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  1. Dear Simdonna, There are a few things that you should know about "America's Oldest Teenager". Without being rude, he lives up to his name! At one time, Dick Clark's company was in serious financial arrears. Just ask groups like The Kingsmen, and Paul Revere and The Raiders -- his wages are cheap! DC Productions do a horrible job of making movies about musicians'biographies. Research for "Elvis" starring Kurt Russell and "Birth Of The Beatles" was poor. Whatever did not get researched properly was made up. Dick forgot about Eric because he's uncaring. You want a laugh? Look for Dick clark on an old Perry Mason episode. He can't act!
  2. Eric has such a McCartney quality when it comes to his vocal range. I would like him to sing "I'm Down," or "Long Tall Sally." Better yet, why doesn't he consider getting together with Paul?
  3. With that kind of attitude, you should know that not too many people will reply. This is an Eric Carmen website, our hero is Eric. Why would you even rate him second?
  4. Hey Darlene, I am definately in envy of you. In '72, I was turning 6. The first time that I heard Go All The Way, I was riding in the car with Mom. She owned a maroon colored '68 Ford Mustang Fastback. The killer opening riff with Eric's bitchen McCartney style falsetto style vocal sounded so boss coming out of an AM radio. I am insanely jealous of Eric's vocal range! When I perform Go All The Way at karaoke, the CD has to be lowered one whole step.
  5. Bernie, Looking forward to the book. I hope that you will do a book signing, and why don't you surprise us by having a Raspberrie or two or three or four appear as a mystery guest? Let us know. Stay groovy!
  6. Hey Marvin, The intro to "I Wanna Be With You" sounds like "Vacation" by The Go-Go's. Both songs are in the key of E. Charlotte Caffey's guitar playing sounds a lot like Wally's style. The only exception being that Wally is probably using a 12 string Rickenbacker -- and Charlotte is playing a Fender Telecaster. "Hey Deanie" sounds very Beach Boys, because Bruce Johnston contributed to the backing vocal. The harmonies are definately a very "California" sounding style. What do you think? Hey man! I'm new to this web site, but it is definately the grooviest!
  7. Hey Everybody, This is No Hard Feelings from Las Vegas. I like to sing Eric's songs at different karaoke hangouts. "Go All The Way," "All By Myself," "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again," and "Hungry Eyes" are all on karaoke CD. I would love to sing "Hey Deanie" and "That's Rock and Roll," but I haven't seen those songs listed in anyone's karaoke books. I'm talking about Eric's versions, not Shawn Cassidy's. Has anybody heard of "Deanie" or "Rock and Roll" in karaoke CD format? Let me Know. Maybe someone who has any connection with Arista Records can tell them to release these songs in karaoke format. :rolleyes:
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