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  1. Just off the top of my head some of my favorite songs on this record are: “Off The Ground”, “Looking For Changes”, “Hope of Deliverance”, “Golden Earth Girl” and “Get Out of My Way”. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Paul did “Looking for Changes” on the Saturday night live where he did the famous interview skit with Chris Farley. it’s a song about animal rights so I know how fondly you look on your dog, so give it a spin. Listen to the lyrics closely in “Golden Earth Girl”, Another song about protecting animals. His description is so perfect and beautiful it would make Vin Scully blush describing the “azure sky around Chavez ravine.” as far as ranking the albums, ohhhh, that would take some time to think about, because I think the majority are A to A+, with very few clunkers.
  2. I think I’ve told the story here before but when my job first transferred me to Indiana while living in Illinois I had to take the drive every morning and the Cassette (yes, cassette) of “off the ground” got stuck in my car tape deck so it was the only thing I could listen to all the way to Indiana and then all the way back home, so if anybody ever had the right to be sick of that record it was me, but I loved it and still do! I probably listened to that every day of the work week for six months straight and then one day it just popped out!
  3. Wow, I am officially ordering both of you to give “Off The Ground” another listen!!!!
  4. I hope you get the chance to go. I’ve heard Ron Dante (Archies) will be singing with the Turtles! I’d love to see that
  5. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Elton live five different times and I’m hoping for at least one more if we ever get the opportunity to go to see concerts again
  6. I think it’s interesting that Burton Cummings, the lead singer/keyboardist and driving force of the great band the Guess Who (another group that definitely should have been in there years ago) does not allow posts on his nor The Guess Who Facebook page regarding the band not being in the Hall. He just says while he appreciates the efforts and frustrations of the fans, it’s just not worth talking about to him because if they were going to be in, they should’ve been put in many years ago. I think the fans take it harder than the bandmembers do.
  7. Check out his album “The Artist”, chock full o’ Lennon/McCartney vibes
  8. I met Mark Hudson at a Beatlefest many years ago and we struck up a long conversation later and he told me how much he admired Eric and then he began singing “go all the way”. He told me if I ever had any contact with Eric to tell him he said hello and he would love to work with him. I passed the info along to Eric.
  9. I love all the hits of The Doors so I can’t even fathom including them on this list and I don’t have a problem with KISS, but the rest of the list? Pretty, pretty close in agreement. A late edit, I don’t hate Green Day either. I have a new respect for Billy Joe since he covered “that’s rock ‘n’ roll”
  10. Happy birthday James! Hope you had a great day
  11. We all know how much Jimmy Ienner was involved in Eric’s career, but I’m wondering if his brother had an impact as well? My daughter showed me on Mariah Carey‘s latest record she gives credit to Don and then teases us with a comment that says thank you for not making me “lose control“. Does anyone know if there’s a connection with Don, Mariah, and Eric? Seems like there’s an inside joke somewhere.
  12. 1. Sorry seems to be the hardest word 2. funeral for a friend 3. your song 4. Daniel 5. Empty garden 6. goodbye yellow brick road 7. Someone saved my life tonight 8. don’t let the sun go down on me 9. Benny and the Jets 10. Rocket man
  13. This is my favorite song on the album. Wish Dave would do more writing like this.
  14. Brilliant album. So sad he never did a follow up
  15. It’s been years and I still listen to this record at least once a week if not more. I have it on both CD and vinyl. Just today, in fact, I was talking with a raspberries fan who was somehow unaware of this record and turned him on to it and he is about to buy it!
  16. I would be so “in” if Eric decided to do a virtual concert from home as a pay-per-view!
  17. Wow, "When you hear "If You Change Your Mind," you just hear a songwriter's calculated craftsmanship " Eric's vocal is completely from the heart and magnificent. Gets me every time, 10.000 listens later. Clearly this guy has never tried to play IYCYM on the guitar or piano because the chords early follow a common progression, but have some incredible changes later on. Nothing about this song is calculated. A masterpiece that should have been a massive AM single.
  18. I saw Eric blow The Sweet off the stage at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on this tour. Afterwards, Chicago Tribune reporter Aaron Gold predicted superstardom for Eric.
  19. I saw Eric every time he played Chicago as a soloist and he always did GATW
  20. I was at this show. Always great to see Wally or any of the boys live!
  21. Yeah, but I play them every day in Chicago. With all the invasive listening my iPhone and Alexa does to me, you'd think that would show up somewhere.
  22. Larry, thanks for posting the Stewart song. I know you have been a long time fan of his and always supported his music. Really good song that I was unfamiliar with, but that doesn't surprise me as I will get into below. Yes, you are correct when you asked "don't you still have the urge to get lyrics on paper and notes in place". I think every musician that has even written even one song still gets the urge. I know I do. While I don't sit down every day to write a song, melodies flow through my head (along with all the voices lol), phrases rhyme that I might write down a fragment of in my phone, so I am betting the same thing happens to Eric and every other writer. But, I can't impress enough on everyone the frustration in this day and age of songwriting. There's a famous story from Ringo Starr who said (paraphrasing here) "I wrote a song with Van Dyke Parks and it had a million downloads. We earned $250.00 to share between the two of us. If we had done this in the 60's and it was a million sales, it would have meant a house with a pool in Beverly Hills for each of us." This is why artists like Billy Joel and Roger Daltrey refuse to record new music and openly admit it. They are bitter, and rightly so, about giving it away. That doesn't mean they don't appreciate their fans, they do, but why should they have to go to a record label and get screwed or put it out themselves and lose money because no one is buying records and everyone is streaming now? So, if those guys are not making money, what chance does someone like myself have? It's really quite depressing. People don't understand the time it takes to make an album, the money it takes, the nonsense you have to deal with from fellow musicians to get it done, etc. My CD sales for my most recent album are miserable, but yet my streams, downloads, and various free music sites (YouTube, Soundlcoud, Reverb Nation, etc) are pretty good.) The residuals you get in the mail are laughable, so it makes you bitter, (people won't pay a dollar for a song to support you, but will pay five dollars for an iced coffee) but if you want your music out there, it's what you have to do. It's not how much can you make, but more how little will you lose? I mentioned in my above post how people write you and they say "send me a free CD", so not only am I out the cost, but now I have to pay postage to get it to someone, too? I am thrilled that friends and fans stream my songs, I see all the reports, but again I say "so, you won't support me by paying a buck for a single, but you have no problem adding it to your phone for free?" Eric had even remarked when he was on Facebook that he is not interested in putting out a self promoted record and I don't blame him. Now companies are encouraging artists to not even make a CD, to have downloads on a plug in device or iTunes only and even iTunes is going away because they want you to stream through Apple Music. There is so much great music out there now, like your Stewart tune, but none of it gets played on the radio unless it is hip hop or country. This most recent record of mine pleasantly got a little radio play on some small Midwest stations, but I get way more exposure in Europe than I get in America. They seem to appreciate artists more. Without having a political discussion (PLEASE NO) Eric's new found celebrity on twitter makes me sad because 3/4 of these people don't even know he is a musician and that is unfathomable to me. It's just a sad state of affairs out there right now for songwriters. Can't wait until tomorrow because I might get another ten dollar streaming check!
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