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  1. Bernie: Are you done with the Barbra Streisand albums I lent you?
  2. Could it be "Reunion at Carnegie Hall?" (Get the permit this time, Wally!)
  3. I think both Scott and Mike should be involved. There would be nothing better than to have Scott be the opening act for me. After doing the "Refreshed" CD, he must have some sort of relationship going with Wally and Dave and Eric often speaks highly of him in any publication you read, so it seems do-able.
  4. Jeff: I had taken one of my daughters, who is a huge Beatles fan, to see Paul McCartney, but when Ringo came, I decided to take all four, so they all got the "Beatle experience". There were a number of ,mmmm, forty year olds hitting on my 16 and 18 year daughters, so dad was watching them like a hawk. LOL! I must have missed the BBQ, while I was eagle eyeing the kids.
  5. I have a question, too. I was trying to wait for all to finish reading before we started discussing things, but this is just a general one. Early in the book, it mentions that Eric is "not Italian". Just out of curiousity, what nationality is he? (and the other Raspberries if people know)....Thanks!
  6. I saw John Waite in Ringo's band last year and he was in great voice. Not quite as good as that Carmen guy that was in it a few years back, but who is, eh?
  7. Eric: I can't begin (to count the times,,,no, no,no!)to tell you how much of an influence you have made on me from my early teens into adulthood. I hope you know that no matter whether you have gone through the good times or the bad, I, along with many here, have always supported your every move. I was fortunate enough to see Raspberries as my first live act ever. I was also fortunate enough to have seen you play as a solo artist several times. I would hope that over the next few years, I will have more opportunities to build on that, but whatever you choose, I'm behind you. I also hope you are reading the board and seeing how much you have meant to all of us and we thank Bernie and Ken for writing the new book and giving us an inside view of your fabulous career. I know there are many more chapters to add in the future. So, have a great birthday! You deserve it! Keep on being the great family man and musician that you always have! P.S. Any time you are ready to become my producer or add a few songs to any future CD's I might be recording....feel free!!!!!! (and bring that Bryson guy to play, too, okay? LOL) You are truly the best! Have a great day!
  8. If I started writing a manuscript for a novel or a movie and wanted to submit something to a publishing house, how do you go about doing that? I have always copyrighted my songs and know how to do that, but have never tried anything with actual text writing until now. I don't want to get ripped off, but I'd like to see what kind of input I would get before finishing it, so I don't know where to send it to and how much it will cost? Thanks in advance for any advice you can lend.....
  9. Well, it's Sunday night and I'm done reading (for the first time anyway). Just tremendous, Bernie and Ken! Fantastic job done by the two of you!
  10. Laura: You should have let us know you were coming to Chicago, as you could have hooked up with myself, Gina and Poor4life (the EC Chicago connection) and had "Weekday at Blackhawkpat's".
  11. Isn't this the most interesting read ever? I just can't put it down! I had to laugh because my oldest daughter seemed as excited for me as I was to get it. I coach two of my other daughters basketball teams for their grade school and was having practice yesterday, when my daughter received the book at home. She drove her car up to the gym and ran on the court during practice to show me it had arrived! "Dad, open it, open it!" she said. I didn't want to open it at the gym, for fear something would go badly."You really know how to disappoint a girl, doncha?", she cracked. "I GUESS I understand." When I came home, my four kids surrounded me like it was Christmas!!!!!!! I'm 3/4 through it and guess what? It is like Christmas!
  12. Found by his personal assistant, died of "natural causes" in his sleep at age 56. Best known for 1981 smash hit "Super Freak".
  13. Just got mine. I'll never criticize the post office again! (Well, at least, not again this weekend.)
  14. ......but, the next time you are watching television, watch the new Toyota Corolla commercial. In the commercial, there is a girl who has her old car "made over" into a new Toyota. In the first thirty seconds of the commercial, they show two eight track tapes on the front seat of her old car and I am 99.99999999 percent sure that one of the eight tracks is "Boats Against The Current"!!!!! I saw the commerical again tonight and quickly threw a tape in and recorded it (maybe I have too much time on my hands, eh? LOL) and paused it at the very spot they show the tapes and I am sure I am correct! I just can't get it any clearer to decipher it. Watch for this and let me know if I am seeing things. Maybe with all this Carmen-mania going on, I'm cracking up, but I am quite sure I'm correct in this split second shot. Take a look when you see it.
  15. Great photo, but I have a question.....what is that book on the bottom called "Beatles Album"? I have never seen that before. Is it a photo book, or text, or what? (Ironic for me because it uses the same script I had for a band emblem about fifteen years ago.) Hey, Eric, I can trade you some unreleased Eric Carmen MP3's for it in trade! Email me! LOL
  16. I used to love the Pezband. Got a chance to jam with the drummer (Mick Ruins) one night when I was in college eons ago. I would love to know where to download any of their songs, if anybody has any info.
  17. Whatever happened to the songbook I remember reading about a few months ago?
  18. I just sent the story to Bob Stroud, who is a lifetime fan of the Raspberries and Eric Carmen, and does a radio show in Chicago called Rock and Roll Roots. Gina recently posted how Stroud mentioned Dave Smalley's birthday here in Chicago. Let's spread the word people!!!!!!!
  19. I have to go with two Elton John songs and for two different reasons. First, "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word". What a great simplistic opening line...."what do I gotta do to make you love me?" Isn't that every love song in a nutshell right there? Great performance, too! Next, I choose "Empty Garden" just because it both angers and saddens me about the whole John Lennon situation. I used to have a hard time singing that song around "the day" back when. As always, I have to give our boy EC, one, though. "The Way We Used To Be". Man, go through a once great relationship turned bad relationship and listen to that one! Hoo-Boy!
  20. Wow, you guys are great! Would I be greedy if I asked for "Wild, Wild Heart" now? LOL Thanks to all who sent me the files!
  21. Can someone please send me the NSD file as an MP3? I'm able to listen to it, but can't burn it on a CD for the car. Thanks in advance. easongsmusic@aol.com
  22. AWESOME! That's how it should be......all Carmen, all the time! Now, I'm really excited!
  23. Sign me up for raspbernie.com!!!!!! Seriously, thanks for all you do, Bernie.
  24. I second that! Doggone computers! I lost "Cindy", "My Girl", and "Devil" (Sounds like a song lyric, doesn't it?) If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!
  25. Just for a demographic thought, my eighteen year old daughter has been working on downloading this song for me all afternoon. After listening to the song a few times until she got the download to work properly, she remarked, "hey, dad, I may download this song for myself, this is really catchy, I can't stop singing it." YES! Success as a parent! LOL
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