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  1. Got this e-mail a couple of days ago......

    To Our Valued Patrons,

    It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share that after 18 wonderful years bringing you live performances by some of the most talented names in music and entertainment, we have announced our final run of shows in the current Times Square location. As a result of escalating rent, we are being forced to close our doors at the end of April. While we are in the process of selecting a new location in Manhattan to relocate the venue, we wanted to curate a special closing week celebration to thank you all for your support over the past two decades. None of this would have been possible without you and we are eternally grateful! 

    The celebration will consist of performances by Rick Ross (4/23), Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh (4/25), El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (4/26), George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (4/28), and Buddy Guy (4/29), who will be headlining the final B.B. Blues Club show. See below for the current schedule and ticket links.

    All shows scheduled beyond the April 29th closing date will be moved to various venues throughout the city.  The weekly Sunday Gospel Brunch featuring The Harlem Gospel Choir will give their two final performances on April 22nd & 29th, and we are currently working with the group to find a new home for their weekly residency which will be announced shortly.  Lucille's Grill, located inside the venue, will remain open until April 29th and will feature sets by club favorites B.B. King Blues Club All-Stars, Jon Paris, A Decade of Soul, and more.

    We look forward to celebrating the past and looking toward the future with you all. Your patronage means the world to us and we cannot thank you enough. We will see you soon! 


    The B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Family 

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  2. Finally did get one, about two weeks ago. Still getting used to it.......but a lot of good things. Sounds great! Also built "like a tank", very solid, in comparison to many other pedals. And still trying to get the routine down on this one. I have not tried the Tele or the Bass with it yet, just been using the Flying V with it. Even got a good COUNTRY tone using the V.....which is surprising!

    The one issue is the power......the "daisy chain" doesn't seem to have enough juice to power all the pedals......will have to get an additional/better power supply. Works excellent with the 9v battery......but, as you may expect, eats them up fairly quickly(though not as bad as certain other pedals). 

    Bogner also offers the "Bubinga" version of it. The only difference, is that it has a faceplate made out of some kind of exotic wood.....and I think they charge $65 more just for that. 


  3. I subscribe to this, and they always send an e-mail to me, to send a "demand" for a concert.

    Well, this is funny........recommendations "similar to the Raspberries".......

    Dane Cook......never even heard of this guy....but had to look him up.....he is a comedian......(possible opening act, maybe?)

    KISS.......a certain percentage of the KISS fans are also Raspberries fans.....so that makes sense......

    But how the heck did JUSTIN BIEBER be considered as "similar"??






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  4. I'll be honest with you......haven't checked out the Roches' music at all. But maybe I should, to see what the deal is all about.

    Wasn't all that anxious to listen to them in the past.......knew many people that went to a Boz Scaggs concert, where the Roches were the opening act, and got a resounding amount of boos.

  5. Yes, it has been publicized as being a "fiasco" due to the logistics involved. But it also amazes me that people would pay that kind of money for those "levels" of acts. And I'm not referring to this by genre/style, either.

    Only two kinds of acts should be headlining a kind of festival, and warrant such charging crazy types of ticket prices.
    (1) Acts that are currently "super hot commodities"--i.e. Beyoncé, Katy Perry, The Weeknd, etc.
    (2) Or acts with a deep catalog of music----i.e. Tom Petty, Mariah Carey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Celine Dion, etc.

    But to have Blink-182(which is neither of the above)be the headliner, and charge crazy amounts of money, is a bit ludicrous.

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  6. There is this USB stick called the "Free-Hand Stick".......you can plug it into your computer, puts up the sheet music on your screen,  and it can play a song at any tempo, for learning purposes. This particular stick is loaded with a bunch of 80s songs, including "Almost Paradise".



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  7. Actually not planning to use MIDI for sequencing, to have the computer play the song....but rather, to get some different tones in the computer. There is a lot of things that MIDI can do, from what I gathered.

    Well, it turns out it is not the drivers. It was one really stupid thing that fixed it. I heard about this one guy, a while back who had bought a USB to dual MIDI.......and the thing was wired backwards!

    So I reversed the "in" and the "out" plugs......and it is now communicating with the laptop.

    Now the next step is to be able to play those new tones. Haven't figured it out yet(too much of some kinds of information, and not enough of others) but more than likely, it will be something that is really stupidly easy.

  8. OK, a little behind the times....and don't slag me for being a musician, and never used MIDI before........(I know, haven't seen a NHL game, nor seen "Saturday Night Fever" either.:D)

    Anyway, thought I'd do some updates on my keyboard, and get some new sounds into it. Downloaded some onto the laptop, hooked up the MIDI-to-USB connection....and nothing's happening!
    Can't move the programs onto the keyboard.....and can't get the keyboard to even play the sounds either.....seems like the two are not communicating with each other. Any suggestions?


  9. Maybe because a lot of today's music is CRAP.......young people who would normally follow Pop/Rock/R&B have gravitated to other areas.......jazz, country, ethnic, and yes, older acts, too. You would be surprised how many young ones, complete with tattoos and nose rings, no less, would show up at a Tony Bennett concert!!

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  10. Really sad to see this!

    As for Michael's work......I like the original "Freedom" a LOT! (Not "Freedom 90"......uh....meh....)..."Kissing a Fool"---stands up there with the great Jazz standards, and I was totally surprised that it was his song.

    Michael kind of got a bum rap, though, just because he sold "only" 2 million copies of "Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1" in the USA.....though it did much better worldwide, especially in the UK.

  11. There have been some discussion online, about other artists' albums, and how they could have been better, if the songs were done in a different order. Or even omit some songs altogether, and replace them with others. (The White Album comes first to mind......removing "Revolution #9" and replacing it with "Hey Jude" and "Old Brown Shoe" etc. )

    In all honesty, I think Ienner got it totally right. I don't think that there would be any better order, on any of the four albums.

    Any thoughts on this? Is there anything on any Raspberries albums that you would tweak, as far as the song lineups??

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  12. Bass is a whole world within itself, and opens your eyes to things you didn't notice. I was an odd situation....usually, it's a case of too many guitarists and no bass player......we had a second keyboard player.......but some of the more country and acoustic songs really didn't do well with organ/synth.....and Matt, the guy with the Rhodes, was far more proficient on keys than I was.......so ended up getting a Fender Mustang.

    You can certainly appreciate what Brian Wilson did, holding the bottom, but singing falsetto at the same time. Difficult at times. 3/4 size makes it easier to concentrate on the singing, compared to a full-scale.  Bass also is one of the best songwriting tools.

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