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  1. Howard, Just returned from 60+ days of overseas travel.... do I still have time? I just arrived into NY this weekend. I will catch up with you and Marvin to discuss I have Protools and can get it rolling on my return to Dallas next week... Moved from LA back to TX prior to the whirlwind trip Just forgot I have to go to MI for a few appointments mid next week.... Let me know I work well under deadlines and pressure!! Jerry
  2. Bernie,, Superb Overhaul!! Nice modern look.... Will naviagte around site a bit to further become familiar with the new layout. Many thanks for your continuos efforts... Jerry
  3. Purchased a pair for both Sat and Sun... after attending Reunion Show, then missing both NYE and Chicago.... I am anxiosly looking forward to both NYC shows!!! Also, my first East Coast attendance at WAB (III).... Still considering Denver ... but much prefer a longer set list. Looking forward to seeing everyone.... Are we speculating on hotel choices at this point? Jerry
  4. Got a pair for both nights!!!! Jerry
  5. Let's here it for Texas... I consider Dallas my home( lived in Dallas ovr 20+ years) and Raspberries in either Dallas, Houston, Austin ... count me in!
  6. JPMusic


    Marvin, You belong here and welcome back!! Your input and Raspberries enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. Include me on your postings whether here or privately... Your friend, Jerry
  7. Marvin, Sent mine a few days ago...Looking forward to your Chicago update.... curious, was Chicago sold out? It appears it was heading for one!! Jerry
  8. Gina, Another fine example of the Raspberries 'foot brigade" hard at work.... Jerry
  9. Gene, Thanks for the quick posting on Chicago photos... great work!! Jerry
  10. To all: It was great meeting everyone... this is the best group of fans/board members and of course the best band Raspberries.... Jerry
  11. Bernie... keep'em coming Fantastic images .. Jerry
  12. Laura.. Thanks received pre show recpt confrimation today. Thanks for your assistance.. Jerry
  13. Bernie.... Great addition.... Got'more.... Jerry
  14. Don't forget "Nobody Knows" I would expect to hear some acoustic materiel... Hope so... but I am most ready for the Wally/Rickenbacher Jerry
  15. I would appreciate if someoone ccould forward the pre concert reception form to me... Haven't seen one from HOB Many thanks in advance Jerry
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