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  1. Many people here in Chicago are amazed that both baseball teams have stayed in the pennant races this deep in the season. A couple of goofball radio hosts have had to shave their heads or get crew cuts as payment for mouthing "bets" that the White Sox would not spend a day in first place. Well, it's been posted here before that on the Cubs radio network, when they return from a break, "Go All The Way" frequently is played. I could care less about anybody visiting a barber, but here's my thinking. If the Cubs win the division, I think the Raspberries should play GATW live at their first playoff game as inspiration! When the Cubbies made the playoffs back in the 80's, they used Van Halen's "Jump" as their theme song and it got played everywhere! Now I know Eric is a Cleveland Indians fan, but they are in the AL so that shouldn't hurt his alligence to the Indians. My bet is that the boys get some airplay and coverage on it,thus helping record labels look for solo projects from them, and who knows what may get sparked at the rehearsals? Take It Or Leave It (pun intended!) boys?
  2. Anyone ordered this or heard it yet? Any early reviews? How about you, Eric? Whaddya think? I just ordered it last week and haven't received it yet.
  3. "I can remember when we used to be the best of friends. Now, suddenly, we don't know what to say."----"The Way We Used To Be" If you've ever gone through that, felt that, that line hits you hard.
  4. Just returned from Florida and picked up a Beatles magazine called "daytrippin'"at a magazine store in Orlando. Before I left, I remembered some posters discussing (though I can't seem to find the thread where)what was up with Mark Hudson, formerly of the Hudson Brothers. The magazine features a four page interview with him. He is currently starting a new label with Ringo (hey, Eric, won't you come out tonight? hint..hint...) after producing Ringo, Aerosmith and Hanson (there's a trio, eh?) amongst others over the last few years. It's a terrific piece if any fan gets a chance to read it, though it doesn't go into any depth at all about the Hudsons, other than to mention Mark's disdain for the music industry because of what happened with them. He mentions that he used to pretend to be John Lennon and asked his brothers to pretend to be Paul McCartney, then got a chance to rehearse with Paul for one of Ringo's sessions and was thrilled thirty years later. Sounds like a great guy.
  5. My real name is "Pat"...for some reason, when I registered to the new look format of this website awhile back, it wouldn't take my name, even though I often posted on the old one. I just went with my monicker from a local hockey board (blackhawkzone.com)I frequent and help write for here in Chicago. So, am I to assume that the boys made up from all the past issues (thus the helping hands to each other a few years ago) but something has happened in the last 3-4 years to again soil the relationship, possibly, permanently? When I had the pleasure of meeting Wally and Scott, they both said great things about Eric as a father and musician and both respected his decision to be close to his children. They seemed to understand him withdrawing from the rumored reunion. I've always heard about the royalty spats, but I thought everyone made up. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during the session when that photo of the four originals took place!
  6. Marvin, I agree that it would be wonderful to hear that their friendships were repaired first, but there must be some contact with each other. 1) Wally played on a couple of songs from Eric's "Winter Dreams". 2) We've all seen the photograph of the four original Raspberries from the aborted reunion from a couple years ago. 3) Three of the six members reunited for the six song "Refreshed" CD. 4) I personally both saw and met Wally and Scott at a record release party for a local Chicago group "The Drysdales" in October of 2000. They performed 7-8 songs together as the opening act and then joined The Drysdales onstage at the end of the night to play "Feelin' Alright". Scott sings lead on a track from their CD. (I got out there very early that night and enjoyed hearing Wally tune up as he blasted out the riffs from GATW, Tonight, and IWBWY for a small throng of adoring fans....None of those songs were performed that evening, but just to hear the man play still gave me shivers.) There must be SOME contact with these guys......
  7. Nice to see Jim's name mentioned with all those other great drummers. Very well deserved. A little sad to see his "it'll never happen" comment regarding a potential reunion in the interview, though. (The interviewer sure didn't seem to know much about the Raspberries, though "how many albums?" "did you ever tour?", etc....) There certainly seems to be a real undercurrent of bitterness from Jim, that I seem to get every time I read something new from him. I remember some cross words about Scott McCarl in the past that I felt was unwarranted, too. I'm sure Jim has his reasons for his feelings about the band, but if they/he only realized how happy some new music could make their loyal fans feel...........
  8. I kind of enjoyed the tough, thrashing sound of the band on Kimmel. You are a zillion percent correct, Marvin, on the backup vocals missing and the lead a trite off key in spots, though. In fairness to the youngsters, the crowd seemed pretty wild and who knows who was doing the sound for them? I'd still like to hear more from them and I'd love to hear who they'd say are their influences.
  9. Julie, great call on those two songs! They are both two of my faves of all time and definately "move me" when I hear them. I used to perform IGC in a band and always loved singing and playing it (could never convince the rest of the group to do TWWUTB, though)on the piano. Thanks to Marvin and Matthew for the research. I knew I could count on you two guys for the answer. Tony, I'm not much of a fan of "Cool Night" or "65" either, but I have always loved "Crazy" and "Sweet Life". I think they are both great songs. Paul, sorry I thought you were a goner all these years, but I'm glad to hear otherwise!!!!!! Why do all these great male singers I enjoy go into hybernation so often?
  10. That makes me sad about Dan Hamilton. I wasn't aware he had passed away, butI loved those guys when I was a kid (still do). Always enjoyed "Annabella" by them. Speaking of male singers, does anyone know the status of singer/songwriter Paul "I Go Crazy" Davis? I remember hearing on the radio several years ago that he was shot, but never heard anymore about it, and sadly, haven't seen any new music from him, so I was led to think the worst. Anyone know the details? Marvin? Matt?
