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  1. Alright...lets try to restore some sanity around here.

    First off...let me start by stating that I have purchased everything Eric has put out musically and always will. Do I think that that is blind alliegence? No, not at all. When I purchase an EC CD I know that I will be totally thrilled with a few of the cuts, and that is reason enough for me. My only knock on Eric is this supposed "perfectionest" thing. We wait years for his new music, and when it released...it is far from perfect.

    His albums (now CD's), always have some great tunes, a remake or so, and some songs that could be considered filler. Far from perfect. But I understand this, and the good outway the mediocre by far.

    Now relax, I am not knocking Eric...his music is has touched me over the years like no other musical talent has. But let's be honest, his catalog could be more extensive! As for "Winter Dreams", I could'nt stop playing that CD. It seemed a perfect CD for a man at Eric's stage of life. This is what I mean about his music touching a chord with me (father, with 3 children).

    Would'nt you worry about a man in his 50's singing about "going all the way"? (By the way "GATW" is the ultimate pop song...by far) it is unfair to ask Eric to produce another GATW, it was a moment in time...millions have not been able to produce one!

    Bottom line for me is...keep producing Eric and I will keep buying/listening...but give yourself a break...as a great singer/songwriter once wrote..."perfection is consuming...and it seems we're only human after all"...

  2. As a father of three, I understand Eric's wanting to spend time with his children. here are emotions involved with parenting that you cannot duplicate anywhere.

    But c'mon Eric, when the lil' buggers are asleep...it doesn't even have to be new material. How about songs from that mythical vault? How about a CD of remakes? How about an mp3 every other month???

    Bernie.....little help here!!!!!

  3. As far as critics go...I have always paid more attention to what they type in the review than to the final analysis. I tend to pay attention more to the refferences they use in doing the review.

    I always thought reviewing music would be a tough job, as we all have our basic tastes, and it wouldn't be fair to the artist to force a review from someone that does not like that genre.

    What made me angry at the time re: Eric/Raspberries reviews as I recall, was the press was very "flip" and quick to dismiss the guys. It wasn't cool back then to like the "berries" and Eric's solo projects either.

    Bernie, you're dead on, in the end, it doesn't matter what the critics think...this website is testimonial to the fact that Eric's music has carved a place in the hearts of thousands...and I ask you...isn't that what great music is supposed to do?

  4. After reading reviews here about Kyle Vincent, I found a copy of "Wow & Flutter" at Borders.

    Maybe I have a bad pressing, but it seems Kyle could use a good producer (Eric?)...the CD sounds "muffled"...as for the songs themselves, he shows plenty of promise, but towards the end of the disc I found myself wishing Eric had something new out.

    Let's face it folks, if it's pop songs you're in the mood for, everything is "killing time" between EC CD's!

    As for Boz Scaggs, his CD's are diverse for sure. But his slow songs romantically take a back seat to no one. go to his site and download "Miss Riddle" and "Sarah" from his new "dig" CD. He also includes usually "bluesy" type songs. every CD collection should include his two CD "Anthology".

    Just saw Rick Springfield at the skyline stage in Chicago Sat. night...my wife does her own "Wow & Flutter" when she sees him...and he was great. I had'nt realized what a quality guitar player he is.

    Can't wait until July 6th and the Taste of Chicago!

  5. Hey duane, its nice to know I have a fellow cowboy fan on the site! since 1970. I understand what you are saying about taking a ribbing for liking Eric's music.

    I did a review of Eric's first solo album in my high school newspaper ... okay it was a page and a half. Anyway, I never heard the end of it. Especially since I panned an unknown singer who had just released a single that I called total garbage. I beleive it went...."I cant believe people have not caught on to Mr. Carmen's music, especially when there is garbage like "SPRINGSTEEN" (Born To Run) out there!


    As for covers, I actually like Peter Cetera's and Crystal Bernard's version of "Forever Tonight" better than Eric's ... I think its the way the lyrics lend themselves to the interplay between male and female ... incredible lyrics though, Eric.

    "Feel your breath on my shoulder,

    And I know we couldn't get any closer"

    Eric, (probably the 5th time I've suggested this) but, how about an internet only CD? i.e.: the Raspberries? I'm in for 2 copies! I'm dying to hear some of the songs that have not made ... the cut on your previous CD's.

    Checking the site everyday looking for Chicago/Merrillville, IN dates for the tour. I havent seen Eric since he opened for Hall and Oates in Chicago ... a "few" years ago.

    Bernie ... thanks for the site and Eric thanks for the music.

  6. Good choice of songs ... staying away from the obvious hits. As for my choice, I once had a relationship go "south" ... guess which song I reached for first...

    "Lotta empty words that i've already, heard ... aint gonna work tonight.."

    As for future showdowns ... I would put "Heaven Can Wait" against "almost" any Eric ballad.

    "Now that i've found a love that's forever, heaven can wait till then..." What a sentiment!

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