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  1. if you guys really want o get obscure about elton... how about his versions of .....

    "moon river"

    "bridge over troubled waters"

    "but not for me"

    "in the heart of every girl"

    "our love is here to stay"

    "someone to watch over me"

    bb500, "alice" is a great tune from what imo is one of the best double albums ever!!!!!!

  2. ted, well said.

    imo, w cant think on his feet, and when he adlibs he resorts to this "macho" nonsense that feeds the "hate america" mindset.

    (tony, this is why the man does'nt defend himself...he cant think on his own)

    plus, from a lifetime of being spoiled, and having everything handed to him by sr w he has no idea how to relate to "us.

    his dad was the same way...

    its that elitist attitude (we are smart, and can get away with anything) that has no place in the whitehouse.

    tony, start getting used to the idea of a female prez....i dont think it is to far off & lets face it..we've got nowhere to go but up!

    thanks for the chat guys, its nice to know that we can take on tough subjects w/o any hurt feelings......looking forward to the next one...

  3. okay.....pierson wins!

    bob, another overlooked garfunkel song that is a real tear jerker is "2nd avenue"...

    aggiesjc....how about ECs "heaven can wait"? i like meats "rock-n-roll dreams also.......

  4. tony, i do root for america and i think the american people are intelligent enough to identify

    who the bad guys are.

    unfortunately, we also have to watch our "puppet" leader as well.

    ok, you want to share the blame for 9/11 with the clinton administration? fair enough, but do yourself a favor and read richard clarkes testimony to the 9/11 committee.

    bush had 9 months to react!

    please dont try to say that w is being treated unfairly by the press. he has lied to the people, the press, and congress, he has put a wall around himself like no other president in history.(no other president had to for that matter!)

    war monger? have you read the "downing street memos? by his own addmission he is "a war president...wakes up with war on my mind"!!!

    idiot? could'nt even run a successfull business, given his ivy league schooling and fathers connections. how bright can he be?

    as far as finding the jihad devil you speak of, why did he give a 2 month head start?

    bush is getting what he gives, he is motivated by greed pure and simple. his dads connections to the saudi's are well documented, along w/cheney( haliburton...record profits in may of 05! who says war is'nt good for business), baker(defended the saudis vs the 9/11 families) and that entire group from hell..........

    tony, you and i have seen eye to eye on just about everything we've discussed on this site, but unless things change drasticly over the next 3 years, george is going down as the worst president (full term ) in the history of our country. he's earned every bit of grieve he gets!

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