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  1. Finally, made it to Member status , I have been posting like mad this morning so I got Raspberries tickets and member lsiting all today, wow what a work out, better get back to work...... Jerry
  2. It looks like it is selling as fast as we expected..... Go Raspberries.
  3. Bernie, thanks for your update, any new photos available???? Please.... Jerry
  4. Bernie, any new updates on the rehearsals? Has Dave made it to Clev/ Mentor or wherever the actual rehearsal room is located? Any updates , much appreciated!! Jerry
  5. Regarding hotels... there is also a Holiday Inn on Lakeshore Dr (facing lake Erie) near the RnR, just booked a room at this location package deal with breakfast, RnR tix, and parking for $149 normal rate is $109...FYI Jerry
  6. Just so glad I got mine (2) this morning... Now off to book a hotel etc... Checking with the Holiday Express /Euclid location per a few members suggestion Jerry
  7. I agree 100 % on enjoying the hair while we still have some of it left.....
  8. You are entitled to turn this dream into a relaity , enjoy...
  9. Bernie, look forward to meeting up with eveyone , please confirm details.... after show, next day or whenever.... Jerry
  10. Correct , balcony and Gen Admission seating
  11. I took Jim Bonfanti, on his advance word on the balcony seating, and confirmed a pair , can't wait Jerry
  12. Just confirmed my Balcony Center as well Jerry
  13. Just purchased a pair of balcony seats with the meet and greet option.... Someone pinch me.... am I dreaming....? Jerry
  14. Marvin, great interview..... Scott really shows he is a class guy and very grounded and connected to regular eveyday events.... Jerry
  15. Keep us posted if they do make any announcements on "The Event"
  16. Thanks for sharing your Mark Hudson experience with us, very gifted writer among his other qualities Jerry
  17. I also was told in a concersation with Dave he is a Fender Precision
  18. I would like to read this excerpt as well... Jerry
  19. Hopefully, The Plain Dealer will wake up and get on this bandwagon
  20. Also , looking forawrd to the Scott McCarl update.
  21. Welcome back.... hope Thailand was good to you.... Jerry
  22. Can't wait, I will be heading to Cleve from LA Thanks to MAM for alerting us on the Les Paul date the following hight, sounds like a "berry" nice weekend.... Jerry
  23. I saw the new site ... nice to see a "Fresh" makeover on this webpage.... Oct 4th is very near....The big annoucement.....
  24. Still waiting out here in LA , at least as of yesterday still not received..... How were they sent , Bernie ground or express?? Can't recall Jerry
  25. Many Happy's ..Eric , from an Ex- Mentor resident look forward to some new tunes soon, hope all is well with the family..... Take Care Jerry
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