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  1. Yes, we are getting old, and our heroes are getting old too. But, let's not forget that there were a lot of drugs out there in for the 1960s/70s/80s....although none of the most recent deaths were from overdoses, or directly drug-related(save for Scott Weiland). However, continued use of drugs does weaken the system, and it is more difficult to fight any ailments. The big band stars of the 1940s only had cigarettes and alcohol. The rockers had those AND every kind of drug imaginable available. The rockers are indeed dying at a quicker rate, than the big band musicians, whom many lived into their mid-80s.
  2. I strongly recommend viewing the "Produced By George Martin" DVD.......it is an incredible story about an extraordinary person!
  3. Many of us have read the books on Beatles recording sessions....and there's a book on Stones gear too. Plus more information out there via other sources, so I got a pretty good handle how these two did their sessions(as well as Led Zeppelin and the Beach Boys). But not much has been said about Raspberries recording sessions, and just curious about certain things. 1. Type of recorders--- 8, 16 or 24-track? 2. Mike setup on Jim's drums........a lot of mikes? Or a zone-type thing? What about padding?.......Ringo's set often used "tea towels" on the snare. Other drummers put pillows inside the kick drum. 3. Other instruments by the band.......yes, there were session musicians that did strings and horns. And we all know about the main instruments used(6 and 12 string electric guitars/acoustic guitar/bass/drums/piano)......but were there any "subtle" parts dubbed in, which are not "forward" in the mix? (As in harmonica, congas, tambourine, organ, etc.) 4. Vocals. Yes, the backing vocals were overdubbed. But were any of the lead vocals done live, when doing the basic track? 5. On the first album, Eric did piano and bass....but what was actually done first? There are some when the piano would obviously be on the basic track recording ("I Can Remember")......but in the case of "Rock and Roll Mama", it certainly could have gone either way. But just a few questions to get started.....
  4. Speaking of Spam.... youtube.com/watch?v=eU4vWRXfG3E
  5. A review, where a critic said the second album of a current artist was not nearly as good as the first, prompted me to bring this up....In general, the follow-up to the debut album doesn't usually come close to the first.......and even more rare that it surpasses it. There was a discussion about why the second album either pales against the first, or is downright awful........pressure to get "new product" out? Too busy touring to record? Management issues? Steve Miller- "Children of the Future" not all that great of a debut, relatively speaking......"Sailor" was definitely an improvement. The chart positions show it, too. (1st album was #124, while the second was #24) Eagles- "Eagles" vs. "Desperado"---- pretty darn close. Both solid. Whitney Houston- Pretty much the same deal as the Eagles....both 1st and 2nd albums great. Creedence- Second album "Bayou Country" better than the first "CCR" Doobie Bros.- Second album "Toulouse Street" much stronger than the self-titled 1st album, similar to Creedence Led Zeppelin- a great debut, but #2 stronger than #1 Debbie Gibson- "Electric Youth"(second album) slightly better than "Out of the Blue" Sheryl Crow, Boston- in fact, excellent second efforts from both....but not even close to the groundbreaking first albums. Tom Petty- "You're gonna Get it".....too short of an album, by 1970s(and current) standards....clocks in at 29:38 Olivia Newton-John- A bit murky catalog to evaluate, due to different albums initially released in Australia vs. USA/Canada. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd- "Paranoid" a strong second album, and all depends on who you talk to, of which of the two albums is better. Same on the Floyd side "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" vs. "Saucer Full of Secrets" Pink- "Mizundaztood" beats "Can't Take Me Home" easily. Just some examples for starters...and any other observations of "1st vs. 2nd" are certainly welcome.....but the lackluster 2nd album seems to happen more frequently, compared to a decent or good one.
  6. "Free Bird" is actually a little bit ballad and a little bit rocker.
  7. Chicago, Cheap Trick, Yes, Deep Purple, Steve Miller
  8. Also, where is Chinn/Chapman?? How about Diane Warren??
  9. Cilla Passed away this past week. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/british-singer-cilla-black-dead-72-article-1.2312266
  10. Billy K.

    Windows 10

    Got the upgrade a few days ago, and it has made a world of difference. For some reason, 8.1---although it otherwise worked well overall---would give me problems with certain apps, which would frustrate me to no end. Things are good now.
