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  1. My oldest daughter in college just called me to tell me that she had a question on a test today in a class called "The History of Music" that she just had to tell me about. It was multiple choice and I thought everybody here would get a kick out if this..... Who was John Lennon's songwriting partner? A) Paul McCartney Brian Wilson C) George Harrison D) ERIC CARMEN!!!!!!!!! Ya gotta love music history, eh? Isn't that cool that they even have EC lopped in with that group? Earlier this year, she had an EC question on her cell phone trivia..... The legend grows..................
  2. Scott is the only possible opening act to set the mood right. I doubt if there will be an opening act, though.
  3. blackhawkpat


    They just didn't take the option to give him eleven million dollars next year. Unfortunately, there are still strong rumors that he will be back, with a one year reduced (six mill?) salary contract. My baseball sources tell me that his dad is trying hard to get him a multi year deal to hit behind Barry Bonds with the Giants. If that falls through, he may return to Chicago. Today's paper says that GM Jim Hendry has "no plans to trade Sammy". Of course, that could be a smokescreen. More likely, he has no takers! We'll have to get Eric's take on the Indians when we get to Cleveland.
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    While dumping Sammy on the Mets would be a huge move in the right direction, this team needs way more than that to go to the Series. Any team more interested in what the broadcasters have to say, rather than catching the Astros or Giants for the wild card, needs a major attitude overhaul! Dumping Alou and Mercker, then putting a muzzle on Hawkins, needs to follow moving Sammy!
  5. blackhawkpat


    While I usually take the players side in any labor arguement (hockey especially) all one needs to do to get angry at contracts, is look at the plight of former Chicago Bulls basketball player Jay Williams. Williams was a high (second overall, I believe)draft pick a few years ago and had a decent rookie season for the always rebuilding Bulls. In the off season, though, Williams went joyriding on a motorcycle and almost killed himself, despite the Bulls having language in his contract that prohibits him from doing so. A few years have passed and he can no longer play basketball, due to the injuries he suffered on that joyride. His agent and the Bulls "settled" on a multi million dollar "buyout" of his contract, which included the Bulls picking up the tab on all his medical bills!!!!!!!!!!!! Shouldn't joyriding Jay have had to give the TEAM back something for such selfishness?
  6. Marvin and I were discussing this on the phone last week, so I will throw it open to the board.....anyone know if Jimmy Ienner will be attending the reunion show? Wouldn't it be great to see him introduced?
  7. Everyone should really try to contribute to this project. Marvin has done yeoman work trying to get this together. I was fortunate enough to have him share his with me early and it is really great. I think this is a project that the group will really appreciate and I think everyone here should be a part of. It doesn't matter if it is two lines or a novel.
  8. I read my confirmation slip and it says within five days of the concert you will receive the ticket. What is frustrating is that I paid ten dollars for shipping! You can send a priority overnight envelope anywhere in the United States for four dollars, yet they collected ten bucks and need over a month to get it to you....fourth class! Even though I feel the ten bucks was a ripoff, I just didn't want to take the chance of a six hour drive and having it not be there at will call.
  9. It's definately the residuals. Think how many diverse artists have recorded "All By Myself".
  10. My two youngest daughters like her, so we stayed up to watch the show. During her first song, I remarked to the girls that I didn't think she was singing and unbelievably, look what happened during her second one! I don't ever recall an artist (even rappers, teen idols, etc) lip syncing on that show. Then, she blames it on "her band" at the end! What an insult to the three Beatles, the Stones,etc, heck, even Britney Spears, who have played live there. Question: What is your next step if you are her right now? Do you apologize to your fans? Do you ask to REALLY play live on SNL next week? What do you do? Your career is on the line........
  11. "What Took So Long?" by the Raspberries! Oops,sorry, caught me looking into my crystal ball again! Seriously, Brian Wilson's "Smile" (speaking of what took so long?) is also my latest purchase. Love it!
  12. Shock-jock Howard Stern definately shocked his bosses and the FCC this morning with the announcement that he has signed a five year deal to jump to satellite radio station Sirius (home of the NFL). Stern stunned his sidepeople Robin Quivers, Gary Delabotte, Fred Norris, and Artie Lang with his announcement. He said he wants "all of them to come with but could not tell them until he announced it live on the air for fear of sitting next to Martha Stewart, due to the stock implications." Howard has 15 months remaining on his contract with Viacom and plans to honor his deal, which expires 12/31/05.
