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  1. I found some information at www.google.com & search for (Redeye "Games" lyrics). The song timing is 2:34 on the 45 version (not sure if the single is in mono or not) but the LP version is 3:00 & Rhino used the stereo complete version of that song. One of the websites says: Redeye was formed in 1970 by guitarist Douglas Red Mark, a former member of the Los Angeles, USA, pop-psychedelic group The Sunshine Company. Mark teamed with Dave Hodgkins (guitar/vocals), Bill Kirkham (bass) & Bobby Bereman (drums). The rock group singed to the small Pentagram label & released the single "Games" in late 1970; it eventually landed in the Top 30 nationally. A second single, Redeye Blues, was issued in the Spring of 1971, although it was banned in many radio markets due to its lyrical content-some programmers objected to the song's story-line about a person getting stoned & then unable to find his drug stash. Nevertheless, the single failed to chart. The group was unable to follow it with another album & split up for good in 1972. Matt
  2. I heard the song "Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter" by Chester for the first time back in 1998 on "Classic Gold" AM 630 CFCO in Chatham, Ontario. I can still hear that AM station when i'm driving in my 2000 dark green Metro. I wonder if that station has a strong antenna? I can hear that station as far as West Branch, Clare, Coldwater among other places in Michigan. I listened to that station in Oscoda, MI but the station fades out. Matt
  3. There was a group called Redeye & that group had a Top 40 hit called "Games" back in January of 1971. The song peaked at # 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. That song can be found on "Super Hits Of The '70s, Have A Nice Day Volume 5" on Rhino (CD Bonus Track). I did not hear "Games" until I bought the CD back in May of 1990 when Rhino reissued the set. Redeye had one more song called "Red Eye Blues" peaking at # 78 back in May of 1971. I went to the Overpass Bar in Midland, Michigan & a group called "Redeye" was playing but it turn out to be a country group instead of that other group. That country group played in my hometown of Sanford, MI at the Long Branch Saloon as well. It seems confusing to me somewhat. Matt
  4. Marvin: Have you heard of the song "Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter" by the Canadian group Chester back in 1973? The song was released on Bell Records but the song did not hit the Billboard Hot 100 or Bubbled Under The Hot 100 Chart in the U.S.. That song also reminds me of "Storybook Love" by The Partridge Family on the "Notebook" CD back in 1972 on Bell Records reissued on Buddha Records back in 2000 which is now BMG Worldwide because Buddha was sold to BMG this year. Both of those songs sound like a clock ticking or a woodblock or something. Matt
  5. You can get "Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold" on Elektra/Rhino CD. Good CD worth recommending!! Matt
  6. I seen Eric perform "I'm Through With Love" on the TV series "Solid Gold" back in 1985. I am not sure it was on record (lip-sinch) or he performed it live. I did not see him perform "Hungry Eyes" on the TV series "Solid Gold In Concert" back then in 1987 or 1988. I'm not sure if he was on performing at the time. You forgot "My Heart Stops" back in 1991. The song was released on a cassette single. Matt
  7. I couldn't find Dave's version anywhere including www.allmusic.com which seems that nowadays they are showing "NOW That's What I Call Music" or "Totally Hits" on TV which is kinda like K-Tel hell to me. Matt
  8. My choice would be "Drivin' Around" by a nose over "Cruisin' Music" (2nd), She Did It (3rd) & "Top Down Summer" (last). Speaking of tamborines, check out bugaloos.com & compare with Caroline Ellis who played "Joy" in the Saturday morning series (there are pictures of her wearing the pink butterfly suit) against Susanne Crough "Tracy" of "Partridge Family". If I would have to choose, I would pick "Joy" over "Tracy". Matt
  9. Marvin: They usually play "Kiss Me" on Adult Comtemporary stations a lot. I hear that song when i'm working at Elder-Beerman in Midland, Michigan on the speakers. I also hear that song on the Soft Rock channel at musicchoice.com on TV. Did you get my message from August 22? Matt
  10. I didn't know that Dave Mason did the remake of the song. What album or CD is that song on? Matt
