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  1. Got Limited #118....top quality product from top quality people, but then again I never expected anything less. That's all I got to say.
  2. Thank you, Bernie for all you have done.... Congrats on the 10 years of exemplary work; and of course thank you, thank you, thank you to Eric and the rest of the 'Berries! ROCK ON!
  3. Yeah Tim, got mine too - shows what a class act we're dealing with. They didn't have to go to that trouble, but they did. It's going in my file cabinet, along with all my other Raspberries memorabilia (spelling?). Hey, Sue - got your message; glad to hear you are getting your own limited edition too! You got some nice friends.......
  4. I guess "we" should have left Saddam in power so he could kill every last one of them? By the way, the last time I checked it was TERRORISTS that were killing innocent Iraqi civilians!
  5. Awhile back, didn't Motley Crue do a cover of Tonight that they stuck on a greatest hits CD as an extra? Does that count? Seems like I read somewhere that one of the members is a bit of a 'Berries fan (maybe it was right here on this wonderful website!).
  6. You gotta be kidding me.... trying to make a case for Detroit by listing a vulgar, disgusting little puke like Eminem! Hey JohnO - I agree with your opinion. Whenever someone is trying to push an opinion or agenda you must ask yourself: "What facts is this person conveniently NOT telling us?". I wonder what other musicians from Cleveland she left out. In my opinion, just mentioning EC and the Berries is enough for Cleveland to beat out Detroit easily. But really.... this type of contest is rather childish and serves no real purpose.
  7. Thanks for the info, Paulie. I am surprised - never thought to search around for blank 8-track tapes these days. Oh, and Hi Susana!
  8. This cracks me up - when I was in high school I went the 8-track route (vs cassette) and made my own extended version of GATW with the intro stuck in the middle just like Bill C describes. Didn't sound all that great but I got to hear the intro twice. Should I say with pride (or embarrasment?) that I still have my working Pioneer 8-track recorder? Only problem is no more blank 8-tracks to record on.......... Maybe I should donate it to a museum.
  9. You are not alone....Sweet was one of my favorites in high school; on a second tier just below the Raspberries. Would have loved to see them live. They had their own unique sound like so many of the great bands of that decade. Would be very interested in reading Steve Priest's autobiography. The album "Desolation Boulevard" is a great album and proved they were more than just bubblegum.
  10. I got my ticket - another trip to Cleveland - yeh! Since nobody else mentioned it, that picture is cool
  11. Way to go, Bernie and Ken! You deserve the recognition. It is a great piece of work. By the way, Happy New Year!
  12. Just received mine last night. Worth every penny I paid! What a fantastic piece of memorabilia to go with the great memories and great music. Just like the Marathon Man biography, top quality work. Thank you, Bernie. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  13. Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving, Eric! Rock on, Raspberries!
  14. Wow, all these fans from Wisconsin! You should come by Romine's sometime and shoot pool. I'm there almost every Friday and Saturday evening. It would freak the DJ out if someone other than myself requested a Raspberries' tune (he's cool and does play them; weird but nice to hear GATW right in the middle of all the rap crap he plays). By the way, what was the original topic......?
  15. Did I say "Jeff"? Sorry Gene...........
  16. Thanks for sharing the photos, Jeff. God, I wish I could have been there!!!
  17. Thanks for the early review, Wine! And they did 2 encores?!!! And they did Starting Over.... I have seen 4 of the concerts and they did not do that one. I would have loved to hear it. More evidence of what a class act these 4 gentlemen are....the other show was cancelled so they didn't just give it 110%... gave it 150%!!!! Well Susana.....I cheered them a shot at Romine's; you know what I'm talkin' bout.....
  18. I'll be there. Don't like flying so driving from Milwaukee (yeah crazy but after all, it is the Raspberries, right?). Funny, if my 2nd most favorite band reunited and played in Milwaukee, I probably wouldn't even bother to see them.
  19. In may case, my brain just got tired after reading 2 or 3 lines of one of his messages... I couldn't understand what he was talking about! Guess I just ain't that smart (like Curly would say: "I'm trying to think, but nothin's happenin'").
  20. Oops! Almost missed it..... Anyway, what can I say that has not already been said by all your great fans. Happy Birthday, and thank you for all the great music.
  21. Thanks, bmfc1, for the article. What they say about Punk not really being the first movement against "pretentious" '70s rock, but rather power-pop reminds me of what EC said himself at the Cleveland show. He addressed the younger members of the audince and pronounced the 'Berries as really the "first Alternative band"; really a rather interesting way of looking at it.
  22. Yes! Thanks to KevG, I will be attending also. And thanks for the good word, ladies! Meant to thank you too, Laura, for letting me sit in the better seats with you and Donna. It was great seeing you all again. Wish you could get to Cleveland too. See you in a couple days, KevG.
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