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  1. Good News: I just came back from seeing "Jersey Boys" on Broadway. What a great play - fascinating story and the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons...what a trip. I don't know how the frankie actor/singer hit that falsetto and sang and talked like him but he was some performer!!!
  2. Now, how the HELL did i miss that Cartmill performance??!!!!
  3. Julie, that is wonderful news and a perfect way to meet lots of people!
  4. My sentiments exactly, Darlene...Clay is gay, a father, a singer, a redhead, a former teacher...nothing wrong with any of those things that make him who he was born to be.
  5. yep, Lew, you got it in one!! A chook - chicken billy - tea container? rubbish tip - garbage dump Life with dexter theme - can't even begin to sing it - all i hear is the theme from "Dexter" in my head!!!! And, I didn't look the words up - I remember reading "Tim" by the author of the "Thorn Birds" and was fascinated!
  6. Valorie and Vera - our prayers are on their way and our strength is for you I am also praying Julie's prayer as it si so moving and beautifully written. annie
  7. I actually bought a box of Ring Dings last week after watching "Transformers" movie and seeing a flight attendant in the movie go get one for the president - yes, they are small and i remember them wrapped in foil. Scooter Pies, Moon Pies (Cracker barrel sells the moon pies)Funny Bones! I remember my mom taking us strawberry picking and then she would make jam. Same thing with blueberries & peaches. She would grow tomatoes, green beans, etc and make jars and jars of sauce that would live on the shelves in the basement and during the winter, it was great to go down and bring those jewel-toned jars up!
  8. Thanks everybody!! The interesting thing is part of my ethical obligation is to provide services to people who can't afford services, so I get to volunteer doing something I love. And it is SO NICE to know what you want to be when you grow up! I procrastinated about this degree for a good five years before I went for it. Now, I have to get a state permit (coming any day) complete 3,000 hours of supervised client counseling and take a test to get my state licensure - the nice part is NYS passed a law a few years back stating anyone who practices counseling or therapy must be licensed by the state by 2010 - nicely dovetailing for me!!! AND YES, there is the standard ec.com discount for professional services, which is like my family discount....whcih is to say "FREE" Tony, I don't know that MUCH can be done for you but I am willing to roll up my sleeves and get to it!!
  9. ahhh..yes..thanks for the clarification. I thought she had moved on to the Great Message Board in the Sky kind of permanent!!!
  10. welcome daisy! When you get the opportunity to meet eric at a solo concert or the NEXT Raspberries meet and greet/show (i am always the optimist - but Darlene is THE SUPREME optimist!!) you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy he is to talk to about anything and how funny and warm and genuine he is.
  11. Well...I just graduated from grad school with my masters in mental health counseling and am interning with a psychiatrist while my state licensing paperwork goes through. I can just hear some of you thinking "I thought she was analyzing everybody's posts a little too closely..." my daughter is picking colleges, my son is at college and my hubby is working his butt off in this thankless economy! What do you mean PM has checked out permanently?
  12. I know what you're talking about, Gman!! Have a great time all!!
  13. Ah, Gman, the wax whistles...fond, fond memories. I loved Silly Putty and making impressions of the sunday color comics. Getting dressed up for Christmas and Easter - my mom used to make my clothes...i still have a purple and white crocheted Easter coat - my daughter wore it once! Hats and gloves for Easter!
  14. Darlene, I think it was just colored sugar water in the bottles. The really funny thing is that the wax lips were GROSS but yet enticing. I can't stand the smell of bubble gum now! I loved growing up then. IMHO, I think technology gets in the way of all the pure innocent fun and sweat we had that today's youth is lured by.
  15. OH MY GOD TIM!!!!!! aRE YOU KIDDING??? he still does voice over work..hysterically funny...thanks for making me feel even older His book "Back to the Batcave" is interesting reading! OK - to continue down this fun thread: 1) my banana yellow Panasonic ball radio on a chain under my pillow at night. During the day, it was in my plastic, woven pink, purple and white bike basket (with plastic flowers) on my blue Schwinn bile with the streamers in the handle grips and baseball cards clipped to the spokes with wooden laundry pins. Sitting on the front porch in a rain storm waiting for the Good Humor man. Toasted Almonds, Strawberry shortcake or or vanilla ice cream/chocolate coated bar with the chocolate bar inside. My kitty cat, Fuzz, that I had from 9th grade until my daughter was born!!!! 18 years! My dad had 3 tickets to Yankee stadium once and was in the family station wagon with my two brothers just about to pull out of the driveway. My mom must have been distracting me because I realized they were leaving and I wanted to go too. I ran to the car and started to cry - my dad's CLASSIC response: "oh, you can't go; they don't allow girls in the ballparks, that's why they have Ladies Day." Of course, I believed him!!!!
  16. What a phenomenal subject! OK...candy: Chunkies, Boston baked beans, Necco wafers, Lifesavers Butter Rum, Pixie Stix, Jolly ranchers (watermelon!) wax lips or bottles, Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Bazooka bubble gum. TV: Batman (with my younger brother in our matching Batman pajamas...true trivia: Burgess Meredith lived a mile away) Gigantor, Speed Racer, Land of the Lost, Romper Room, Dark Shadows, Topo Gigo on Ed Sullivan, the Carol Burnett Show, Lost In Space, The Wonderful World of Disney, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Family Affair, Partridge Family. Movies: anything at the drive in with our jammies(thank you boopell!), Herbie, The Gnome Mobile, The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz (every Thanksgiving eve) March of the Wooden Soldiers, Summer evenings playing in the yard, catching lightning bugs. The smell of leaves burning in the fall, the smell of new crayons and school supplies. The family trip to pick out pumpkins for Halloween. The bats flying overhead in the sunset while we trick or treated and got homemade caramel apples and popcorn balls. Turkey sandwiches on white bread with mayo at 7 pm on Thanksgiving. Waiting for Christmas. Swanson TV dinners on the nights my parents were going out and we were going to have a babysitter. Playing Barbies and stealing my brother's GI Joe and making him turn into Ken. Lincoln logs. Creepy Crawlers. Easy bake Oven. what a trip....
  17. Harry, you are a sick puppy and i will just say that the current market conditions have been making you more funny than usual.
  18. Oh, Bob...we have a life, unfortunately it obssessively includes Eric!! I remember that movie, Beatnut...it is based on a true story. I believe the perp actually went back to court after a while to protest the cruel and unusual sentence. it was upheld and has been duplicated.
  19. I KNOW, Chris...that's what I'm thinking...what the hell did I miss?!!! Tony, make nice with Harry now...share your toys and no more hitting!!!!
  20. we had a beautiful night out at Giants Stadium in Rutherford, NJ to see the US Womens Gold medal Olympic team play against Ireland - we stopped at Panera for paninis, salad and green tea!! US won 1- nil.
  21. it must have been that tell-tale halo on your head that made you stand out!
  22. Awwww, I missed you LEW!!!!!
  23. And yet, Kirk, you own THE guitar!!!! very funny - greaqt picture...I am going to assume Eric's head is behind the bowling ball. That is SOME shirt, David Smalley!!!
  24. Paulie, as always, I couldn't be happier for your success or more proud of you. It is wonderful to hear the backstory behind a hard working girl who deserves her success on many levels. love ya - annie
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