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  1. marvin, i agree with re: rundgrens latest...

    i would love to hear the he is producing ec's latest....

    todd has a wonderful "pop" ear. check out splendor's-"halfway down the sky" for a more hard edge version of todd's producing abilities.

    i don't see the song comparisons either...

  2. marvin,

    i hear the air supply "thing" in mikes version,but not in ec's.

    i think the vocal makes the entire song. when eric sings (edited version), "there's days i pack my bags etc".. with that joe cocker thing going

    it makes the song for me.

    the song is about desperation, frustration and the vocal has to reflect that.

    thats the only way lines like "damned if i don't, damned if i do" are going to work.

    IMO there is only one singer that can pull that off and it's not joe cocker!

  3. Bernie,

    maybe you could post a "how to" message for those of us that would post a photo, but have no idea how to. it might save you from duplicating the instructions over and over.

    BTW marlene, you are a very pretty lady.

  4. carmen, just a joke ....

    as for getting on your mailing list.......

    by the way (thread crossover here), i picture you as having shoulder(or longer) length black hair, tall and slender, possibly resembling a young cher! HOW'D I DO????

  5. darlene,

    i'm not holding the group to blame . the record company should have protected their investment and offered more guidance. it seems odd that they would not have. it just goes with my contention all along that capitol never knew what a potential gold mine they had.

    capitol blew it, plain and simple.

  6. I Heard that the "guv" is a closet EC fan and slept with bernie to get those unreleased tunes!!!!! and darlene was with liza who had consumed too many "lemonade" shots!!

    (not that theres anything wrong with any of this)!

  7. lawyerfan... eric was under capitol, and one of the greatest bands was almost never heard of. bernie/ken's book points that out very well. people managed (or mismanaged) the raspberries by default!

    what a shame they could'nt get a "real" manager...

  8. michelle, i understand your point RE: ec switching band members, but i think the book "compresses" that time and makes it seem as though changes were happening everyday.

    i also agree with june and darlene, i knew going into the book that eric was no angel....

    after reading the book, i'm surprised that the raspberries lasted as long as they did.

    what i mean by that is the eric seems to be the type of person that wants to be in control,(good or bad), and that is not conducive to a group environment.

    as for you marvin, please post whatever you have on your mind..those that can't handle it don't have to read it.... you are a valuable contributor here..don't start editing yourself........


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