  11. Raspbernie or anybody: I would like to know if any of you saw the Raspberries perform "Tonight" on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" back in late 1973? When I was a child, I missed that show. Was there a fight or something? Matt
  12. Darlene, that's Andrew Gold not Dave Mason who sang "Thank You For Being A Friend" from the "All This & Heaven Too" album back in 1978! Matt
  13. Marvin: I wrote to one of the members of Sixpence None The Richer website but I think they did not got my e-mail or declined for comment on the Gary & Dave song. I am not sure if I should write to them again or not. The official website is still under construction. Sixpence None The Richer will have a brand new CD by October or November of this year. (Their first since 1998) Leigh Nash would do a good remake of the song. Matt
  14. Marvin from Canada: Did you listened to Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" from 1998 compared to Gary & Dave "Could You Ever Love Me Again" from 1973? The guitars sound the same in the beginning of those songs!!! Matt
  15. Forgot about Supertramp's "Crime Of The Century" & also Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic" as well from 1974. Matt
  16. that the song "Go All The Way" by the Raspberries debuted in the Billboard Top 40 back in August 19, 1972. Bernie or others, what number did it debut? Did the song debut at # 36 or # 35 or higher? The song went to # 5 in October 7 & October 14, 1972. Matt
  17. I would say that "Starting Over" by the Raspberries as well as Joni Mitchell "Court And Spark", Lynyrd Skynyrd "Second Helping", Bad Company (debut), Bachman/Turner Overdrive "Not Fragile", Stevie Wonder "Fulfillingness' First Finale" & Eric Clapton "461 Ocean Boulevard" are the best albums of the year 1974. Grand Funk "Shinin' On" is the worst album of that year. Matt
  18. If you want to write to the man who has those bootlegs, write E-Mail at: randycmu1@pdq.net & he will give you the details on the stuff!!! Matt
  19. Well he E-Mailed me & I wrote to him back so there is no worries as of now. Matt
  20. First off back in August 24 or 25 or 26 of 1999, I went to the message board for the first time & I written a very long letter back then & a stranger wrote me back saying he has all their stuff & he was going to see the Raspberries comeback tour but i'm sure the tour was cancelled due to something. I wish i had that letter that he sent me by E-Mail but I threw it away. That is all the information that I have. Matt
  21. Bernie or Others: I am trying to find a man who used to live in Chesaning, Michigan who now lives in Houston, Texas. He wrote to me back in August of 1999 about the collection of Raspberries & Eric Carmen stuff. I wrote to the message board for the first time about a possible tribute CD to the Raspberries back then & the man wrote to me about the bootlegs & stuff that he has. I wonder why he is not a member of the message board. I wonder what he is doing now. Matt
  22. Marvin or anybody: Have you read Rolling Stone Magazine with Bruce Springsteen on the cover? If so, read MTV anchor Kurt Loder's article on the latest CD "The Rising". Marvin, Bryan Adams "Reckless" from 1984 is my favorite CD of his as well as "18 Til' I Die" from 1996 which has the ballad "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman". Matt
  23. When I listen to The Edgar Winter Group's "They Only Come Out At Night" from 1973, the song called "Round And Round" almost sounds like the Raspberries "Nobody Knows". I would like to know if Bernie or any of you know about this. I like the song "Round And Round" by a nose over "Nobody Knows" but i'm not sure why. Matt
  24. Also my favorite CD of 2002 is Bruce Springsteen "The Rising". The best Bruce CD since "Born In The U.S.A."! (five ***** stars out of *****) What do you people think? Matt
  25. Well, here is my list of Eric & Raspberries favorite songs in no order: Raspberries: Go All The Way, I Can Remember Fresh: Goin' Nowhere Tonight, Let's Pretend, Nobody Knows & Drivin' Around Side 3: Tonight & Should I Wait Starting Over: Overnight Sensation (Hit Record), All Through The Night, Cruisin' Music & Starting Over Eric Carmen (Arista): Never Gonna Fall In Love Again & No Hard Feelings Boats Against The Current: She Did It & the title track Change Of Heart: title track Tonight You're Mine: It Hurts Too Much Eric Carmen (Geffen): She Remembered Best Of & Definitive Collection: Make Me Lose Control & I Was Born To Love You (Winter Dreams): title track & Top Down Summer. Matt
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