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  1. So very sad to hear the passing of Burt Bacharach one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Made such an impact on me since I was a youth and will truly be missed. Burt was 94.
  2. Depending who you believe, Quincy Jones has either backpedaled or denied saying that stuff about Paul and Ringo.
  3. Have loved her voice from the first time I heard it. She seemingly gets better every year!
  4. Really terrific interview. Very enjoyable and entertaining. Wish all the boys would do more podcasts and interviews. I think it would help in our attempt to get them in the Hall of Fame getting their names back out there.
  5. Wow, you must’ve been in the room to make such an incriminating statement about a man on the day he passed away . Fact: He had a domestic incident with his wife in 1986 when neighbors heard them “shouting” and called the police. When the police arrived and found out he was a famous athlete, they kicked the door in. Two officers tried to grab Hull and he decked one of them, thus an assault charge was filed against him, not by his wife, but by the police officer. Hull pleaded guilty to assaulting the policeman even though it was self-defense and only served the one night in jail when they brought him in. His wife chose not to file anything against him. These are all court records. Fact: Just like controversial celebrities from Donald Trump to Oliver Stone, Kanye West to Hank Williams Jr, anytime the name Adolf Hitler comes up, you are asking for trouble and usually your quote gets taken out of context. All of those people mentioned above have allegedly said positive things about Hitler and then claim they were misquoted. Bobby Hull gave an interview with the Moscow times in 1998 and allegedly said “Hitler had some good ideas but he went too far.” The interview was not recorded and it was only translated from Russian to English. Bobby claims he never said those things and was going to sue the newspaper for tarnishing his image but never followed up. People jumped on this claiming he was racist and a nazi for saying that, ignoring the fact that it was a Russian reporter translating the quote during a time when there were some heated battles on the ice between the Russians and Canada, who Hull was representing. The Blackhawks recently gave in to the woke mob who found out about the stories years later and demanded he be removed from the team as an ambassador. When the Blackhawks needed him they called on him to represent the team at hundreds of functions over the past 12 years but as soon as the millennial woke fans who don’t even attend the games demanded him “canceled”, the team cowardly removed him from his role. i’ve heard all the speculation, but that’s all it is ….speculation, all I know is I met him several times and he was always fantastic in the way he treated me and or my daughters, so I choose to remember him that way and also as the most dynamic left wing in the history of the National Hockey League. maybe this belongs in cartoon world, but it’s unfair to come on and make a blanket statement of calling him a wife beater and a racist and then back off and say oh forget it let’s just remember him as a hockey player. So people who are unaware of who he is see things like that and believe it. His grandson just came out yesterday angry at how many people are just throwing these accusations out there without basis, just trying to tarnish the reputation of one of the greatest athletes of our time. Hull spent countless hours signing autographs for children and doing charity events promoting the game of hockey. In fact, the last time I met him he was at a benefit for a 12 year old child (I am friends with the parents) Who was killed by a drunk driver and the hockey community put on a benefit to raise money for the funeral. Hull donated his fee to the cause. That’s the guy I will remember, but it’s not hip to tell stories like that in the cancel culture we live in now.
  6. Very sad. One of hockey’s all time greats. Met him several times and still have an autographed pennant from him he handed me when I was a child. RIP Bobby #9
  7. Harmonies are fantastic in this Kirshner version.
  8. I’ll try to mix it up a little bringing it up, bringing it down, etc. also taking into account him switching between piano and guitar. 1.Sunrise 2. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 3. I Wanna Be With You 4. Tonight 5. Let’s Pretend 6. It Hurts Too Much 7. Love Is All That Matters 8. The Way We Used To Be 9. Hungry Eyes 10. Hey Deanie 11. If You Change Your Mind 12. She Did It Intermission…. 1. Boats Against The Current 2. Starting Over 3. Overnight Sensation 4. Make Me Lose Control 5. All By Myself 6. Someday 7. My Girl 8. Play On 9. Ecstasy 10. That’s Rock n Roll Encores 1. Be My Baby 2. Twist and Shout 3. Go All The Way
  9. Wow, I had heard she had a heart attack but thought she was doing well. Just saw her at the Golden Globes Tuesday night sitting at Austin Butler’s table along with her mom Priscilla. Butler starred in the recent movie about Elvis. So very sad. Hopefully Elvis is singing to her as we speak. RIP Lisa Marie.
