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  1. Cindy is my fave, with Devil a close second
  2. Thank you so much, Naeko! So sweet of you to say that. I am honored by this. Fellow Raspberries friend and diehard Mike Miller plays bass on the song “Stephanie” for me. I worked endlessly with my drummer to get the proper accents for this song and I wanted a subliminal message of “Be My Baby” to kick it off! My “wall of sound” tribute to the 60’s and someone that was very special to me.
  3. So there definitely would be support from Little Steven. I was just listening to an episode of his underground garage radio show from November and he played “Tonight” and afterwards said “ The Raspberries invented power pop”. Those are some big words… I love that.
  4. Pretty sure she is back singing with Michael Stanley
  5. I think the thing that hurts the most is the fact that they only had four studio albums and they all came out within such a short period of time, so while there is a GREAT body of work, there is not a huge body of work, but the fact remains that part of the criteria for the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame is for innovators and people that have influenced genres and with them now kind of being christened as the “godfathers of power pop”, they should really be considered for that alone. When I see people like grandmaster flash being inducted because he only had one hit, but it led to the roots of rap, I feel that the berries great recordings led to the roots of power pop, so what goes for one style of music, should also go for another. I guarantee you that if you ask any current rappers they have no clue who grandmaster flash is but if you ask any current power pop guys they all know who the raspberries are, yet Flash is in and the Berries so far are not. The Hall has made up for some past oversights in the last five years and I think now is the time for us to put raspberries on the menu.
  6. No question the boys belong in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and nothing angers me more than seeing some of these light weights get put in ahead of them so I think we should start a thread and share ideas about what we can do to make sure this happens no later than 2020. Please help add to this list of people you have read in interviews that have spoken about what an influence the band has been on their careers..... Bruce Springsteen Paul Stanley Jon Bon Jovi Rick Spingfield Joan Jett Courtney Love I feel this is the place where we can formulate a real campaign to make sure this happens.
  7. We call each other before we post!
  8. Of all the recent posts, this was the best one. Thanks Bernie, and I hope you have a great year!
  9. When he first got here, they called him Nay-Gee, (like the Fonz would say it) but now they seem to call him Nag-ee
  10. Well. that settles it. Bernie cannot shut down the message board because we HAVE to hear the end of this story!
  11. You know we have had the forever ongoing argument of "Ecstacy" or "Tonight" and now we get "Pop Art Live" versus "LOSS".....I love them both! I think Tommy did any amazing job mixing the new one, especially making the backing vocals and drums sound full, but I also felt the one done by Eric and Mark Linnett was terrific, too. I don't keep many CD's in my car, but both of these are regular plays in my vehicle.
  12. Have never seen a team self destruct the way the Vikings did today. Cousins running around yelling at his receivers, his running backs, his coaches, etc. My Bears didn't even play that well, but the Vikings beat themselves.
  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they had six with the two new live albums, but as magnificent as they both are, I am putting those to the side for now. One through four, tell me the Berries best! 1) Fresh 2) Side Three 3) Starting Over 4) Raspberries.........how can this be four when Go All The Way, I Can Remember, Don't Wanna Say Goodbye, and "Waiting" are on it? Maybe because this band needs entrance in the Hall of Fame! Tell me yours...............
  14. Before the doors get shut, we have debated this over and over through the past twenty plus years. For me, the rankings are always changing, but with the clock about to strike midnight (unless the governor gives us a reprieve), tell me your favorite Eric Carmen solo albums in order. There are no wrong answers for this and don't feel bad about ranking something last because Eric's last might be top two for just about anyone other than the Beatles.. Mine: 1) Eric Carmen 2) Tonight You're Mine 3) Eric Carmen (Geffen)....why oh why didn't they call this "The Way We Used To Be"????? 4) Boats Against The Current 5) Winter Dreams/I Was Born To Love You 6) Change Of Heart Your turn! Keep this thread active...............
  15. I've been meaning to say this for awhile, but I want to make sure I get this in. As I have gotten older, what an amazing song "Foolin' Myself" has become to my ears! Oh, I always liked it, no doubts there, but it has zoomed up the ladder to one of my favorites by Eric. Don't know if it is because I lived it awhile ago or my ears have gotten more mature, but just incredible!
