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  1. julia, there is no doubt that attitude efects longitude. my father had a heart attack when he was a relatively young man (early 50's). but instead of following doctors advice to work out and become active again, he simply waited for the end. of course he never quit smoking. it was sad when dad passed on, but sort of a logical conclusion. of course we (brothers/sisters/mother) tried to get him involved in many activities but he simply refused.

    i lost my father in law under similar circumstances after a series of strokes.

    i guess my point is, that, after the will to live is gone, there is not much you can do.

    now as for you, judging from your emails and the joy you seem to get out of life, i don't think you have anything to worry about! you do seem to to live a very fullfilled and active life.

    quit worrying and enjoy the day........

    geezz, talk about rambling!

  2. jeff brings up some good points re: chicago..

    the timing was terrible, (coldest night of the year at the time) and very little in the way of promotion. given that, i would say chicago was a smash, imagine what a warm evening on the lake front would've done.

  3. yes grandma.....er, i mean gina, when you lift your walker.........oooppppss, anything heavy, you must be careful. getting older for me means i am getting more forgetful....but like i always say.........uh ..............you can't...no thats not it.......theres more flies in honey.....no thats not right...........gimmme a minute....

  4. gina, i'm not sure what the "roller derby" reference is about...but you are to tiny to be bodyslamming bouncers and the like, be careful, you're to valuable a member of the "team"to get hurt......

    you forgot marx brothers.....

    "i hear they're going to tear you down and put up a building where you're standing!!!"

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