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  1. My Limited Edition #87 has arrived for its first weekend in New England! Proudly checking in here before I watch the first frame of the DVD! Thank you Raspberries and everyone else who made it possible! This is a far cry from that coffee-stained original of Side 3 I spent an arm and a leg for back in '86. My EC.com million hit iPod Nano is a-waitin' to be fed some live berries!!!

    Happy Tooth :lol:

  2. The reason why the download isn't working is that there's an extra space before the ".mov" in the URL. Workaround: when you get the error page, go to the URL/address field in your browser, delete the three characters "%20" immediately preceding the ".mov," then press enter.



  3. Thank you, everyone! Yes, I am a huge fan of Eric's and Raspberries music, so this is the perfect prize for me!

    Thanks to my wife for helping me watch the counter and, oh yeah, for being my wife!

    Thanks to Eric Carmen and all Raspberries members past and present for the music.

    ...and, of course, a very special 'thank you' to Bernie for putting the contest together and for his labor of love that is this web site!

    Wishing you all the best,

    John (TheTooth)

  4. Re: the Geffen album -- I love it! Oh, and Bernie -- you forgot to mention "Living Without Your Love", one of my favorites from that album (but rarely mentioned by most).

    Re: the current Abbey Road situation -- anyone heard anything about the show at the Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA?

    P.S. I'd much rather Eric do what he feels is right rather than 'stick it out' if he doesn't have his heart in it.

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