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  1. well said marvin, one of the things that struck me was that "all " of them seemed to be having so much fun.

    this was the only concert that i was able to attend, but it was an incredible experience.

    meeting all of the good people from this web was especially sweet.

    instead of an opening act, they should just let us have a mike and introduce ourselves next time! since we virtually owned the first three rows, that would've taken about as long as the drysdales!

    as for the concert itself my highlights include, "i can remember", when eric's piano gives way to wallys guitar.....

    "overnight sensation".....that radio effect had everyone on stage smiling, knowing just how good that moment was.

    "go all the way"..

    this was bittersweet because i knew of course that this would be the last song. but if this was the last time i see the raspberries, it's poet justice that GATW was the last. because it also began my love for rock-n-roll music. yes, my brothers and sister listened to the "beatles", but the raspberries were "MY find......my group ...and i have been hooked ever since i heard GATW...

    but the moment i will never forget was during "if you change your mind" as eric was reaching that crescendo which starts with "baby don't leave, oh baby," i had marvin literally an arms length in front of me,all of the ladies were to his right, ladies, you should've seen your faces...ted, badfinger barb and ol blue were next to or just behind me and about five people to my right was ken sharp and bernie jumping and smiling each time eric hit one of those notes like two brothers that had opened the ultimate christmas gift!

    its amazing what you think of at times like this and the line from "field of dreams" popped into my head......"is this heaven?"....for me anyway, yes it was.....

  2. sterling,

    chicago radio is northwest indiana's market, we have a few local stations but for the most part we are considered, by radio standards "chicago market". i worked at one of our locals for about 5 years, and its was a huge huge deal when we even broke into the chicago arbitron ratings.

    i listen to the THE DRIVE all the time, hope i hear the spot.

    nice work lucy.... i mean gina

  3. what you folks need to know is that there was probably a ten minute interlude after typing the line ...."nothing beats "raw'passion.....ah wonderful memories...

    and ladies sometimes i wear the stockings before, after and during wink:Peek

  4. juliad, you are taking my post to literally...

    all of one emotion is not good, my point was that wd provides many wonderful romantic songs from a more mature mans perspective.

    i agree with you nothing beats "raw" passion...

    as for you marvin, when you eat a great meal at a restaurant, do you go back to the kitchen and ask, which chef cooked which food on your plate?????

    of course not...you just enjoy the meal.

  5. as always darlene, good post. your reference to the "there's romance" line is a good point. yes ec was being sarcastic, but in the end, many of us use that exact sentiment to "flow"vs that current.

    it's like scarlet o'hara's "tommorrow is another day "line...

    she is not being optimistic, she has blinders on really, but i've heard hundreds of people say that exact thing when they are having a bad day.

    to me "boats" has many lines like that, lines that i have at various times in my life "used" or referred to...

    "for once in my life, i'm gonna' do what i think is right!!!!!"..is another...

    the only other lp that has touched me like boats is jackson browne's "the pretender"

  6. bernie,

    thanks for sharing..... too cool.

    eric, thanks for participating, as important as that lp was to you ,it sounds like the making of "boats" was pure chaos, and not a pleasant time in your life.

    in the end though, that lp is considered by many of us as your best, and has touched many of us in ways you can not imagine..

    thanks again


  7. my original thought on this subject was that "boats against the current "is as personal an album as you can get.

    imo ec has never been the same since that lp did'nt hit it big. he had so much vested in it, that it left him flat and disallusioned. what eric failed to realize was that with his core audience almost evreything he recorded was gold...

    thats why we are still talking about it 30 years later!!!!

  8. see juliad, that's what i am talking about when i say "winter dreams" is the perfect cd for a man of erics age.....

    it's ok for twenty something kid to be writing all those cocky (you decide if its a pun or not), "get you into to bed, make you sweat" type of songs, but as a man matures those type of songs become almost perverse...

    (it did'nt even work for barry white and he was the king of sexy songs)!

    WD shows musically a more mature male who is confident he knows how to please his woman,and can now get on with the romance of it all (darlene's favorite part i suspect!).

    "feel your breath on my shoulder, and i know we could'nt get any closer"............excellent!

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