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  1. Sue, if you're a geek so are we!!! You're in great company - I have to get that book - I can't believe I haven't done it yet!
  2. John, you made my millenium...thank God i remember something accurately! I loved those shows too....I distinctly remember running upstairs to watch Merv in my parents room even though my mother was watching it downstairs! They would have been so pissed off that I was wasting electricity upstairs by watching the same show too! But i had to have complete silence to absorb every sound and to just STARE at Eric.
  3. Well done Paulie!!!! I remember this show too -John - I do not doubt your recollection in the slightest - I really want to say that Eric did "Change of Heart" and that his first wife, Marcy, was in the audience and that Merv made a comment about the fabulous hair they both had and what heads of hair their children would have. maybe it was a later show? ERIC!!! C'mon, Mr. C - I need to have our favorite fact checker chime in here!!!!!!!!
  4. My family and i had the honor of visiting the Terezin camp in the Czech republic 2 years ago. This camp was a "model camp" set up to house artists, politicians and of course any one else deemed unsuitable. This was the camp visited by the red Cross in response to complaints from around the world about the suspected activities of Hitler's government. They were only allowed in certain parts of the camp and when you see the faces of the "residents" on a propaganda film made during the visit, you see intense fear and silent pleading in their eyes, even though they are forced to smile for the cameras. The Red Cross decided that, since Terezin was so wonderful - they had set up a market, schools, theaters, orchestral performances, etc. - they did not need to go on to their next stop - Auschwitz and Buchenwald. I was left horrified at this revelation - still am to this day. That's only a fraction of what we learned that day and I am so proud that my children saw this first hand - they can vehemently respond to the idiots who say the Holocaust never happened: we saw the evidence of the extermination of a generation that was filled with genius and life.
  5. Hello John, my name is Annie and I am a halloween/easter candy addict. Peeps!! I put the ghost ones in a cup of hot chocolate after trick or treating in the chilly October evening!
  6. My favorite item is an 8 X 10 glossy photo of Eric at the piano from 1973-74 that Gene Taylor took and gave me at the first show in Cleveland. Eric signed it - ahhhhhh... My favorite intangible: all the hugs and kisses from our boys!!!! I have picks, earrings, but i also love the fun items that fans made and gave out to other fans like buttons (dianed! is one) Scent Lady's Raspberry scented homemade items, the guitar pin withe the raspberries logo - was that Julie?? who made those? - just the coolest thoughtful stuff.
  7. well...they certainly didn't fly too steadily to be superior UFO's but interesting none the less!!
  8. Funny, Bob!! My dear Kiwi - the apple with pins (and/or razor blades) is an urban legend here in the states. It was common to hand out fresh apples instead of candy and parents always tell the story of a kid biting into an apple and getting stuck by a pin or razor blade put there by a sicko. I think it was to keep kids from stuffing themselves on candy before they came home!! There's no evidence it ever happened (to my knowledge) but emergency rooms in hospitals across the country offered to x-ray the candy for free!! Tootsie Rolls are a chocolate taffy-like confection guaranteed to pull your fillings out. Bulleyes - a chocolate round ball with something white in the middle???? I've seen them but haven't had one. My favorite: snickers bars. Old timey favorite: popcorn balls and caramel apples.
  9. AnniekNY

    "Yom Kippur"

    Lord, you guys are making me SO HUNGRY!!!! And John, I am going to Corrado's Market tomorrow (the new one in Wayne, NJ) and getting the mozzarella and proscuitto!!!
  10. This one is going to be tough to take...her mother told the cops that her daughter's car "smelled like death". Can't wait to hear the "truth."
  11. Happiest of birthdays to the hottest grass-skirt wearin' follicly-challenged dude on the planet!!!
  12. great photos and doesn't carmine's vision of the tour sound very much like the all starr band concept?! thought rick was wally for a second!!!!
  13. Me, too!! I was just excited knowing Eric was in the building...I never dreamed I would have met him in person. Let alone hug and kiss him or talk to him for more than 2 seconds. He sounded great that night, too. We (harry, eric and I, at WAB) discussed the DD touring schedule that the promoter had for them and that Eric had to get cortisone shots in his throat in LA. That was the point he had to stop performing - keep going and have no voice left or save what was left.
  14. Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite people - you never fail to bring a smile to my face and you make me laugh! Enjoy your day!!!!!
  15. AnniekNY

    "Yom Kippur"

    I never thought i would be reading a thread about yom kippur and seeing the words "parma prosciutto" ...I was thinking gefilte fish or herring or liver but RIBS, Ira??!! You amaze me , my friend. John, I am literally drooling on my keyboard right now.
  16. Our court houses were open today..in fact, I would have been there deliberating had I not been chosen at the 11th hour as an alternate!!!! Mail was delivered too...it's not a federal holiday!!
  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends celebrating this weekend!!!
  18. AnniekNY

    "Yom Kippur"

    OK, Ira what is your favorite "break the fast" dish????????
  19. AnniekNY

    "Yom Kippur"

    1. Not having enough patience. 2. Not being open minded to new musical artists as much as I should!
  20. let me guess...stewie ABM??????!!!!!!! Do tell!!!!
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