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  1. I hate when these old posts pop back up to the top again. People and their opinions often change over the years, so there’s no use fighting or taking sides over something that was said eight years ago. Kay Bryson is someone I consider a dear friend. We text each other every few months, mostly about our grandchildren and children, with the occasional talk of Wallys health, but we NEVER talk about Raspberries. that being said, she is fiercely loyal to her husband, something I admire greatly in her. I never had that. Eric Carmen is the reason I became a piano player. I’ve always said he made playing piano “cool” when everybody else wanted to be a guitar player. He is one of only four musicians (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Brian Wilson being the others) that I would consider an idol of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to exchange messages with him over the years, and I think the world of him. It saddens me that Eric and Wally could not get along longer than they did because I feel we’ve been robbed of dozens of great songs they could’ve written together or at least played on together, BUT, I get it. I am not gonna bore anyone with stories of bands that I’ve been in over the years but just let me say it’s very easy to join a band, but to sustain it is very very difficult. You go through so much together that you’re bound to have battles. I’ve been in bands where I literally wanted to murder other musicians because of their actions, So I clearly understand the rift EC and WB have. If you think marriage is hard, try being in a band with someone, I honestly believe it’s 10 times harder and you’re usually having to put that effort in with three or four other people rather than just one. i’ve been lucky enough to see Eric and Wally play together in two different versions of raspberries, as well as being solo artists, and I treasure every opportunity I’ve ever had to see either of them play live. I would love to be able to see it again, but I highly doubt I’ll ever get that chance. I don’t want to know how the hotdog is made, I just know it tastes good when I get to eat it. So let’s not fight about how the music got made, but let’s just enjoy the music.
  2. I think there’s no question “all by myself” was Eric‘s biggest hit. If I have to pick a favorite, and that’s like asking me to choose between my kids, I would still go with “sunrise” after all these years if we are talking solo records.
  3. Great find, LC, fantastic vocal! Absolutely love this version of one of my favorite Eric songs of all time.
  4. This thread makes me the happiest GUY in the whole USA! (See what I did there?)
  5. It appears that only eight of the songs that were on the original “Play On” solo album will be on this new one and it will have a different cover.
  6. You can now purchase “In Love Without a Girl” and “I Think About You” as singles on Itunes. It’ll be the best $1.29 you spend all day! Looks like they are expecting the entire re-issued “Play On” album to be available on March 28. If you buy the singles now, they will let you buy the album for the difference later.
  7. I just watched a long documentary on MTV and they said when they started out for the first year they were literally begging people to send them videos so they would have something to air. That’s how Rod Stewart regained his popularity as a solo artist because he had a video for everything. They didn’t care about the quality, they just needed things to show, so I would definitely pin this one on Arista for not submitting it.
  8. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda! Great song and great find!
  9. Check out this website which features a review of a concertgoer who claims he saw Eric Carmen doing small shows after brand new year was released. Even claims he did hungry eyes, all by myself, and some of his other hits! https://www.songkick.com/artists/6174-eric-carmen
  10. I saw David open for the Beach boys in Chicago in I want to say 1992.
  11. I firmly believe he will add Midwest dates at a later time. He often releases his tours in segments. If he does, I am hoping to see him for the 23rd time. You know number 23 is special in Chicago!
  12. Wow, absolutely loved this interview! His solo album meant so much to me. I was going through some really bad times and had a 90 minute drive to work every morning and used to listen to it virtually every day. Really helped me get through some things. I cannot wait for the reissue. Something new that I found out from this interview though, I never knew Scott was offered to join Wally in Tattoo and somehow someway (see what I did there?) somebody has to have a tape of John Lennon introducing the band!!!!! Great job by the interviewers!
  13. I believe it was released as a 45 only
  14. Remember back in 2016 there was an HBO TV show called “vinyl” starring Bobby Canavalle and they actually had four guys play Raspberries wearing the white suits? If I’m not mistaken, Jesse played Wally (maybe someone can confirm that). I remember watching it but I don’t remember if they played GATW or IWBWY. Mick Jagger was involved in the show.
