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  1. At the Chicago HOB show. I've been to many concerts and thats as close to a perfect show as I've ever seen. Can only imagine the energy the early shows must have generated. Even Eric cracked a smile during the "radio" simulation of overnight sensation... wonder if he was having one of those "good as it gets" moments...

  2. billy.. good call on "it should have been me"...love that lost gem. guess it depends on what you consider a "hit" to be. i sort of dismissed it after a few listens comparing it to MMLC..but found myself singing the chorus later in the day...guess thats why they call it a hook..

  3. cubfanmike........how could you? GO ANGELS!!!

    as for nomar ending up in chi....he's actually been in peoria and arizona (rehab assignments) more than our beloved chi-town. myself i am pulling for the cardinals, i respect larussa as a manager, imo he's the best in the game.

  4. i echo lews words re: big star. never understood all the praise for a band who's sound was so "sparse". the berries sound like phil spector comparatively. pierson, dont be so quick to right off springfield...saw him in concert a few weeks ago and he is one hell of a guitarist...not to mention a all the hit songs he sang, the man has had alot of commercial success.

  5. finally heard the new cd... i like it.

    strong melodies, dont agree about strong lyrics.

    "this never happened" sounds like a single to me.

    marv, you cant judge any of the solo beatles to the days when they WERE the beatles. that was four incredible talents that changed the world.

    as for paul being "burdened" with the ghost of the beatles... i'm sure everyone on this site would love to have that type "burden" on their resume.....pauls musical fate is going to be that of a legend....thats pretty good eh?

  6. bernie, your point is well made. the difference between john and paul i believe is that lennon wrote what he felt and people were in tune with it...i think paul writes w/hit singles in mind...(have not heard the new cd yet). this is why i think paul has the rep of being the "lighter" of the 2 song writers. paul is at his worst when he tries to "do" john....."freedom"...YUK...

    lennons "dark" or social side came naturally, because that was his interest and it showed....

    he also had a cutting wit..... you mentioned "nobody loves you"....after singing several times "i'll scratch your back and you scratch mine"... he changes the second line to "you'll knife mine".....that was john

  7. own one springsteen cd... (the raspberries influenced "the river"...is that 2 cds then?)

    for those who voted proudly for W, are you proud to excersize your voting right?

    or proud you ignore the news!!!!!!!! laughwink :p

  8. paul, ron... my wife and i are going to see rick at the and of this month...

    he is a great perfomer, and a very underated guitar player!

    lew, i dont think he is beaten down at all, he's still out there touring almost year round and he's released 2 cd's in the last two years.

    yes he almost always has a references to his father, but his "karma" is a great cd about living from an adults viewpoint. i would think many on this site would love that cd.

  9. tony, i agree with about the pc mindset... it is ridiculous. it almost takes peoples behavior out of the equation.

    as for as posters like bb, i never took his act seriously... but he knew music and was funny occasionally...

    pierson mentioned the editing of posts and that is an issue (we lost an entire thread last weekend!) we've always had a long leash as far as our little remarks and jokes go, but suddenly thats become offensive and they are being removed....thats sad.

    i do think it is ironic that we are having a discussion about open mindedness on a raspberries website... a fantastic group that was ruined by peoples perception of who they were.......

  10. see both sides of this issue....

    sure he had to be a nightmare behind the scenes, but he had a knowledge for music that made him interesting imo.

    i just wish we could stop the "post elsewhere" remarks...

    we claim to be a "family" a "community" but when someone (pierson in this case) posts strong opinions that flow "against the current" of this site...we invite him to go elsewhere!!!!

    is that really how we treat family???

    if you dont want to take the time and effort to properly and respectfully challenge someones opinion... than keep quiet.

    let the moderators do their job, (they did here!).

    telling someone to post somewhere else is a lazy, mindless response...and if you are not a moderator, its not your call to make!!!

    everyone on this site knows they can post elsewhere... they have chosen to post HERE!

    value the differences, dont be afraid or intolerant of them....

    PS: sorry tony, but imo making a connection to letting people post on THIS website and 9/11 was way "out of line"

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