  10. I agree James, but you know what? Todd Rundgren always said he would never accept if they put him in the hall and when he was inducted recently, he stuck to his word and didn’t show up but they still had somebody show a video collage of him and put him in regardless. Interestingly enough the video they showed ended with a clip of him saying I will never show up if the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame puts me in!
  11. It’s incredible that the Guess Who still are not in the Hall of Fame. Burton has written on his Facebook and Twitter pages that it’s so upsetting that he’s asking fans not to comment on the subject anymore.
  12. Thanks Susie! I knew you would cone up with some killer recommendations!
  13. Susie: Any recommendations on her albums?
  14. In fact, I saved his response the very last time I posted this song on there on the anniversary of her passing because it meant so much to me.
  15. As far as I know he did. He sent me quite a lengthy reply, so at the time it appeared he listened. I had even said to him I know you don’t listen to songs from other people but this is a very special song to me otherwise I wouldn’t ask and he’s always been very kind to me. In fact any time I have posted this song on Twitter, when he was a member there, not only did he like it but he would always put the praying hands and the broken heart as a response. I can’t say enough about the man.
  16. Not sure if anyone here has the Disney+ app, I’m sure you could get a free trial if you don’t and it would be well worth it to watch the show I’m going to talk about, plus “Get Back” and the Elton John live at dodger Stadium concert. I subscribe to it for when my grandson Lennon visits, but I am finding I am watching it more and more myself! Tonight, I watched a documentary on the 90 year history of Abbey Road, hosted by Paul McCartney‘s daughter Mary. I thought it was phenomenal. You won’t learn anything new that you don’t already know, although I was blown away by a cellist by the name of Jacqueline du pre’ (i’m sure some of you classical fans already are aware of her, but she somehow has escaped me) that I will be raiding discogs.com tomorrow to find some of her music. interviews include Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, members of Pink Floyd, oasis, Jimmy page, Giles Martin, John Williams and more. I did love one line in there by British singer Kate Bush who said she was told they “were afraid to paint the walls of the studio for fear it would affect the sound”!!!! If you are a fan of great music, and especially the Beatles, this is something you won’t want to miss!
  17. Happy birthday Bundles and congrats on your new appointment. They must’ve read my thread where I said I would vote for you!
  18. He is the man. Always been helpful when it comes to things like that! He told me to never let anyone, a fan, a friend, a record company, tell me that a song is too long.
  19. By the way, I think the link to “out of my life” in this thread is broken so here’s something YouTube put out without my knowledge a few years ago. Lol it’s just the album cover but you can hear the song. Thanks for listening.
  20. Thanks for the bump, Susie. It’s ironic that yesterday should have been Sarah’s (Who created the lyric video) 29th birthday. Still can’t believe she’s gone. She was like a daughter to me, but then again I still can’t believe my daughter Jennifer is gone. 💔 Little known fact. When I first recorded “Daddy, I’m Alright” I was concerned about the length of it and I thought about cutting the bridge and none other than Eric Carmen told me to leave it in. I had written him asking his advice and when Eric speaks, you listen!
  21. I’d vote for you Bundles! I know how much it means to you.
  22. So very sad. Such a great talent. He will be missed. RIP Dino
  23. Lew Bundles loves Bruce! Bruce mended fences with Howard stern but I think it’s gonna be a while for him and Lew Bundles to make up.
  24. Happy birthday Larry, I hope you spend the day listening to some Eric Carmen, some Raspberries and I know you’re going to get a little John Stewart in there, too!
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