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  1. Bernie, really strange never even hearing of Kyle Vincent. Just moved out of San Francisco and usually am up on the music scene there. Matthew, is that Jim Peterik the guy from Survivor?
  2. "All By Myself" naturally seems to be a good candidate for a translation job ... I think it would be good to see someone artist abroad do a version of it in either French or Spanish. This indeed may be another way to draw attention to Eric's music... The reverse has happened in the past ... Sinatra's "My Way" was originally a French hit, but Paul Anka wrote a set of lyrics in English. And most of Laura Branigan's hits were originally hits in Italy (done in Italian) but with new lyrics in English. As for existing covers, I did hear the Rubinoos play "Tonight" live a few years back ... I don't know if they ever released a version of it ...
  3. For the date in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is Todd. So apparently Rundgren on the West Coast shows, as expected...
  4. Yes, I just moved up here to Washington State from California....but will gladly go down south should Eric play the Golden State, but not here.
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