  11. The Shoes have a loyal following, too. A number of the people have told me about them.
  12. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-songwriters Well, they seem to get some things better than usual. Surprised to see Jimmy Webb on this list---considering that it is RS that is doing this. And seeing Bachrach/David, too. Thought they would be a bit too conservative for RS's taste, along with Webb. Also Lucinda Williams--she's truly a good writer, and is primarily a writer. Patti Smith, well, no matter what kind of list there is, that RS puts out, she will be on it. That is a given. There are some people that are performers on this list that write a few songs, but is not their strong point. This list is (supposedly)about writers. Where's J.J. Cale, Linda Perry, John Farrar, Jim Vallance, Desmond Child, etc. Or Mutt Lange---though his strength is producing----he did co-write some songs for Leppard, AC/DC, etc. And Phil Spector did co-write some songs, too. Not to mention the absence of Cat Stevens and John Denver, whose songs have been covered by others, besides having their own hits. It is surprising that Eric Clapton did not make the list, even though he is in the Songwriters' Hall of Fame. And why is Kanye on this list??
  13. I bought an auto-tune unit for my home recording setup.....and you know, just played around with it a couple times, and never really used it.
  14. There is something fundamentally wrong with the selection process and scope of the Hall. With so many non-rockers in there, you may as well call it the "Music Hall"........ however, if that is the case, why isn't Sinatra in there? Eddie Kramer, who as an engineer/producer, contributed much to rock history, is not in there, but Public Enemy is?. It has become more of the "Jann Wenner and his cronies' Personal Taste Hall of Fame"
  15. The two rock guitar riffs that everyone(regardless of ability) knows.....yet the bands that originated "Smoke on the Water" and "25 or 6 to 4" are not in there!! What's wrong with this picture??
  16. Jeff Golub was, for a while, a guitarist in Rod Stewart's backing band, as well as doing sessions for many other musicians, passed away yesterday, Several years ago, he had lost his sight. Then fell down at a New York subway station, and got dragged by a train, and walked away from it without serious injuries. Golub, however had been suffering a variety of other ailments in recent months.
  17. I've never heard "Let it Go" in its entirety.....always clips of it....or from the middle of the song. Hitting notes perfectly, isn't everything......I saw Ariana Grande on TV a couple of months ago sing a couple of songs......seems she hit all the right notes, without question.....but sounded monolithic---no dynamics, no swing, no soul, no personality------and I couldn't understand one single word she was singing.
  18. "With or Without You"- U2....can't fathom why this got to be so big. Never liked "Rico Suave" either. In fact, hated it. There are a few others.....can't think of them right now......
  19. Ira, how a "response" record post?? As in one artist countering another artist's hit? I'm sure you can come up with some examples.......
  20. So, that's the true story of "My Generation", eh? Legend has it that Roger Daltrey was a little high on anphetamines....but I guess that's not the story..... Is there another lyric to the "Rocky" theme, besides "Gonna Fly Now??" Just curious. Dave Mason played the rhythm guitar on Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower". Mike Gibbins of Badfinger played drums on some Bonnie Tyler sessions, incidentally.... Shel Silverstein was a cartoonist for "Playboy" magazine before Dr. Hook.....and wrote children's books later in his career.... I think the original title of "Mack the Knife" was "Moritat" or something like that..... It was also rumored that Joel also piano on "Remember(Walking in the Sand)" by the Shangri-la's, too....(don't know if true or not). "Claudette", the Everly Brothers tune, was written by Roy Orbison, about his wife. Gary Wright was the piano player on Nilsson's recording of "Without You". Neil Young came up with a response song to "Sweet Home Alabama", called "Walk On". Peter Frampton was the guitar player on Frankie Valli's "Grease". Lobo, before becoming a solo artist, was the lead singer for the Royal Guardsmen.... I read a Rich Springfield article a few months ago......."Jessie's Girl" was originally "Gary's Girl" or something like that. Springfield changed when he say some guy in a football jersey that said "Jessie" and that's where he got the idea........ Haven't looked at the list from that link yet, Mood.....but....I definitely will be hooked.....I KNOW IT!!
  21. The Nuge defied conventional wisdom/logic, back in the day.......who would ever think of using a Gibson Byrdland, and run them through Fender amps, to get THAT sound??
  22. I've been "burned out" on "Dark Side" for quite a while, due to years of radio overplay. But it definitely will fall into favor once again, due to its greatness. Took me a while to listen to Creedence and Simon & Garfunkel again, for the same reasons. Personally, I like the Syd Barrett days best, in the beginning. But also enjoy "Comfortably Numb", "Wish You Were Here"........as well Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" two-cd set.......actually the live versions are more "fresh" to me than the studio versions of the same songs. Unsung heroes of Floyd, though, came from the Beatles........Hurricaine Smith and Alan Parsons behind the board!!
  23. The "Slash" pickups made by Seymour Duncan are excellent. Although made for a Les Paul in mind, I put Slash alnico humbuckers in my Flying V, and WOW!!!
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