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  1. dear wind-bag.....uh tony....

    blaming 9/11 on slick willie is getting harder and harder to do the more we learn about those tragic events.

    if w. (for weak minded) had actually spent some of his first year "AT" the white house???????

  2. for those of us that like to "analyze"...

    the answer to your question tony is no, the background vocals on "gatw" have not been minimized. to the contrary, when you see the band in concert you'll probably be amazed at how "full" the songs sound.

    jims drums seem like much more of presence than on any of the cds.

    likewise, wallys guitar in "i can remember" has more of a GATW feel than the understated guitar on the cd...

    the vocals overall sound amazing.

    the 'berries are a great "live" band

  3. it is very cool that bruce devotes a minute of his concert to "plug" the greatest pop/rock band ever.

    but have any of you noticed that while we HAVE been hearing from bruce lately..... we have NOT been hearing from marvin.....?????come to think of it....i've never seen those two together??????????

    this would explain much of marvs behavior!!!!!!!

  4. aj and ted... just bought del amitri's best of and it has some great tunes. "not where it's at" is a song i had heard for a few years but had no idea who sang it..... great pop tune...

    aj i saw angel and starz at the same concert...even though they had experienced about the same success, angel was the headliner..i think the runaways opened....thats when angel would appear in boxes onstage instead of the usual lights down lights up thing....back then it was so cool!!!!!!!

  5. bernie, a friend of mine sent me the first four angel cd's recently.... it's a shame they quit when they did because "on earth as it is in heaven","white hot" & "sinful" they seemed to really be perfecting their craft. each of these cds had plenty of potential hits singles....

    there was also a semi reunion cd called "in the beginning"..ever heard it?

  6. ecstacy has always been one my favs...as far as live goes..every song the guys do has something new, or sounds more like a rock tune... i've got a new appreciation for "dont want to say goodbye" and when they do the am radio simulation thing in "overnight sensation" it'll make the hair on your neck stand up....oh yeah 12 hours is nothing!

  7. .....tony, tony, tony..

    something has gone terribly wrong....get away from your keyboard...go lay down, but before you do put "tonight " in your cd player and push "repeat track only"......

    this should cure it....

    hope you're feeling better......

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