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  1. Today, while in a record store with my kids, I happened to see a new two CD set by the king of bump and grind...the one, the only, the mister.....Tom Jones! On it, it featured a song titled, "All By Myself". Could it be?
  2. This is a very interesting subject to me, one that I have long fought over. Are we cheating ourselves out of the rare occurence of seeing Raspberries/EC videos, etc by not buying these tapes? I would hate to take money out of the mouths of the band members, but they clearly have no intent on releasing something that we would all gladly purchase "legally" if it was available. I'm interested in everyone's thought process on this subject....I think this would be a great question for the next "Ask Eric" segment, too, if Bernie is reading. "How do the boys feel about fans buying things on ebay, not otherwise available?" Just a side not....I bought the Sittin' Ducks CD on ebay a couple of years ago and sent them an email to the fansite, stating how much I enjoyed the recording. I don't remember which guy it was (obviously not Wally) but he sent me a really scathing email back, telling me how I "shouldn't be buying there" and should be paying "full price" through the band. I was rather offended and told him so in a reply. He later apologized for his rash comments, but said they make no money off of ebay sales.
  3. There once was a singer named Eric Lucky for us he chose not to be a cleric No, the clergy's not right, Cos' he likes his pants tight and sings like a "ten", like Bo Derek! Thank you!
  4. ...29 years ago today (well Thnksgiving, maybe not the same date) I jumped out of bed to watch the Raspberries play on Bill Bixby's Thanksgiving Special! I remember waking to Wally's "Last Dance" starting...oh, if I they only had video tape back then! Now, THAT'S trivia!!! Happy holiday, everyone!
  5. Can you tell me something about the fourth CD? I only recall three...the first with the young girl on the cover, the second with the old man, then the green disco album with the oriental woman. Wasn't Wally only on the first two? Did he return for the fourth? I loved the first two and hated the the third...the post got me to dig out the cassettes of those two for my car and now I can't stop playing them again! Man, I love "Where Have You Been All My Life?" and "Say The Same For You". Anyone know what songs Wally sang lead on in Fotomaker? The voices seem very similar to me. I was able to get the CD, which is the entire first album and the "best of" the next few....
  6. I think some of you may be underestimating Eric's value on the current market. I see someone like Diane Warren making zillions of dollars writing songs for groups that range from the Backstreet Boys to Aerosmith and Eric could easily do the same, as a writer and/or performer. I mentioned before that I have several daughters and their musical tastes are all over the board! My 14 year old just loves Eric Carmen, but interestingly, she seems to only enjoy his rockers, not the ballads! One of her favorite songs is "It Hurts Too Much". Everytime I play it, she always comes flying into the roon to shout out the chorus part, much to my own happiness!. I bought her her own copy of the greatest hits cd and she plays it constantly, but aside from that song, she mainly blasts "That's Rock and Roll", "Hey Deanie", "Make Me Lose Control" and "No Hard Feelings". I rarely hear the ballads coming out of her room, yet most of those are my faves (I'm 43), proving he can have the best of both worlds! I just bought her her own copy of Side Three and I hear "Tonight" and "Ecstacy" blaring away upstairs, just this evening! Some of these songs just need to be heard by the younger audience. Look at what "#1's" did for bringing back the Beatles to a new generation! My ten year old always plays that CD. She just went with me to see Paul in Chicago the other night and she loved it! An afterthought: I would love to see Eric and Burton Cummings get together. When I was a kid, my first concert was the Raspberries and my second and third were seeing The Guess Who. How cool would it be to see them do "Marathon Man" together live?
  7. 1. "If You Change Your Mind" great screaming at the end ("Baby, don't go" just kills me!) 2. The scream at the end of "Go All The Way" and the "c'mon" exchanges. Classic! 3. He does the disco album and then on the last song "Desperate Fools" slam dunks the music industry (and himself to an extent) by saying "I'm startin' to be what they want me to be and I wonder sometimes what's becoming of me?" (Had that taped to my piano for many years when playing at weddings! LOL, but true!) 4. "I Can Remember" the line "I needed you to be the other half of me"...just so emotionally sung....we've all been there! 5. "Let's Pretend" the Flipside part when the music disappears...I can't stop smiling! 6. The ending of "The Way We Used To Be". Rips my heart open, thinking about past experiences. 7. "It Hurts Too Much" Powerful start...should have restarted his career with the right marketing of this song! My fourteen year old daughter plays this song constantly in her room! (I'm not complaining!) 8. The groan at the end of "Boats".... textbook classic Carmen moan! 9. The distinct Raspberry harmonies in "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye"...you can just hear Eric bleed through with emotion (there's that word again!) 10. "Sunrise" everything about it...intro, music, harmony, lead singing...love it all! Has to make any list of mine! The original question was about "riffs" and I must mention a unique one. Eric's piano playing on Ringo Starr's "Back Off Bugaloo" from the tour was incredible! Just great riffs while vamping away...you could see him smiling while playing....wish a version existed someplace!
  8. To answer the last few questions: Yes, the shows will appear on local Chicago channel 11. There are 13 one hour shows expected to be taped for the series and the first airing is scheduled to run in the summer of 2003. I'm not sure where the tapings are being done at, but there is a hotline number (773/279-2111) to leave a voice message to be added to future mailings about the show. (I left my info a week ago and haven't heard anything yet.) They also just added an email address of: soundstage@networkchicago.com ASKING FOR SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say: ERIC, ERIC, ERIC, ERIC?
