are a bad mix. See if you can volunteer in a place that that at least gets you out of the house for a few days a week. Then see if you can find a lawyer who might want to work pro bono for a good cause. i'll pray for you and i truly believe that every obstacle is put into our path to discover new things.
  22. #1 air supply #2 dionne warwick #3 lou reed #4 tony orlando and dawn #5 eric carmen #6 partridge family #7 bay city rollers #8 alan parsons #9 krokus #10 angel bofill #11 kashif #12 jeff lorber
  23. that is awesome! i wanna go berry hunting
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