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  1. Those Travolta boys loved Eric. Didn’t John cover Never Gonna Fall In Love Again?
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02RyoL6eWQ38UVXjSQGBs56MwXPB7eTk9AYrDJWCihVaPqSYp7iKWF9HE8E34syDQfl&id=100000541134992&mibextid=w8EBqM
  3. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the passing of Eric Carmen, and I think it’s time that we all give a salute to the man who runs this website, our “leader of the band”, Bernie. It’s amazing how many people have texted or called the last three days and the majority of them are people that I met on this website many years ago. I was one of the originals on here and I cannot believe how many lifelong friends I have made from being on this website. Because of Bernie, we’ve been able to hear many unreleased songs by Eric, and I just want to say I am eternally grateful for that opportunity, along with the friendship. We are all hurting right now and will be for a long long time, but I want to think of the wonderful memories such as the first time I met Bernie in Cleveland in 2004 at the first reunion show. He was so incredibly excited just like all of us, and I just remember him coming up to me with the biggest smile saying, “do you believe it? Do you -/:((?))) believe it?” Lol, it was a fabulous night for all of us who dreamed that one day this would happen. When that curtain opened up, and the four of them were standing there, ripping into “I Wanna Be With You”, is a moment I will never forget. Were it not for him, none of us would’ve gotten the chance to converse with Eric, sometimes on a daily basis, back in the day, and I will always appreciate this website because of that. At various times, I was able to talk with Eric on this site, on email, on Twitter, and on Facebook, but again, it all goes back to Bernie. So, let’s all stand at attention and give a salute to our fearless leader, Bernie.
  4. I cannot begin to tell you how sad this makes me. I’ve literally been driving in the car listening to his music since I got the phone call from my friend Seth, telling me he had passed. My phone is blowing up with so many people sharing love, which is something I’m sure would make Eric happy. I’ve said many times, The Beatles were the reason I became a musician, but Eric Carmen is the reason I played the piano. Rest in Peace, dear Eric
  5. Thanks Kirk, I didn’t even know they were numbered until I read this thread, and went and looked! I wonder how many were printed? If memory serves me correct, you were at that show, right?
  6. Numbers 0154, 0289, and 2526 sit on my record shelf. All still sealed. Just out of curiosity, is the version of “Starting Over” that’s on the flipside the same one that is on the essential Eric Carmen CD like the article says they expect?
  7. I moonlight doing some high school girls sports announcing and I get to play the music during the breaks. Every so often I like to give myself a treat and not play what the girls want to hear but play something I like so last night I played “Hungry Eyes” and lo and behold almost every kid on the court was singing it! Now keep in mind these kids are anywhere between 14 and 17 years old so it’s just amazing how Eric’s songs live on!
  8. Gorgeous actress Sydney Sweeney was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and when she was introduced and walked out, the Roots played “Hey Sweeney” to the tune of “Hey Deanie”! Eric’s music lives on and on!
  9. First saw this on “Friday night videos” on NBC!
  10. So very sad. We went to high school together, although he was two years younger than me. RIP, Andre!
  11. Such a magical night. Drove in a snowstorm from Chicago, and it was well worth it. When that curtain went up, it was absolutely surreal. Couldn’t believe I was seeing them again live after all these years. It was also great to meet in person some of the people I had spoken to for many years on this website. Let’s do it again, boys!
  12. So very sorry for your losses, Rhonda. My mom passed away 26 years ago, and I still think of her often. Prayers to you and yours.
  13. Songbooks exist for the first three Raspberries albums and the first three Eric Carmen solo albums, plus the individual sheet music for “Overnight Sensation” is out there, but they’re not arranged by Eric. I remember several years ago there was talk that there was going to be a songbook put out with Eric’s blessing, but to my knowledge it never got released. Too bad, as I would love to own that.
  14. Will always remember his magical 1970 World Series
  15. Rhonda, I think the photo of Eric is from the Side 3 photo sessions, and the other three are taken from the Fresh era. I believe those three photos are in the song book.
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