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  1. i agree with ted's, "some like chocalate and some like vanilla" remark....it's music, and in the end it's ALL personal to whomever listens.

    craig makes a great point also, you folks are disecting it like it's a finished song...it's a demo, just ec and a piano.

    maybe eric will finish this one and release when he does that "internet" cd for us later this year, after the 'berries reunion tour concludes of course! .....yes i am being greedy....and i'm ok with that!

  2. i always thought that "hero" would be a great way for eric to to open a solo concert.

    a very subdued setting and eric sings this song petty much like the demo until he gets to the end were he is basically humming, and the lights dim again.....(while eric slips on his guitar)

    lights back on and he blasts into "spotlight".

    sort of a solo version of i can remember!!

  3. i always had "dr.hook etc" under the novelty type of music. it was 'nt terrible so you listened to hear what they were up to. as for "little bit more" i think i liked the sentiment of the song, so it never bothered me....now "sylvia's mother" and "cover of the rolling stone" that's a whole different matter.

    i'll confess to having used side3's "ecstacy" as "make out" song more than once....

  4. i had no idea when i started this thread the depth of stories that would be shared.

    some of these emails had to be very difficult to write...

    blackhawkpat/juliad thank you for putting my "tiny" problems in perspective by sharing such intimate stories about yourselfs.

    on a previous page, someone asked if jokes are allowed on this post....to me, music and humor are what sustain us during rough times.

    when my father passed away, it was my families sense of humor that helped us through that time.

    my father had a great sense of humor...i'm sure he appreciated our "coping".

  5. zuke,

    i like to look at us as people who are'nt afraid to live life.... even though some of the relationships i've had have put me through the emotional ringer... in the end (once the hurting subsides), i've always been glad i took the chance.

    to those of you that are hurting now, be patient, learning to let go is never easy, but one day before you realize it, you just arrive there.

    keep an open mind and a willing heart

  6. it's unfortunate, but radio as a whole is just awfull.

    playlists now only consist of what is selling, there is no more taking chances with newer groups or songs.

    even the supposed less restricted "fm" stations are staying with tighter playlists.

    yet, they wonder why people take it upon themselves to burn their own cd's and create their own "mix" cd's.

  7. we all probably agree that you can relate to songs better if you have actually experienced them, SO..........

    which ec or rasperries tunes have you "lived"...

    if you feel comfortable maybe you can include a "readers digest" version of your story behind the song.

    i'll start...and choose one that is not an obvious one...

    eric's "devil and the deep blue sea" ......

    let's just say that the lyrics are "dead on"

  8. juliad you are dead on with eric recording "devil"...what a great song.....

    and darlene, maybe you are on to something asking if people have ever experienced the song,

    maybe she remembered would'nt seem sappy if you had lived it...i know there are a couple of ec tunes that i have "lived"......

    hey, this looks like a new thread!

  9. i miss hearing johns "take' on world events musically. (what would john have written re: "9/11" and so on).

    i admired the way he took chances with his music.

    for many john's songs became a way of life, not just music.

    just ask eric if he ever heard "watching the wheels" while staying home with his children during his lennon "househusband" phase.

    yes lennon was flawed (who is'nt?) but his songs touched millions so deeply.

  10. i enjoyed carmen's first year on the board. you've got to admit she makes things happen!

    i could live without some of the esotaric topics "whats your favorite smell at 4:00 in the morning!!!!"

    but all-n-all it's been enjoyable.

    i've always thought that she and tony would make a lovely couple!!!!

  11. i agree with marvin.. the indians are well on their way to being an excellent team again.

    the trick of course, as it is with most teams is trying to keep the nucleus together for that 2/3 year window.

    as for comparing basketball to baseball i think that both sports are equally populated with "crybabies."

    actually, the entire world of sport is in a asad state, when you pay a young kid millions of dollars before he even gets on field/court etc...

    this will not change until each sport has adopted a salary cap or the contracts become incentive based.

  12. my son (a junior in high school)made a statement that seemed unimportant at the time. "they are moving the date" of his FIRST EVER varsity basketball game. and being the solid father that i am, i think i replied with ..."thats nice an A minus?" or something unconcerned like that.

    his next sentence however hit me like a wally bryson guitar lick.....

    "dad, they moved it to friday, november 26th..... crazy " and his next words i swear to all that is raspberry was...

    "but you still go to your concert, i know how much you've been looking forward to it.".....

    FIRST EVER varsity basketball game.....

    so...in a move that probably only other parents can understand....i have one GA ticket available.

    i have the ticket because i chose the print your own ticket option. it cost me $45, plus $7.20 for convenience charge and $5.85 for processing (hell, i waited online, used my time and money, printed my own ticket..and they are charging me a processing fee!!!!!!!!!!!) confused .......anyway...

    the total cost is $58.05 ...email me if you're interested.

    thanks to the raspberries for taking care of the GA crowd that was "frozen" out early on...

    somehow i knew you guys would come through.

    thats why some 30 years later we're still waiting for that "next" cd... and of course i am sorry i won't be able to meet so many of the great online folks that i have come to appreciate over the years...but hopefully there will be a chicago house of blues concert to attend and then i'm bringing the family with me!!! have fun at the show everyone and put me down for the dvd or "live' cd .....or both....!

  13. same here.......

    IMO there were no balcony seats available after monday...one of us would've gotten lucky.

    it's not wether i sit our stand (hell, i'll be standing anyway) but i wanted a chance to meet the guys....

    maybe something can be worked out for those of us that wanted to spend the extra money, but were locked out?

    i really wanted to meet the band....

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