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  1. I would have followed "Go All The Way" with "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" on the first record, just because I feel it is a very strong hit worthy tune and would have drawn the listener in for longer after starting with the big rocking hit. If I could have added something after that, it would have been a final version of the energetic demo "Oh, Tonight". I think those three play well in that order. Other than that, the next three records probably could not be improved, IMO. Side One Go All The Way Don't Wanna say Goodbye Oh, Tonight I Saw The Light Rock n Roll Mama Side Two: Come Around and See Me Waiting Get It Moving With You In My Life I Can Remember Just my two cents.......
  2. Thanks, my dear friend! I hope others will join in the project soon. I already have an interesting request for me to tackle some of today's young artists work in an effort to get the youth on board which I may do, but I wanted to get the artists in there that had the biggest impact on me first!
  3. If they had used that shot, Eric could have started the title wave of artists who struck that pose on huge albums like Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, and Luther Vandross in the 80's. Once again, he is the original and doesn't get the credit!!!! sigh........
  4. This is something I believe in strongly and any chance you get to do a Raspberries song just adds to the fun. If you are a musician (or even if you aren't) I'd love to see you join in!
  5. While I love the entire record, those first four in row (Sunrise, TRNR, NGFILA and ABM) might be the best four songs consecutivley by a solo artist to start off a record ever! "My Girl" is a wall of sound masterpiece to my ears and I will never understand how his management didn't get him on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to do "Last Night" with the Carson reference in it.
  6. Jimi was always very supportive and encouraging to me about my own music. He is very much missed.
  7. I got you on Facebook, but wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday here, my beautiful friend!
  8. Seth put together a sampler of the record last night in anticipation of the official release tomorrow. So, let this whet your appetite while you get ready to buy it! Enjoy!
  9. James, we are currently working on mine and I am very excited about some of the guest players I will have, but I have to tease everyone with that now, as I cannot say the names until it is all officially done.
  10. I'd like to let everyone know that my good friend Seth Swirsky has his new record "Circles and Squares" coming out on August 19th, but you can pre-order it now at his website through this link: http://www.seth.com/store_circles_and_squares.html I was fortunate enough to get an early listen a few months ago to this great record and Seth forwarded me the final mix last week and I can honestly say it's the best work he's ever done! I thought it was terrific when I heard the initial demos, but the final mixes are out of this world! If you are a fan of the Beatles, the Hudson Brothers, 10cc, or the Left Banke (and I know you are) you will cherish this record. This was how pop music was meant to be played! (For those that are unaware, Seth penned a few songs with Eric many years ago, so you know he comes with high regard in these parts!) Go buy it now. You will thank me later! What are you waiting for?
  11. I feel personally responsible for hurting the careers of Kim Carnes and Belinda Carlisle from all the times I have turning their 'Cards" backwards, so Eric's stood out since the 70's. Sorry gals!
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, I am a father of four daughters, so I appreciate both wishes.
  13. Peter and Micky were on Good Morning America today and did "I'm A Believer" and "She Makes Me Laugh". Then, later did a live facebook feed show that MIke skyped in and performed "Papa Gene's Blues". Good day for Monkees fans, now put them in the Hall, will ya???!!!!!????
  14. Great find, Kirk! Rhythm guitar and handclaps far more prominent and drums have quite a different flavor.
  15. She regularly sings the National Anthem at Los Angeles Kings (hockey) home games.
  16. Howard Kaylan from the Turtles is always on top of things trying to fix the payments for songwriters and being an advocate for writers rights, but today he writes that singer Pharell (Williams) had 43 million plays last year on Spotify for his song "Happy" and he was paid a grand total of $2,800.00..... Sickening.............. and politicians make how much?
  17. Say what you want about the first record, but does anything sound as good as hearing "Go All The Way" on an AM radio? maybe I am just relishing my youth, but man, it's a cranker in the car when it pops up even today!
