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  1. Maybe Izuita has a new cd coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes tony and in honor of your birthday i played "longer" on my "softer"...................that did'nt work out the way i planned ..............anyway happy birthday tony you've given us all many laughs along the way. have a great day buddy!!!!
  3. Chicago HOB: Best One Ever

    At the Chicago HOB show. I've been to many concerts and thats as close to a perfect show as I've ever seen. Can only imagine the energy the early shows must have generated. Even Eric cracked a smile during the "radio" simulation of overnight sensation... wonder if he was having one of those "good as it gets" moments...
  4. Oh No It's The End of the Monkees Tour

    tony. i think nesmith wrote some great songs for the monkees and can see why he quickly got frustrated with the entire deal. his solo material shows what a true musician he was.
  5. Eric Carmen: Boardwalk Baby

    billy.. good call on "it should have been me"...love that lost gem. guess it depends on what you consider a "hit" to be. i sort of dismissed it after a few listens comparing it to MMLC..but found myself singing the chorus later in the day...guess thats why they call it a hook..
  6. Eric/Raspberries Fest?

    eric/raspberries/GINA......i'm in!
  7. Like my new haircut?

    lew, you look more like condoleeza rice than bea IMO... sorry bob
  8. Baseball 2005

    cubfanmike........how could you? GO ANGELS!!! as for nomar ending up in chi....he's actually been in peoria and arizona (rehab assignments) more than our beloved chi-town. myself i am pulling for the cardinals, i respect larussa as a manager, imo he's the best in the game.
  9. New Big Star CD

    i echo lews words re: big star. never understood all the praise for a band who's sound was so "sparse". the berries sound like phil spector comparatively. pierson, dont be so quick to right off springfield...saw him in concert a few weeks ago and he is one hell of a guitarist...not to mention a all the hit songs he sang, the man has had alot of commercial success.
  10. Padres / Cubs, Cubs / Padres ...

    bhpat... fundamentals, what are those? signed dusty
  11. Baseball 2005

    baseball needs a salary cap..ASAP!!!
  12. Elton Yawn

    from "peachtree" "all that i'm allowed" is one of the best songs ej has done in years.
  13. Reviews of the new MACCA album

    finally heard the new cd... i like it. strong melodies, dont agree about strong lyrics. "this never happened" sounds like a single to me. marv, you cant judge any of the solo beatles to the days when they WERE the beatles. that was four incredible talents that changed the world. as for paul being "burdened" with the ghost of the beatles... i'm sure everyone on this site would love to have that type "burden" on their resume.....pauls musical fate is going to be that of a legend....thats pretty good eh?
  14. Reviews of the new MACCA album

    lew, count me as one of the folks that completely disagree with you. before his death i felt that johns solo career had far more sunbstance.