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  1. You guys are off to a rousing start on my birthday!!! Thanks!
  2. Happiest of birthdays to my birthday twin!!!!
  3. Prayers and support and love are on their way!!!
  4. Well done, my friend!! A most enthusiasic cheer to you and your efforts this year!!
  5. Many prayers are winging their way for you and your family.
  6. HEY Mr. C - Happy birthday Eric! Here's to a wonderful year ahead and the opportunity to see you perform live or just to say hi. love ya - annie
  7. Take me! Take me!! I loved seeing all those keys - such a great way to remember where you've been!
  8. Happy birthday David! I miss seeing you guys every year and fighting over you with Last Dance Lisa! love ya - annie
  9. Happy, happy belated birthday but I got to see you for the tour!!!
  10. Happy birthday to the sweetest guy!!
  11. Yes, ladies...it is a woman thing and I totally remember seeing Frank langella in the movie theater in "Dracula." Sex, sex, sexy! Damn, that voice, those eyes. I read the "twilight" series also - a lot of my adolescent female clients raved about it. Loved the first book and the third and fourth books. New Moon (second) not so much. But then again, the books are modeled after classic chick lit - the first one is after Pride and Prejudice. Ahhhh... can't wait for tonight!! My newspaper actually reviewed the series and used the word "lackluster." I almost cancelled my subscription ;-)
  12. OK - where did you get the picture with the Raspberry flavored vampiress?? I LOVE THAT!!! So, as you can tell by my new avatar (thank YOU Bernie) I am seriously in love with True Blood. I read all of Charlaine Harris' books - I love the tongue in cheek metaphor of racism that her stories cover. But, as my boss is very happy to point out to me (he's a psychiatrist) WOMEN ARE FASCINATED WITH VAMPIRES because of the penetration aspect of the vampire lifestyle - as so beautifully filmed by Alan Ball on HBO. I have my t-shirt ready for tomorrow ("Peace, Love, Vampires" on the front, Trueblood on the back) go to HBO and play the Escape the Everyday sweepstakes and watch all the really funny commercials for services that cater to vampires. Y'all make sure to watch tomorrow night now, ya hear? Bless Your Heart.
  13. Now, that is INSTANT GRATIFICATION!!! Thanks Bernie - you guys didn't see the avatar Bernie gave me first - the Bat signal! But I love my avatar!
  14. Happy Birthday Sue!! Have a wonderful day!
  15. Happy birthday Jen!!! Have a wonderful day!
  16. happy happy birthday matt, one of my favorite posters!!!
  17. Oh shelley, I know exactly what you mean...I spent 2 years peeking like a crazy person while I was studying!! It's a sickness really!!
  18. maybe it's some of the new changes.
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