  15. Scott and Wally opened for the Drysdales at their initial album release party in Chicago. I was there along with Gina Lopez who used to be on the board here and Don Manderfield who is also a long time poster. Sadly, my dear friend Pat Potts, the leader of the Drysdales, passed away a little more than a year ago. One of the great regrets of my life is Pat and I always talked about writing songs together and we never got around to it because you always think you have time.
  16. I saw Tony Orlando several times in Las Vegas in 1980… Don’t ask what I was doing there, lol, I wasn’t there to see him, but he was terrific. I remember he brought James Darin, the actor, out one night with him.
  17. Love, love, love that top video, LC. Back in the pre-YouTube days going to Beatetlefest was worth it just to see this
  18. It’s a beauty. Ordered mine a few hours ago! Going to look nice next to the original autographed print of the first album.
  19. I’m gonna limit mine to a top five because I’ll start obsessing on this and listen to the Bee Gees for the next 20 hours if I don’t. 1. Fanny (Be Tender) 2. Run To Me 3. Nights On Broadway 4. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? 5. More Than a Woman So many other great songs to choose from but if I can only have five, this is my list.
  20. I was fortunate enough to meet Muzza and Kiwi (Murray and Marilyn) when they visited Chicago and we all attended the Hardrock Cafe for a luncheon. Everyone in the group was from the board here, maybe 12-15 people, if I recall correctly. Among other things, I gave them a Chicago Blackhawks pennant and because of my name being Blackhawkpat here, somehow they got the idea that I owned the hockey team! Lol (I’ve certainly blown enough money on the team over the past 50+ years but ownership? Not just yet) They told me they hung the pennant up in their living room and anyone who visited them would ask them about it, “The ultimate conversation piece” as they put it. Marilyn wrote me and told me they had never watched hockey before but because of me, every time a Blackhawks playoff game was on national television in New Zealand they tuned in and rooted for my beloved team. That truly made me happy. Two great people, both with huge hearts and big smiles, that I hope and pray the best for. I need you to get well soon Murray, so you are there when I eventually take over from the Wirtz family and buy the team! Get healthy my friend, I’ll be praying for you! Blackhawkpat
  21. He was moving very gingerly. He got up from the piano a couple of times just to take a bow and he moved very slow and a friend of mine who had seats in the front row swears that he was using a cane backstage. When he did the song “cold heart” (Radio duet with Dua Lipa) he just sat on the piano bench and held the microphone and sang live while pre-recorded music was piped in. He was also very emotional. When he said this will be his final time in Chicago his voice actually cracked a little bit and you could tell he was crying. He rattled off some of the places he’s played like Wrigley Field, Chicago stadium, the United Center, etc. He also thanked a local fan who had seen him 198 times(!!!!) since 1976. ( I thought me seeing Paul McCartney 22 times since 1976 was alot! Lol)
  22. It’s nice to hear the backing vocals so clear but I don’t think Eric‘s lead vocal is loud enough now on this mix
  23. Show was just incredible including original members Nigel Olson and Davey Johnston ( two musicians who have previously played with EC ) along with long time cohort Ray Cooper. It’s a shame that Elton is calling it a career because his voice still sounds strong enough to go 20 more years and his piano playing is as always superb, a huge influence on me when I was a teenager playing style wise. Anyone who has the opportunity to catch this tour needs to. I think the amazing thing about EJ is he didn’t do three of my favorite songs per my 02/21 list above and yet I still left the concert more than satisfied because he has such an amazing catalog and let’s face it, you can’t do them all or it would be a five hour show! highlights for me, without question, had to be the inclusion of “funeral for a friend” which was tremendous, the always personable “your song”, his end encore tune “ goodbye yellow brick Road“ and a rocking pre-encore set closer “saturday night’s alright for fighting” I had seen him I believe five times before this, but Elton still rocks with the best of them and yet when he’s alone at the piano you still feel like you’re sitting in the living room with him singing directly to you. if this is indeed his final tour, he is going out just as fantastic as he was the first time I saw him back in the 70s.
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