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  1. Raspberries, to me, will always be the most underrated band of all time. It’s amazing to me how many people still don’t know that Eric Carmen, the solo artist, was the lead singer for the band. I might be prejudiced in the matter, but I also think that Fotomaker was extremely underrated at least for those first two albums, both of which I still listen to often.
  2. “She Loves You” best pop song if all time, IMO. Literally changed the world.
  3. Such an underrated record. I recently bought this on iTunes just so I could listen to it in the car. Three different versions of “I wanna hear it from your lips”, two not on the LP.
  4. Wish they would put out the rest of the series on 180 g.
  5. Love it. Would love to hear this remixed with modern equipment. Tommy Allen are you listening???
  6. Number one, number two, number four (three times) , all checked and I also saw him with the Mccarl/mcBride raspberries in the 70s once and as a solo artist six times. Not going to number three still haunts me to this day. Somebody told me he was coming on a tour to Chicago and that’s the only reason I didn’t go and of course it never happened. That show needs to be released on DVD!
  7. “Sleep with me” is one of the most controversial songs I’ve ever seen when it comes to splitting fans of Eric Carmen. I absolutely love it. Definitely in my top 10 of his, maybe even top five. In fact, I saw Kirk post this guys version of it on Facebook and I couldn’t respond because my head was about to explode on some of the people on there so I’m glad over here Eric is getting positive reviews. Listen to Eric‘s version at the 3:24 mark of the song. The “ohhh” that he growls is something everyone who’s ever sang rock ‘n’ roll should aspire for. Utter magnificence!
  8. One of my daughters is getting me this for Christmas. Really looking forward to it!
  9. Didn’t he die in like July or August?
  10. I’m with you James, but here’s the problem. Anyone over 50 is now thought of in the minority when it comes to music, which is absolutely ridiculous. We are the ones that buy cars, we are the ones that buy houses, we are the ones that yes, visit the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame but they are catering to the youth who could care less about it. I am the king of boycotting. I have a thing that my kids tease me about called “the 10 year ban” where if someone treats me rudely or screws around with me I refuse to visit that business for the next 10 years. As soon as somebody does me wrong, my kids always chuckle, “oh no, not the 10 year ban”. They will always say to me “do you really think they will miss your business?” and while I’m sure they won’t, it’s got to start somewhere and then if enough people stood their ground or boycott it as you suggested things would have to start to happen. I do like your suggestion about starting a new rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame just dedicated to, ummm, well, rock n roll, but I’m sure there would be a ton of lawsuits involved. I’m offering up my basement in Chicago to start it. I already have the original Raspberries album print autographed by the four to welcome people in!
  11. I watched the entire rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame telecast on HBO last weekend and I’ve got to tell you, it’s really irritating to see these hip-hop guys getting in this early while groups like the Monkees, the Guess Who, and of course, our own Raspberries are still waiting entry. I thought it was a real truth to watch the great and classy Carole King come out and perform a beautiful heartfelt version of “You’ve Got a Friend” accompanied by many of the terrific veteran musicians who played on her Tapestry album, only to be followed by LL Cool J who was accompanied by rapper Eminem as they proceeded to trade off “F bombs” with each other. Really showed you the downfall of music. Even in LL’s acceptance speech, he almost appeared uncomfortable being inducted as he said (paraphrasing) “all you rock ‘n’ rollers out there, we sample your riffs and they are great, but please understand we are artists too.” Are ya? I am far from the “get off my lawn guy”, (well, not too far at this point lol) but have some respect, man, for the people like Carole and Tina Turner, who have both waited far too long for entry. I try to give all music a listen, but this was just absolute trash. Now back to your regular programming…..
  12. I was there the night in Chicago at the Aragon ballroom in the mid seventies where the Eric Carmen band literally blew the Sweet off the stage!
  13. Bwahaha “ The band can’t touch big star“???? Thanks I needed a laugh to start my day! I like how he refers to the band wearing “disco suits” in 1973, A few years before disco, so wait, is he saying raspberries started the disco movement too? Another influence by the band apparently! Keep helping the cause, Junior.
  14. Instrumentalness is only at 2%???? Come on, it’s brilliant in this song!
  15. This is Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, doing this tune. I cannot get enough of this song. I would love to have heard a young Eric Carmen singing this as a Raspberries song.
  16. So there is a move afoot to repackage and re-release many of the Merv Griffin (no relation but I did meet him once) shows on DVD. Obviously, we all remember when Eric was on there so hopefully that will be included. Keep your fingers crossed.
  17. I have one of these. Eric handed it to my ex-wife when we were at the house of blues in Chicago concert. My kids and the guitar pick were the only things I got in the divorce!
  18. Really looking forward to hearing this. It’s been way too long since we’ve heard from him!
  19. Yeah, some of these songs are really terrific ones and I don’t understand why they never got released? I am sure Eric could have the pick of the litter of musicians who would be willing to play on these records and update them for him.
  20. “Cindy” was done in the 90’s? I always thought that was a very early Eric demo. I’ve always loved that song !
  21. So, last night on Showtime's "Shameless", the Gallagher family is breaking apart after eleven seasons and when the youngest daughter takes her daughter to look at apartments, it finally hits her that they will be ummm, "living alone" for the first time and Eric's "All By Myself" comes on, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times throughout the episode! Always puts a smile on my face to hear Eric's music on a big time tv show!
  22. Agree 100%! I didnt have anything to play vinyl on for several years and when I bought a new turntable a few years ago “Send a Ship” was the first song I played on it. Always loved that one!
  23. I’m fairly certain that he left because of family commitments, seem to remember reading or hearing about that. I will talk to his wife and ask her and get the definitive answer shortly. I’m guessing the direction of the music also had something to do with it because the third album is horrible, and I love Franki. I don’t know how a band could put out two great records from start to finish and then all of a sudden the third one is just awful, but disco was calling. I drove to Cleveland a few years ago to see a Wally solo show and when his wife saw me in the audience she told me she would bring me backstage to talk to Wally after the show. One of my best friends was with me at the time and he’s kind of a biker guy who says whatever comes to mind and when she brought us to Wally, my buddy said, “hey man, I love the first two Fotomaker records but the third one that you were not on really sucked” Wally found great delight in this and busted out laughing and said to his wife “hey Kay, did you know that the third Fotomaker record sucked?” so I kind of picked up a vibe that even he knew it did and maybe that’s why he left because he saw what was coming, but I will contact her tomorrow and get us an answer.
  24. I think you just invented a new word James! Lol “clunkerless”.... A term describing great albums!
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