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  1. Happy Birthday to my dear friend, James, though I don't expect to see him here for about a week what with the Harem party going round the clock and all!
  2. This is the title of a new ninety minute documentary playing on various cable systems (and Directv) about the history of the old 1970's comedy magazine "National Lampoon"....why is Pat posting this here, you ask? Well, I was just watching it and about an hour in, they use almost a full minute of "Go All The Way" as background music!
  3. Great list, Larry! I am a huge fan of the songs "New Kid In Town", "Ole 55", "Desperado", "New York MInute" and "Heartache Tonight", so they might be a bit higher on my personal list, but you really hit the nail on the head. I will tell you a funny story about the Glenn Frey tune "The One You Love"....back when that 45 came out, I worked at an accounting firm in downtown Chicago and the boss was quite a ladies man. He knew I was a musician and asked me if I would play a couple of songs at the holiday party on the piano and sing. So, I got this great idea from my youth playing weddings where people came up and offered the bride a dollar to dance with her. Knowing what a cheapskate the boss was and his liking for the ladies, I suggested we do that with HIM! So, I ended up doing about a twenty minute version of that Frey song, which was really popular at the time, and all the women were giving him money to dance with him, which he casually slipped inside his suit coat! Everyone dug it and he was in his glory....that was on a Friday night and on that next Monday morning, I got called into the bosses office, thinking "Uh-oh" and got promoted to supervisor at the new location! Haha! It pays to know what your boss likes.........
  4. Happy Birthday...hope you had a great day!
  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you!
  6. Nice job, LC...you and I had this discussion on the phone the other night. I agree "My Girl" should have been higher in the pecking order, but as I said to you, I would have gone a different route with the seven minute version of "All By Myself" and put it last on the record, just as Eric's other longer symphonies like "I Can Remember" and "Runaway" were placed last on their respective albums. (I know Eric wanted "Boats" last, but they went with "Runaway".) On a side note, while "Be My Baby" is one of my favorite songs of all time, it amazes me that no one has remixed that. Maybe the technology is not there to convert it correctly? Even when they put it on the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, it comes out extremely low in volume for some reason. If you buy the single on Itunes, it is literally half the volume of any other song you might purchase. Would love to have Eric and/or Brian Wilson remix that one today.
  7. I saw the 40th Anniversary tour of it and that was fantastic and his band has only gotten better, so this should be amazing.
  8. Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen: Five Songs I Wish I'd Written With Cheap Trick elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we asked the band's guitarist to talk songwriting Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen got a little tongue-tied when he spoke to Rolling Stone in December about his band's upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "I'm verklempt," he told RS the day the news broke. "I don't know what to say." Fortunately, the guitarist opened up a bit more when we checked back in to get his thoughts on some of his favorite songs. The Nazz, "Open My Eyes" A great early power-pop song — not too syrupy, kind of noisy. It's like a bugle waking you up. Later on, it inspired me to write "Hello There." The Raspberries, "Go All the Way" All the parts fit: There's not too much bridge, and the chorus doesn't repeat too many times. It's exciting. The Dave Clark Five, "Glad All Over" Today the drum parts would be toned down — they're too loud. But why? They're a signature part of the song. Small Faces, "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" So simple that it probably wouldn't make sense if anyone else did it — but there's Steve Marriott wailing, and the guy is just so convincing. Oasis, "The Shock of the Lightning" The riff goes on and on, and Liam Gallagher just snarls. We play this song at our shows before we go onstage. It puts me in the mood to rock. —Rolling Stone, January 15, 2016 __________ Rick Nielsen mentions a Raspberries classic!
  9. The video was spectacular...we must get that whole show onto a DVD for sale!
  10. Is there a translation button that I am missing? Trying to find out the price in American dollars
  11. I believe AMC is airing a special Saturday night, 12/19/15 celebrating John's 75th and both Ringo and Paul are part of it.
  12. Isn't it funny that acts like Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Michael Buble, etc cover the old classic songs sixty years later, so someday our future grandkids and great grandkids might be listening to an artist cover crap like NWA as the "classics" of a generation?
  13. Fantastic! I just got the email from our fearless leader. Thanks again to Bernie for running the best site on the net! Looking forward to receiving this to add to the collection.
  14. She's the best! We keep playing phone tag since her birthday.......
  15. So, last night during the Chicago Blackhawks-St. Louis Blues hockey game in St. Louis, any time a player skated alone to the penalty box, they played Eric's "All By Myself" over the speakers!
  16. "I Wanna Be With You" was the winner, James! Many years ago when Stroud did the "Two For Tuesdays" thing, he would encourage me to call every Tuesday and ask for Eric or the Raspberries (which, of course, I was always more than willing to do)...they had to make it official by logging in that someone called before they could play the songs. Fans were often treated to a GATW/IWBWY or GATW/ Let's Pretend or ABM/Make Me Lose Control or MMLC/Hungry Eyes double play on Tuesdays.
  17. Was just listening to The Drive (97.1) featuring the great Bob Stroud. He is a huge berries/Eric solo fan and I have often spoken to him over the past thirty five years or so at various stations requesting songs and we also chatted at length in the stairwell at the Raspberries HOB Show in 2005 (he was there with Survivor's Jim Peterik). Bob has a feature called "One forty five" where he plays a record (a 45, get it?) by a great group every day at 1:45 PM. He just announced that tomorrow, he will play a song by the Raspberries, so if you can, tune in locally or online. I'm thinking it will either be "Go All the Way" or "I Wanna be With You", but Stroud has been known to pull out "I'm A Rocker" or "Ecstasy" on his shows over the years. Probably not a big deal to you people in Ohio, but anytime you can hear the boys on the radio, I'm all in!
  18. Happy Birthday, Eric! Thanks for being such a musical influence and making "keyboards cool" to this former teenager. Glad to see you looking so happy in your recent facebook photos, too!
  19. Ohhhh, I forgot about Paula, good choice James, but I am still a Katie guy till the end! Used to watch those King Family specials just to see her! Keep up this kind of talk and you are going to get Lew Bundles going on the Petticoat Junction girls!
  20. Is Uncle Charlie doing the cooking?
  21. Happy Birthday, Anne! Hope it was grand!
  22. Have not been on in a bit, but wanted to say Happy Birthday!
  23. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It has been a crazy week for us, with mine and one of my daughter's birthdays, a graduation, Fathers day, and my long loved team winning the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years. I appreciate all of you taking the time out of your busy schedules to write here or on Facebook.
  24. Very talented engineer who worked with Raspberries, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, etc BUT most of all, a prince of a guy, who adored the Raspberries fan base. I remember when he sent me a friend request on Facebook and he said, "you are Blackhawkpat, right?" RIP, Dennis!
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