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  1. An In-depth analysis of FOOLIN’ MYSELF...

    Instrumentalness is only at 2%???? Come on, it’s brilliant in this song!
  2. Mammoth WVH

    This is Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, doing this tune. I cannot get enough of this song. I would love to have heard a young Eric Carmen singing this as a Raspberries song.
  3. Merv Griffin DVDs

    So there is a move afoot to repackage and re-release many of the Merv Griffin (no relation but I did meet him once) shows on DVD. Obviously, we all remember when Eric was on there so hopefully that will be included. Keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Add this to your collection...

    I have one of these. Eric handed it to my ex-wife when we were at the house of blues in Chicago concert. My kids and the guitar pick were the only things I got in the divorce!
  5. Heads Up: New Eric Carmen Interview Coming...

    Really looking forward to hearing this. It’s been way too long since we’ve heard from him!
  6. How many have you heard?

    Yeah, some of these songs are really terrific ones and I don’t understand why they never got released? I am sure Eric could have the pick of the litter of musicians who would be willing to play on these records and update them for him.
  7. How many have you heard?

    “Cindy” was done in the 90’s? I always thought that was a very early Eric demo. I’ve always loved that song !
  8. Shameless

    So, last night on Showtime's "Shameless", the Gallagher family is breaking apart after eleven seasons and when the youngest daughter takes her daughter to look at apartments, it finally hits her that they will be ummm, "living alone" for the first time and Eric's "All By Myself" comes on, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times throughout the episode! Always puts a smile on my face to hear Eric's music on a big time tv show!
  9. Wally Bryson Top 10 (Plus)

    Agree 100%! I didnt have anything to play vinyl on for several years and when I bought a new turntable a few years ago “Send a Ship” was the first song I played on it. Always loved that one!
  10. Fotomaker's "Vis-a-Vis," ranked and rated

    I’m fairly certain that he left because of family commitments, seem to remember reading or hearing about that. I will talk to his wife and ask her and get the definitive answer shortly. I’m guessing the direction of the music also had something to do with it because the third album is horrible, and I love Franki. I don’t know how a band could put out two great records from start to finish and then all of a sudden the third one is just awful, but disco was calling. I drove to Cleveland a few years ago to see a Wally solo show and when his wife saw me in the audience she told me she would bring me backstage to talk to Wally after the show. One of my best friends was with me at the time and he’s kind of a biker guy who says whatever comes to mind and when she brought us to Wally, my buddy said, “hey man, I love the first two Fotomaker records but the third one that you were not on really sucked” Wally found great delight in this and busted out laughing and said to his wife “hey Kay, did you know that the third Fotomaker record sucked?” so I kind of picked up a vibe that even he knew it did and maybe that’s why he left because he saw what was coming, but I will contact her tomorrow and get us an answer.
  11. Fotomaker's "Vis-a-Vis," ranked and rated

    I think you just invented a new word James! Lol “clunkerless”.... A term describing great albums!
  12. Fotomaker's "Vis-a-Vis," ranked and rated

    Yes, I love both of Fotomaker’s first two albums but that first one to me is just incredible. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say I think it is the second greatest debut album of all time with no clunkers, only followed by Eric Carmen‘s first solo album which I feel is the greatest debut album of all time. Even the Beatles, the Beach boys, and the Rolling Stones, the holy Trinity for me, have a couple of clunkers on their first albums. There, I said it! You can flame me for saying it but you won’t change my mind.
  13. It Hurts Too Much All For Love Sleep With Me Fooling Myself Inside Story Lost In The Shuffle Tonight You’re Mine You Need Some Lovin’ I still listen to the first five songs of this grouping often and two through five could exchange spots by the hour. “Fooling Myself” is a song that as I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate it much more than when I first heard it. Once you’ve lived this song, your heart will never beat the same.
  14. Baseball...

    Here’s the book everyone needs to purchase.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/144021543X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  15. 3 Million Hits!

    All I can say is, thank you Bernie, for all you do. Amazing that you are closing in on 3 million!