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  1. This coming Saturday night, Nov 22, at 9 PM, there is a tv show you might find interesting. Are you familiar with the show "The ghost inside my child" on the Lifetime Movie Network? It's a weekly show featuring children who are apparently remembering former lives, they know names and places at ridiculously young ages that they really shouldn't even know about... anyway, this Saturday's show will feature a child who believes she lived before as the daughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Lifetime Movie Network, 9 PM Saturday
  2. http://diminoenterprises.com/shop
  3. Cartmill, leave it to you... and the worms wouldn't have ya!
  4. Hope I didn't ruffle anyone's feathers with that title... anyway, DiVinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett has died at age 53
  5. Well, James, with the rash of celebrity deaths, I thought the title fit. If you don't like it, that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But frankly, this sort of nitpicking is one of the reasons this forum has lost a lot of good people. Way to be judgmental, did it make you feel superior?
  6. JuliaD

    Hey, Bernie?

    Really, Tim? Bernie and I discovered we were both Angel fans years ago, in the "old" forum. Funny how a lot of us like the same sort of music, aside from Eric's.
  7. Annette Funicello has died
  8. JuliaD

    Hey, Bernie?

    Ha ha you're just too clever! Apparently he's either owner or co-owner of the hard rock Casino in Biloxi Mississippi now. Whoever thought back then that he would be a very successful businessman someday? Probably not even him. What a difference a few decades make!
  9. JuliaD

    Hey, Bernie?

    Do you know who this is? guess who
  10. I'm in northeast PA, Luzerne County, and we were affected far less than we expected to be. My city did have some power outages (still does), but our power here at our house never faltered. I did have work cancelled Monday, that wasn't a problem The worst that happened to me personally was that for maybe 8 hours, I lost email access. I never lost internet, just email. Weird. But it wasn't a problem, especially given what some people went thru (and are still going thru). There are some downed trees around town, and the trees left standing don't have leaves on them anymore, they all seem to have landed in my yard As far as I know, there were two deaths in PA as a result of Sandy, an 8 year old boy and a 62 year old man, both killed when trees fell on them. Very sad, but I have to wonder why they were outside in a hurricane to begin with, there were warnings all over the place to stay indoors. I guess it was just their time... Anyhow, all's well here, back at work as usual, and getting a game plan to prepare for the upcoming holidays, the closer they get, the busier work will be for me, so I need a strategy, I do all the cooking and have everyone at my house. Hope everyone else came out of this unscathed.
  11. I would loved to have seen that! I saw video of it flying over Disney World, that was awesome...
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