  9. There used to be a great television show on public broadcasting in Chicago called "Soundstage" in the 70's and 80's. Local disk jockey Steve Dahl (famous nationally for his Disco Demolition promo) is ressurecting the show in an effort to promote HDTV. The show is an hour long and feaures an artist with an intimate setting performing their hits. Tonight starts the first taping and former Styx keyboardist Dennis Deyoung is the initial guest. I can think of no greater guest for this show than Eric! I also know from past discussions with Steve Dahl that he was a big fan of The Raspberries and said he met Eric when he worked for a station in Detroit many years ago. I hope that Eric' representatives read this and consider contacting Steve for this long overdue venture!
  10. Anyone who thinks there isn't any interest in a Raspberries reunion or Eric solo tour need look no further than ebay today. Someone there was selling the Greatest Hits CD that included the four unreleased Raspberry songs and the bidding just ended at over $160.00!!!!! If nobody will re-release these songs for the fans, somebody please download 'em on Grokster on somewhere so we can all enjoy them!
  11. Michelle's comment about "It Hurts Too Much" has inspired a new category: "Songs of Eric's That You Will Never Be Able To Explain To Me How They Didn't Go Platinum" 1. Sunrise 2. Boats Against The Current 3. She Remembered 4. Sleep With Me 5. It Hurts Too Much
  12. Thanks for the update. I had made all kinds of arrangements to go see Eric, but when he decided against appearing, I switched all my plans back. I am disappointed, but totally support his decision. Wish I had known back then you were at the Scott/Wally show. I was there, too. Would have bought you and your hubby a drink. Oh well, in the words of Eric: Someday!
  13. Just wondering if you went on Saturday and if anything was said about Eric not being there? Was the show any good? Who did the singing without Eric or Todd? Thanks, Pat Griffin Chicago,IL
  14. Scott and Wally did several Beatles cuts when they played together in Chicago two years ago. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with both and having a ten minute conversation with Scott.
  15. Listened to the show this morning. Bob Stroud read a little piece about Eric's career with "Ecstacy" playing in the background. He then followed that by playing the full versions of "Go All The Way", "Let's Pretend", and "She Did It". (Could that have been the best ten consecutive minutes on Chicago radio since the seventies?) He then said "there will have to be some changes in the Abbey Road tour starting in Chicago" (I thought "uh-oh") "Todd Rundgren is touring with Hall and Oates simultaneously, so he will have to miss the Chicago show because they have a concert that day." Shouldn't that clinch Eric being there? Who else would sing all the songs? The one thing that was odd, though, was on any promos they read about the show, they said "five o'clock" yet the internet promo says "three", so I hope that isn't a problem. That needs to be straightened out for anyone going. I could not hear any number to call the station, so I e-mailed Bob and asked him what he knows. I will post any response I get immediately for everyone. I'll tell you, thirty years later, and is there anything better than hearing "Go All The Way" on the radio? I still get goosebumps!
  16. Do you know what time the show is on tomorrow?
  17. Gina: What station is that, 97.1? I know that Bob Stroud is a huge Raspberries fan and I believe he still works there. When he used to work at The Loop, they had a "two for Tuesday" segment and every Tuesday, I would call him and ask for the Raspberries. He used to tell me he looked forward to my call because they had to log the requests and that would allow him to play the group. he would always play "Go All The Way" and "Overnight Sensation." Thanks, Pat
  18. The first concert I ever attended was a double bill with Iggy Pop and Blue Oyster Cult. Iggy Pop was injured and replaced by a band that had just switched two members. Their name? Raspberries!
  19. I definately would call Ticketmaster to complain! Maybe if they got enough letters and refunds issued because of no Eric, the promoters might wake up to view what a loyal fan base he has and come to him to front his own tour. Any word on the Chicago show yet? At least that one is free, but I'm not going if Eric isn't!
  20. I know there are a lot of musicians out there reading the EC board and I also know that there are alot of people who would like to be a songwriter. I am currently in a huge lyric writing slump and I'm looking for someone to collaborate with. Any EC fans interested in sending me some lyrics to see if I can put music to (and that includes you, Eric! LOL! Wouldn't THAT be a dream come true for me?) feel free to e-mail me. We can split the copyright fees. I'm not saying it'll work out, but I'd love to try.
  21. I know you have already had "Boats" on here before, but if have a version from the Ringo tour, that would be great. His version in Chicago at the House of Blues was just fantastic! If you have any older recordings, I've heard that Raspberries did a great cover of "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles.
  22. Bernie: I, too, went to that tour and saw EC do the songs on the DVD, GATW, and if memory serves me correctly, All By Myself. Is there a copy of that in someone's vault...somewhere?
  23. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I wanted to share this with my fellow EC fans, who were unaware. I went to buy my wife the Special Edition DVD of Dirty Dancing and to my surprise, it includes not only the full video of "Hungry Eyes", but also the concert which features three EC tunes. Pick it up today!!! I bought it for her and I'm the one who is watching it!
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