  11. When I finally heard them, I immediately thought of groups like Small Faces and maybe the Kinks (when they were younger) with a real "Brit" sound, as mentioned above, more so than Raspberries. Then, the more I listened to their catchy single, I thought, "this guitar player sounds like he has been influenced by Wally, Scott McCarl would clearly love this singer, and Eric would probably get a smile out of the way the bridge was written (not to mention the eerily similar Good Vibrations sound at the end)." So,it wouldn't surprise me if the influence was there from the band. I would definately like to hear more from these guys, but I like what I heard so far. P.S. Hey Bernie, if you are ever in Chicago again, give us some notice. Taking you out for a diet pepsi or two (or whatever you like) is the least I can do for all your work on this great site!
  12. More than one person has told me that there is a new group of young guys out there called "Rooney" that plays music that reminds them of the Raspberries. Has anyone ever heard of this band and if so, do you agree with that? They are supposed to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight.
  13. Help! I'm confused here, so slap me if I'm not getting this, please..... It was my understanding that Jimi Jamison and Jim Peterik don't get along and that was the reason for the breakup of Survivor. I have often taken my wife (who is a big fan of Jimi) to see Survivor and occassionally, you don't get him singing...there is someone else and it gets aggravating. Anyone know the story? Also, what is Jimi's website? Thanks....
  14. The local radio station that broadcasts Chicago Cubs games frequently plays GATW when they come back from commercials.
  15. Then he was on both, as I definately saw him on Kilborn's show....
  16. Saw Ringo on Craig Kilborn's show, too, a few weeks ago. Interesting piano solo done by the keyboardist in the new song...same solo as "In My Life". Speaking of Mark Hudson (who was also on the broadcast) does anyone know if he has any solo records out? I always enjoyed him with the Hudson Brothers...still have the cassette of "The Truth About Us"......and he did some backup singing on some Boone Girls records in the late 70's, other than that, haven't heard much of him until recently. Also, anyone have an address to write him at?
  17. Yes, I would love to have Eric release a "Rarities' type CD, even if it was only sold on the internet. I'm sure everyone here would order advance copies. A song by a one hit wonder (Marvin...help?)that I always thought Eric would have made huge was the them song to "St. Elmo's Fire". Man, I can hear Eric doing the screaming and just killing on those high notes. (I can see that jaw sticking out, as he hits the notes!)
  18. My first concert was the Raspberries, too! It was the illfated 1973 show in Chicago, where they subbed for Iggy Pop and backed up Blue Oyster Cult. First song heard live "I Wanna be With You" I had second row seats. I will never forget seeing Eric watching BOC from the side of the stage, looking absolutely devastated, shaking his head. He gave us a "thumbs up" back when we made eye contact. That really impacted me at the time as a very young musician. I went on an all night radio station and ripped the fans for their bad reaction to the Raspberries. I left a few songs into BOC, I was so angry.... While I never saw the Raspberries again, I was lucky enough to see Eric solo (or with Ringo) five other times in my life.
  19. I had the pleasure of seeing Paul McCartney twice this year at the United Center in Chicago. Once, alone, and the second time, with my ten year old daughter. Just fabulous! I'm hoping to be able to write a year from now that I saw Eric Carmen twice in 2003!!!!!!
  20. Well, I'm pretty sure I will have the biggest variety in this category! (all daughters) 17 year old: Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey , Mariah Carey (in that order,LOL!) 14 year old: Insane Clown Posse and Eric Carmen (I'm not kidding!) 10 year old: Backstreet Boys, Aaron and Nick Carter, Beatles, Paul McCartney, Avril Lavigne 8 year old: NSYNC and Britney Spears How's THAT for variety??????
  21. Sad to hear of Maurice's passing, also, at the all too young age of 53. In the last few months, we have lost George Harrison, John Entwistle, and now Maurice Gibb, all music greats, proving how short a time we all get on this earth. Remember that, boys, if you truly have ever considered reuniting for a tour or record. How sad for the Bee-Gees family and their world of fans.
  22. After reading about all the recent ebay visits by everybody here, I decided to visit there again myself. I stumbled upon a record that was for sale called "The CARE Sessions" and it said it was a "We Are The World" type venture that featured three ex-Raspberries members! I have never heard of this. Who were the members involved, did any of them get to sing solo lines, and is this record any good? Thanks.........
  23. Today, while in a record store with my kids, I happened to see a new two CD set by the king of bump and grind...the one, the only, the mister.....Tom Jones! On it, it featured a song titled, "All By Myself". Could it be?
  24. This is a very interesting subject to me, one that I have long fought over. Are we cheating ourselves out of the rare occurence of seeing Raspberries/EC videos, etc by not buying these tapes? I would hate to take money out of the mouths of the band members, but they clearly have no intent on releasing something that we would all gladly purchase "legally" if it was available. I'm interested in everyone's thought process on this subject....I think this would be a great question for the next "Ask Eric" segment, too, if Bernie is reading. "How do the boys feel about fans buying things on ebay, not otherwise available?" Just a side not....I bought the Sittin' Ducks CD on ebay a couple of years ago and sent them an email to the fansite, stating how much I enjoyed the recording. I don't remember which guy it was (obviously not Wally) but he sent me a really scathing email back, telling me how I "shouldn't be buying there" and should be paying "full price" through the band. I was rather offended and told him so in a reply. He later apologized for his rash comments, but said they make no money off of ebay sales.
  25. There once was a singer named Eric Lucky for us he chose not to be a cleric No, the clergy's not right, Cos' he likes his pants tight and sings like a "ten", like Bo Derek! Thank you!
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