  13. Just clicking on the link and seeing "an evening with Raspberries" put a smile on my face. Never thought I'd see that again!
  14. blackhawkpat


    I think it is fantastic! I'm amazed this was written almost forty years ago.
  15. Marvin: Steve Winwood is on Soundstage tonight, at least in the Chicago area.
  16. Enjoyed the demo, too, and I hear where Bernie is coming from on the country angle. There are a number of Eric's songs that somebody should be pushing to other artists for air play, IMO. I don't hear the Air Supply in it, but I have always thought it was very similar to Lionel Richie's "Hello" when it comes to the chord structure.
  17. Being from Chicago, how often do I get to vote? (I may have to wake up the kids) It figures, the two I like best on that list(EC and the Guess Who)are the two on the bottom!
  18. I decided to make this a separate thread, as I think itís a great topic! Nice thought, Larry. I can remember (no pun intended) a few years ago we had a thread like this about a fantasy concert and now it seems close to reality! As much as we all want to hear our favorite tunes like ìEcstacyî, ìIf You Change Your Mindî, ìI Can Rememberî, etc. I think we need to be realistic on what the boys can and will play. You have to remember a variety of issues that broke them up, so you want to keep those in mind, too. I think it might open some old wounds by asking Jim and Dave to learn any ìStarting Overî songs, aside from ìOvernight Sensationî, which Jim has often stated he wished he could have played on. I think solo stuff is out (donít get me wrong, Iíd love it) because as we have read in the book, there was a lot of resentment on ìindividualismî. They wanted it to be a ìbandî where everyone contributed. Letís think, too, that with families and all, Iím sure practicing is going to be minimal, so with all those issues, I predict: Ticket To Ride Opening I Wanna be With You Tonight Last Dance Makiní It Easy (or Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak) Letís Pretend/Starting Over medley Overnight Sensation Should I Wait Nobody Knows Driviní Around Go All The Way Encores: No Reply All Right Now Hereís why: They start off with their little dig at the industry about the Beatle comparisons with the Ticket To Ride start into IWBWY. It gives them a giggle, gives the diehards a chance to hear what weíve all heard about, and also reminisces about the Carnegie Show. Eric gets the challenge to show heís still got it (and we know he does) by going from IWBWY right into Tonight. Then, he gets a little rest and lets the other guys sing. Iím thinking Wally only wants one singing cut, but Dave probably wants two or three in the show. As a diehard, Iíd get a charge out of hearing the first three cuts in succession from Side 3, but HTGOAH is probably easier for them to play. Next, Iím thinking the band gets a rest and leaves the stage, as Eric moves to the piano, alone. Eric cracks a joke about ìnow that Iím all by myselfÖî (ARR, ARRR!) Because itís a ìbandî, we are avoiding the solo songs, but Eric, due to his huge solo success, gets a solo piece of the show (did I just sound like George Costanza?). He does a slow piano version of Letís Pretend (the boys donít have to relearn the difficult parts) that goes into Starting Over (again, avoiding any, ummm, ìissuesî). We all get a tear in our eyes, as only Wally walks out, halfway through the song, and sings the harmony with Eric to end the song! Poignant moment, eh? Then, while Eric is still at the piano, and we all are crying and clapping, the other members return and they go into ìOvernight Sensationî! How cool would it be if Scott and Mike came up and sang backups, too? The ultimate Raspberry Jam! (Have we even explored the possibility of any other admirers joining in? Can you say The Boss?) Now, EC needs a little rest from singing, so they go into Should I Wait, as Dave gets some kudos. Next while the acoustic guitars are out, we get a little Nobody Knows and Driviní Around! It just has to end with Go All the Way, doesnít it? The encores give us a Beatle tune in No Reply and Wally gets the ultimate lengthy guitar solo in the closer, Freeís All Right Now, while Eric can let ëer rip on the vocals, knowing itís the last song of the night! Everybody gets their due, I distributed the songs quite fairly, I thought. What do ya think?
