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  1. Former "Rolling Stone" rock critic Dave Marsh loved The Raspberries BUT he hated the Tattoo album (1 star out of 5) in the "Rolling Stone Album Guide" in 1979!! (orange cover)
  2. Very vintage early Alan hosting a pilot game show called "The Challengers" back in 1974. The late Dick Clark hosted a different game show "The Challengers" back in 1990 till 1991. Watch out for the "UNIVERSAL" scary logo at the end!!! (runs 14 minutes)
  3. Alice has NOT played any Raspberries songs on his "Night With Alice Cooper" radio show.
  4. I also did a report on Tattoo back then!!
  5. Also is # 8 (Adult Contemporary) & climbing.
  6. On the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, it is # 32 & climbing which is a remix of the song.
  7. NOPE NOT the Burton Cummings song from the 1981 album "Sweet Sweet" BUT The R&B soul group The Fantastics (Went to # 102 in May of 1971 on Bell Records). That group had 1 more song "(Love Me) Love The Life I Lead" that went to # 86 (Hot 100) in March of 1972. (both songs did not hit the R&B Soul Billboard Charts)!! (audio only) If you like The Foundations 1969 song "Build Me Up Buttercup", then you might like this song!!
  8. Got myself in!! Matt
  9. They got expensive houses up in Traverse City, Michigan (cherry capital of the United States)!!
  10. I was watching "General Hospital" in 1982 & Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) said at the phone "I want Dr. Quartermaine to get.....STONED SILVER"!! (then ABC went to a commercial)!!
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