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  1. That was one of the few things on my bucket list was to take all my daughters to see the two living Beatles and I was able to accomplish that a few years ago. As great as it is to see him, it’s even better when you are with loved ones. Terrific review,  LC!

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  2. 1 hour ago, Raspbernie said:

    Still looking for the clip where Kelly credits Ann with writing the tune, but here's their performance:

    It was immediately after the performance of the song. They had a woman In the crowd come up to a microphone and tell them that she met her husband because of the song and Kelly said something to the effect of “Not only did Ann write this song, but because of her these two got together” (paraphrasing). Wilson was looking down and kind of looked up when she said that but never said a word. 

    I rewound the DVR twice to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I don’t blame Kelly, because I’m sure one of her staff incorrectly told her who wrote the song, but very disappointed in Ann, as I’ve always been a fan.

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  3. Wow, and Rodney Dangerfield claims HE gets “no respect”. 

    I was just channel surfing and happened to see Ann Wilson from Heart singing along with Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson show the ballad  “Almost Paradise”. They did a really great version of it, but once they began talking,  Kelly said Ann wrote the song and Ann didn’t bother to correct her! 

    I mean, wouldn’t you say something like,  “actually I didn’t write that it was written by a great songwriter named Eric Carmen” ?????

    Come on, Ann……. You are better than that.

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  4. On 5/3/2022 at 5:11 PM, James said:

    Ok, nice post Pat. Thank you for the insight from you, a strong musician and songwriter in your own right.

    So what we´re going to do is go with the Starting Over line-up, and because that line-up will conquer the world and bring in a ton of revenue, we´ll have the funds to bring Jim back to play along with Mike, where they can each contribute where their talents fit.

    Empresario James : )


    After reading your reply, we need to get you involved in solving world peace….. or does this post belong in cartoon world?

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  5. On 4/27/2022 at 12:12 PM, James said:

    Watching the Raspberries play Don Kirshner last night, while they toured "Starting Over" got me thinking a little.  And imho, the truth is, while I sentimentally favor Jim and Dave,....the line-up for "Starting Over" with Scott and Michael was much better for what the Raspberries were, ie: the rocking melodic music they were expert at. Scott and Michael were perfect and added an extra ooomph to the rocking element, and in Scott´s case, the melodic pop element. What a line-up.

    Amazing what that foursome could have done if they´d stayed together

    James, I agree that I would’ve loved to have heard the second lineup produce four or five more rocking albums but as far as talent goes FOR THE SONG, to me there’s no one like Jim Bonfanti as a drummer when it comes to putting in little fills in the right place for rockers as well as slow songs. So very very underrated. Give a listen to a song like “If You Change Your Mind” (which to me is as good as a song can get on all fronts) What he plays is so simple but it’s absolutely perfect. Kind of like the old term  “complex simplicity”. Nothing against Michael, who I think is a great power rock drummer, but I think it would’ve definitely changed the flow of the song having him drum on that. Just my two cents. 

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  6. On 4/21/2022 at 1:41 PM, Rhonda B said:

    I was just thinking of my University years in the mid- late 70s and how much I played this excellent song  "Lady"  by Little River Band 1978. An Australian band that is actually still together but of course with different members now. They had so many great hits. Aww, the music of the 70's... I think most of us here can relate.

    I loved the band when Glenn Shorrock was the singer. So many great songs like lady, Lonesome loser, take it easy on me, reminiscing, cool change, etc. I remember watching a special on them on public broadcasting MANY years ago that I  had on video tape but I have no idea where it’s at now. Wish I could see that again as it was a terrific concert. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, LC said:

    My oversight, Bernie.... Apologies! I didn't remember this being a Christmas gift, but... I could have been quite naughty the year you presented it. 

    Given the reproductions and pass-alongs at YouTube, maybe EC.com needs its own YouTube channel, where you house EC and Raspberries rarities as a way to start reclaiming them. With a little SEOing, we can make them more desirable to the search algorithms than what's up there now! I mean, as long as so many of your finds have leaked out there anyway, better to have them branded with the site, right? Look at that poster named Canale 32 (no relation!): He or she has a good little archive. Why not us? 

    Sounds like a great idea to me. That way Bernie can receive proper credit and we can all enjoy these rare recordings often. What an incredible vocal by Eric on that demo! Wow!

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  8. Longtime poster Tim from Wisconsin had a heart attack Friday night and had a stent put in. Thankfully, he is back home and resting today after a 99% blockage. Let’s drop a prayer and some well wishes and good vibes for a great guy! 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, LC said:

    Nice post, Pat. But I do think your food analogy deserved something better than... a hot dog! LOL 

    I especially love that between our two posts, mine is (for once) shorter! 

    Finally, let me as you this: Would you rather be in a band... or married?  

    Haha I only used hot dog because that’s the thing people always say you don’t want to know what’s in it. 

    Regarding band or married? I’ve divorced myself from both! Turns out I was always meant to be a soloist in music and in life!

    As one of my favorite writers once said, “I’d rather do it myself” lol

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  10. I hate when these old posts pop back up to the top again. People and their opinions often change over the years, so there’s no use fighting or taking sides over something that was said eight years ago.

    Kay Bryson is someone I consider a dear friend. We text each other every few months, mostly about our grandchildren and children, with the occasional talk of Wallys health, but we NEVER talk about Raspberries. that being said, she is fiercely loyal to her husband, something I admire greatly in her. I never had that. 

    Eric Carmen is the reason I became a piano player. I’ve always said he made playing piano “cool” when everybody else wanted to be a guitar player. He is one of only four musicians (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Brian Wilson being the others) that I would consider an idol of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to exchange messages with him over the years, and I think the world of him. 

    It saddens me that Eric and Wally could not get along longer than they did because I feel we’ve been robbed of dozens of great songs they could’ve written together or at least played on together, BUT, I get it. I am not gonna bore anyone with stories of bands that I’ve been in over the years but just let me say it’s very easy to join a band, but to sustain it is very very difficult. You go through so much together that you’re bound to have battles. I’ve been in bands where I literally wanted to murder other musicians because of their actions, So I clearly understand the rift EC and WB have. If you think marriage is hard, try being in a band with someone, I honestly believe it’s 10 times harder and you’re usually having to put that effort in with three or four other people rather than just one. 

    i’ve been lucky enough to see Eric and Wally play together in two different versions of raspberries, as well as being solo artists, and I treasure every opportunity I’ve ever had to see either of them play live. I would love to be able to see it again, but I highly doubt I’ll ever get that chance. 

    I don’t want to know how the hotdog is made, I just know it tastes good when I get to eat it. So let’s not fight about how the music got made, but let’s just enjoy the music.


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