  19. Mark did a fantastic lecture yesterday at the Fest. At the end, he was asked if fifty years from now, he was up in Rock N Roll Heaven, along with John Lennon, what would be the first song he would want to perform? Mark pulled out an acoustic guitar and performed a brilliant version of Lennon's "Working Class Hero" for the crowd. He truly should be making the talk show circuit, as he told some hysterical stories about his meetings with the various Beatles and also recording with Aerosmith. He does an amazing and funny Steve Tyler impression, along with all the individual Beatles. He told a funny tale about how nervous he was about having to tell Paul McCartney that he was playing an incorrect note in a Ringo song, as Ringo said to him "I'M not telling him. Don't look at me." (BTW, as it turned out, Paul had no problem being corrected.) He also played how he wanted "Living on the Edge" to sound when he demo-ed it for Aerosmith. It had a real John Lennon feel to it and I would love to have his version on CD. Mark said that as he was playing it, Tyler stopped him and said "whoa man, Lennon is in the room." I think he broke the fashion police barrier system yesterday, as his beard was dyed various rainbow colors, while he wore a pink sport coat to go with his rainbow paints, and black beret! Yet, it somehow looks cool on him! Yesterday was also his birthday and he was very pleased when the crowd serenaded him..........
  20. Yeah, I met Billy Preston, too. He wasn't nearly as carefree or willing to chat as Mark Hudson was. (Maybe I should have offered Billy an organ solo on the new Raspberries CD, eh?)
  21. WHAT an amazing day I had! I went to Beatlefest in Chicago today and got in line for a chance to meet producer (Ringo and Aerosmith) Mark Hudson! Lucky for me, I was almost last in line, because I got to have a wonderfully prosperous conversation with Mark, before he was to give a lecture (which was terrific, BTW) to the throng of Beatle fans, as he signed my "Ringorama" CD. After a bit of small talk, I said "Mark, can I ask you a goofy question?" He smiled and said "sure, go head." PG: "Have you ever heard of a band called the Raspberries?" MH: "Are you kidding me? One of the greatest bands ever! I know Eric Carmen." (He playfully broke into his version of "Go All The Way") PG: "Well, have you heard that they are getting back together for a reunion?" MH: "Where did you hear that? That's great!" PG: "I read it first on ericcarmen.com, but it's on all the members websites. I believe they are going to have a concert at the end of November and hopefully, keep going from there." MH: "Is it the original members?" PG: "That's what the rumors are saying. But, I have to ask you, how am I going to get YOU to produce the band and make some new music? I think if the band worked with you, they would have a pop masterpiece!" MH: "Are you their agent or a fan?" (He laughed.) PG: "I'm a fan, but I want to make this happen. I know there are many Raspberries fans who feel the same way." MH: "Well, you tell Eric to call or write me. Man, I looove the Raspberries and I looove Eric. I would do anything to be a part of that! He knows how to get hold of me." PG: "Now, I'm gonna post this on his website. is that okay with you?" MH: "Go right ahead. Tell Eric if they want to do some new music, to write me. This is fantastic! I have to find out more about this, even if it's just a concert." PG: "Check out the site some time." MH: "All right, raspberry man, I will. Very cool!" PG: "Thanks for the autograph. I'm a huge fan of your work." MH: "Thank YOU for the info!" Okay, EC, I did my part...LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!
  22. I just turned 45 on 6/18 (Paul McCartney's birthday, too!)
  23. Bernie: Any suggestions on what we can do to help you out? Don't be bashful about asking!
  24. He was on last night on the Larry King show and it was terribly sad. Brian spoke about having a new mental disorder where he constantly hears voices in his head that threaten to "kill him" or "hurt him in a variety of ways". He did say that he is currently taking medicine for it and it's getting better. The truly odd thing about it is that he did say that some of the voices are starting to occassioanlly compliment him. I'm not sure if that is good or not, as he is still hearing them. His wife Melinda was also on and she said that "Brian was never aware of the love his fans have for him until the last few years." It's amazing to me that this musical genius can continue to write and produce recordings under these circumstances.
  25. My favorite is, of course, ericcarmen.com! Second favorite is a hockey one that I occassioanlly write for, but is currently recovering from a horrible disk crash: blackhawkzone.com Somebody just sent me a joke one that I think some of the people on here will find hysterical. You can type in any website and it transposes it's text to jive, cockney, redneck, etc.... go to: www.rinkworks.com/dialect/ Type in ericcarmen.com and click "dialectize" and you will get a huge laugh, especially under "jive"! It's like this site becomes a rap site.....check it out!
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