  16. Back in 1997, I worked for an electronics company that was switching everything to a computer driven system, something I had zero interest in learning. The IT person came into my office and showed me some documents she had printed out for me from this website. She told me she always heard Eric Carmen music coming out of my office on my CD player, so she knew she had to find a way to convince me to get on board and teach me how to use the internet and she was quite correct by finding me EC info. So, without this website, I'd guessing I never learn to use the internet!!!! I cannot thank Bernie enough for the yeoman work he has put into this site, from the incredible articles and musical rarities to the message boards and so much more. I have met so many life long friends on here. When I heard about this change a little while ago from my longtime pal Kirk, I started jotting down some names that I wanted to mention that have become an integral part of my last twenty years, but I had to stop when I hit forty and still did not have them all, so I cannot go that route and risk forgetting someone. So, just let me say that some of my incredible memories from here include meeting friends from Ohio to Canada to New Zealand to Japan! Because of this site, I became part of fantasy sports leagues for the four major sports that are all named after the Raspberries or Eric Carmen, some that started thirteen years ago and are still active with Raspberries brothers and sisters. That became a major daily part of my life. Because of this site, I met my fantasy brothers Mitch, John (angelina), Beatle Jay (and his amazing wife Lisa), and Paulie Mississippi. Because of this site, I met the best guitar player in the land at a Wally Bryson solo show, my bud, Mike Miller, (MAM here) that plays on my newest record on many songs and hopefully, always will. Because of this site, I met my dear friend Seth Swirsky, who I speak to daily on the phone for the past six years about music, sports, and relationships. Because of this site, I met my long time brothers from other mothers, Marvin and Larry. Because of this site, my great pal Paulie started playing songs of mine like "Stephanie" and "One More Night" on his radio show, fulfilling a dream of mine as a musician. Because of this site, I formed magical friendships with people like Diane, Marlene, Gina (Berries Babe), Susie, and Kathy Lee. (I could go on and on, no disrespect to anyone, but I just need to streamline this to people I talk with regularly.) Because of this site, I got to see the Raspberries reunite!!!!!!! Because of this site, I got an email from Bernie in 2004 that said "Eric wants you to look over the Chicago advertising and radio spots and let him know if we are in the right places." I had to read that twice! Because of this site, Kay Bryson emailed me and thanked me for doing the legwork and invited me to the after show party to hang out with the band! Just like Kirk said above, I was at a hotel in Chicago and Jim and Eric saw me wearing a Blackhawks jacket and Jim said "you must be Blackhawkpat". If that wasn't enough, the craziest thing of all???? One very late night on here, Eric Carmen gave me songwriting advice, some things he told me that changed my writing.....and frankly, my life. WOW! I will never forget being in Cleveland on that first reunion show, meeting the band and afterwards running into Bernie and he had this glorious wide eyed look on his face and he said to me in a very loud volume, "Pat, do you believe it????? Do you believe what we ****** just saw????" Some nights, I still don't believe it, Bernie, but without you, my friend, none of the above happens, so a hearty thank you for not only being a friend, but giving us this message board, so all of the above could happen for me. I look forward to seeing what you add to the site in the future because whatever it will be, it will be great, because you are all class.
  17. Hey, sorry I have been away for so long, but I have been working on my latest CD release, "Radio Paradise (Forever 18) and it is finally available. Thought I would post the link to the trailer here. It is available on Itunes, CDBaby, and Amazon (though if you want the physical CD, go with CDBaby, as Amazon is asking outrageous prices) I have missed you guys!!!! Thanks for listening! BTW, check out my sweatshirt in the first song. Still plugging the boys all these years later.
  18. I have not heard from her since the Raspberries played Chicago in 2005. Maybe "Pop Art" will bring her out of hiding? Happy Birthday, if you are reading this!
  19. Somewhere I have an old radio survey that was sent to me from my estranged cousin and it said the album was going to be called "Eric Carmen II" I always meant to ask Eric if that was a promo error or if that was actually talked about. Maybe LC and Bernie can write the liner notes for that 40th Anniversary box set and find out?
  20. My friend Beatlejay just texted me to remind me that it was an incredible TWELVE YEARS ago that we were all together at the Raspberries fantastic Chicago HOB show! How is it possible that much time elapsed?
  21. My friend of twenty years and fellow board member Marvin Matthews adds a Christmas twist to the movement!
  22. My good friend and fellow EC board member Mike Miller (MAM) and his talented wife Marie are adding their take to the project. Enjoy!
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