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  1. You guys are off to a rousing start on my birthday!!! Thanks!
  2. Happiest of birthdays to my birthday twin!!!!
  3. Prayers and support and love are on their way!!!
  4. Well done, my friend!! A most enthusiasic cheer to you and your efforts this year!!
  5. Many prayers are winging their way for you and your family.
  6. HEY Mr. C - Happy birthday Eric! Here's to a wonderful year ahead and the opportunity to see you perform live or just to say hi. love ya - annie
  7. Take me! Take me!! I loved seeing all those keys - such a great way to remember where you've been!
  8. Happy birthday David! I miss seeing you guys every year and fighting over you with Last Dance Lisa! love ya - annie
  9. Happy, happy belated birthday but I got to see you for the tour!!!
  10. Happy birthday to the sweetest guy!!
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