  18. I don't think there is a formula for songwriting. Speaking for myself, I can go two months without a song, then write four in a day. It just happens when the time is right. I recently had a huge lyric outbreak due to some personal issues. One song, I had the music written a year ago, but just could not get solid lyrics. I tried and tried and tried...changed the title, changed the chorus and nothing worked, but I loved the music.......I figured I would scrap the song, then one day, someone came into my life that made an impact and I literally wrote the complete song lyrics in ten minutes! Something I said about her just triggered it and I was like "where has this been hiding in my brain?" Didn't Eric say he wrote "Let's Pretend" and "I Wanna be With You" in the same couple of hours? No explanation...... I would love to hear some new music from Billy, but if he feels he has "nothing to say" or just doesn't want to, I can support that. I think it is very hard for veteran writers to deal with all the new politics and protocal in this age of free downloads. I read an article by Van Dyke Parks where he said something on the order of "I wrote a song with Ringo and we were expected to share eighty dollars in royalties from it. Had I done that in the 60's or 70's, it meant a house with a pool in Beverly Hills". Unless you really feel you have something to get out there, why would you want to do all that work for eighty dollars, especially when everyone wants to put their fingerprints on it? Also, where do the vets get played? Their old stuff is on classic rock stations, but where do you hear their new stuff? You don't...... unless you buy it and play it in your living room. Elton John said the other day that "when I play new songs in concert, I see people leaving for the bathroom. People don't want to give new songs a chance, they just want to hear the hits." That being said, Elton, Rick Springfield, and Paul McCartney still put out great records, IMO, but I feel alone in knowing that. I was at a Paul show last year and the local classic rock station sponsered it and after the show, my friend that was with me, said to one of the dj's outside at their tent, "why don't you play his new record?" and the guy looked dumbfounded! "well, uhhh, not sure." It is a sad state of affairs for writers these days and it must change...."no motivation to get out of bed and carry on the charade" said one great writer!
  19. Very sad...he was a brilliant producer and from all reports, a great man.
  20. I would like to make a suggestion to all Raspberries fans. With everyone excited about Sunday's "Vinyl" episode, how about if we all buy Raspberries version of "I Wanna Be With You" on ITunes on Monday (day after the showing) so it makes an impact on the producers of the show if we can see it break onto the Itunes top 100 next week? I know we all have it many times over and in many formats, but for $1.29, let's back the boys and let the world know what we have already known for forty plus years! Spread the word!
  21. I wrote this on facebook and I stand by what I said..... First, let me say I am a huge fan of Nate Ruess, so when I saw he was singing IWBWY, I was thrilled. I think Nate does the best vocal on Brian Wilson's "No Pier Pressure" with "Saturday Night" and the live concert when he sings "SN", "Darlin'" and "Hold On Dear Brother" is arm hair raising good. He has also done justice to some classic Queen songs, so he clearly loves his 70's music. Those things made me buy his solo record "Grand Romantic", which has some nice moments on it, too. That being said, when I listened to this, I just felt something was missing, especially in the fullness of the overall sound. I didn't expect it to be as great as the original, let's be honest, what is? However, I did expect a little more than the "ehhh" I felt, so color me a bit disappointed, but I still feel it is better than 90% of what I will hear on the radio tonight. No one can sing like Eric, no one can play like Wally or Jim, they were just magical. I truly wish the original was going to be played Sunday night, but if it can't, I am okay with this, though I don't think it will bring in the new fans I was hoping.
  22. Seth has become a great friend of mine over the past few years and he is currently working on both projects. I was honored that he sent me most of his new songs a few weeks ago looking for feedback and while I don't want to give anything away, let me say it is his best work to date in my opinion. I will try and call him tonight and see if I can get him on here to speak further about both records. His "Shannon" recording actually started our friendship, as a friend of mine was putting out a seventies copy album, so I told him he should be on it and I got them hooked up for the record. He is a terrific guy and everyone should buy both records when they come out.
  23. Happy Birthday to my dear friend, James, though I don't expect to see him here for about a week what with the Harem party going round the clock and all!
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