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  1. That's a great couple of shots!! Boy, does Jesse ever look just like his pa!!!
  2. he was so good and so edgy!!
  3. She reacted really well and rationally too!!!
  4. where did you hear he died?
  5. Vera, what a burden you are carrying but we can help you!! We'll be saying lots of prayers for your entire family.
  6. That is a wonderful song - you have quite a gift there!!!!!
  7. Ah, beth! I remember Astro Pops - the flavor reminds me of barley sugar lollipops (I just had a lobster-shaped one in Cape Cod - brought back great childhood memories)
  8. Hollies, i am NOT basing my vote on what a VP candidate says. I have to consider the VP choice when I vote, however, don't I? Because that person has the real possibility of becoming president!!!!! So the reality is just what JohnO's father spoke about - I may have to vote against, rather than for, a candidate because of the VP pick. What a waste.
  9. danmichael - I mean the line you wrote sounds like it is the beginning of a beautiful song - in other words, it should be a song!
  10. oh, gentlemen...I just saw a clip of Sarah Palin speaking to Katie Couric in an interview to be aired in its entirety tonight. Talk about scary...she did not answer the question posed to her and she stammered through what I think was supposed to be a coherent response. "Deer in the headlights" describes her non-blinking expression. I have no idea who to vote for. NONE.
  11. Ah, my friend Ira...how many of us hear have escaped into the beautiful and magical worlds that the music weaves for you??!! The really embarrassingly funny thing is I just assumed that the reason the Raspberries wrote songs like "On the Beach" was because they loved the Beach Boys too. Well, I was right about that but I didn't know that Ohio had a BEACH!!! Talk about feeling silly....
  12. danmichael, we need to hear the rest of the song!!!
  13. No, Daisy, NO!!! Don't compliment Tomy's humor - IT GETS WORSE WITH ENCOURAGEMENT!!!
  14. TOMMY!!!!!!! Clay and Bundles....hummmm...maybe that's where lew's been hiding for the last nine months...carrying Clay's BUNDLE of joy!!!
  15. Di - i remember Mr. Potatohead when you used real potatoes for his body!! Antz in the Pants game Operation Colorforms Archie comic books
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