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  1. Composer of Addams Family theme song, Vic Mizzy, dies
  2. Sir George Martin released from Hospital
  3. Got this Tele, and the nut holding the jack came loose. I was able to get it back on....but not tight. Since it is recessed, a wrench would not work; I would have to use a socket. Brought out the basic set that I have. 1/2" is too big and 7/16" is too small. Since it is made in India, I thought I'd try the metric. 10 is too small and 11 is too large. Before I go out an buy just one socket.....just wondering if anyone has had that experience. Is it SAE(15/32") or is it Metric(10.5)??
  4. Hope you are having a great time today, Trindy!! All the best on this special day for you!
  5. My neighbors upstairs just brought it down.....pork chops and Thai noodles...
  6. I know what you mean.....being a Giants fan, I'm for anyone that's against the Dodgers....
  7. Elvis Presley Box Set Due December 8
  8. The only thing I can see that even connects Laura Nyro to rock is that Three Dog Night did covers of her songs. But, with that in mind......Hoyt Axton would be a better choice....or perhaps 3 Dog themselves... And who are the Chantels? Sounds like one of those "15 minutes of fame" groups.
  9. Didn't Tom Petterson leave Cheap Trick for a while??
  10. He was definitely good at what he did....but kind of got "lost in the shuffle" in the early 60s, with some equally good singers of that particular genre of pop, and not noticed as much.
  11. Also heard good things about that song, from other sources, too.
  12. Let's not forget Hendrix, too...it seemns that someone is always coming up with some unreleased Jimi track...
  13. On a daily basis, I get an e-mail from the SXSW folks in Austin, which has links to music articles from various sources. I had not read it for a week, and some interesting stuff that had accumulated. GNR being sued for using samples from electronic band Tangerine Dream, on the "Riad and the Bedouins" song from "Chinese Democracy" Donovan was named "Icon" by BMI....(Hey, shouldn't HE be in the rock hall of fame, too?? People seem to forget what he has done.....and it's good that BMI is reminding us of that). A weird week in record sales. First, Streisand outsells Paramore....and then Michael Buble beats the new Kiss album in sales. Harry Connick Jr. criticizes an Australian group for performing in blackface(which used to be common in the 1920s). Exene Cervenka of X moves back to L.A...(Well, I had no clue she even LEFT L.A.) A lot of talk about the lawsuit against Starbucks, who recently folded their record label. This includes Carly Simon and Sonic Youth....but I find it interesting that there was no mention of McCartney, who had released his most recent material through Starbucks. a-HA breaks up(Hey, I never knew they were even still around).
  14. Randee's Music Or call 815-399-1500 for details
  15. Lost Beach Boys Tapes Surface
  16. Walkman Outsells I-Pod in Japan
  17. Brian, I did mention this in another post about two months ago, when I knew the book was coming out.....but apparently nobody had a grasp on what I was talking about. Still, I am glad you re-introduced the topic!! I have not bought this book yet, but of course I will eventually get it!!
  18. Eric, you have a very special birthday! After all, you are special to all of us!!
  19. Also, the music industry is always looking for a scapegoat when the chips are down. Yes, there is a certain amount of counterfeiting and illegal downloading, as of late. And granted, a certain amount of revenue is lost. But in reality, you can blame the lack of CD sales on just plain lack of quality material. Why pay for a whole CD of mostly crap, when you can download it at minimal(or no) cost. Now, the labels are taking a different angle, and taking a cut of the artists' other income. Take the case of Katy Perry. Her contract also includes t-shirts, handbags, and other merchandise----Capitol gets a cut out of that, as well as the actual music sales.
  20. Gladys did come to Seattle a few months ago, and actually directed a church choir for two performances. Talk about doing something because you WANT to do it. This shows a lot of class. I was not able to go, though. I think the real difference between Gladys and the rest mentioned is the "power" issue. Aretha seems like she's more often at "full-throttle" while Gladys does have a bit more "curves" or "color" to her music.....a bit more variance in tones and volume....
  21. It's a bit ironic that Michael Vick has been allowed to come back to the NFL, yet Pete Rose has not been granted any kind of pardon from MLB. Why is dog fighting from recent years forgiven, while gambling from about two decades ago is not??
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