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  1. I can't seem to edit my old post--Bernie please delete the old one. Since nobody wants to buy, I'll give it away for FREE--just pay postage (US Only Please). As Bernie put it, "He has a new calling on Twitter. Like it. Hate it." I fall into the latter camp--using your influencer status to push disinformation is reprehensible. I don't care how much of a "thinker" you believe he is, he's peddling garbage. There are more constructive ways to express your politics, particularly for a seemingly intelligent person. It's just sad. As a music lover, I can't see throwing this stuff in the trash because it's irreplaceable and means something to others, but I don't want it anymore. So it's FREE, just pay postage in the US. - SIGNED Sunset Strip CD/DVD. Some outside sleeve wear, but sigs are obvious - Rasberries vinyl, with original scratch & sniff sticker - Fresh vinyl - Side 3 vinyl with die-cut cover - Raspberries Best vinyl - 2 copies of Eric Carmen vinyl, one with shrink wrap (but opened on side) - BATC vinyl, with "She Did It" sticker on the front - Change of Heart vinyl - The Rock Stops Here 45, with sleeve, on Cool record label Thanks! Paul
  2. Sorry to (potentially) disappoint, but Wally played 12-string on the original 20 years ago. Not sure if he's in the update.
  3. GATW

    Tonight cover

    Raspberries unplugged! I like it! Who is it? I'm happy to hear any interpretation--it just goes to show their influence.
  4. Late to the game on this one. I haven't checked in at EC for a while, and while browsing Apple Music I come to find THIS. I have the signed version of Sunset Strip, and I find Pop Art to be a much more enjoyable listen. Less polished, and it's like listening to 1974 Raspberries, rather than 2000's. The mix is better, the individual guitars stand out, and the in my opinion, the energy is at another level. What a gift! Edit: Holy isht! Ticket to Ride. OMFG. Edit 2: Actually, all 3 Beatles songs are amazing. These guys should form a Beatles tribute band...
  5. How's he doing? Looks kinda frail...
  6. Are you kidding me? I've been obsessed with that exact Chicago video for a while. I even showed it to my 14 year old bassist son as an example of a perfect live performance (in my opinion). Terry Kath was one of the best. Thank you and Mark for the information. I also found out about "Bucket of Fish", which seems to fit what I'm hearing: I'm gonna hop on the kit and give all this a try! Cheers, Paul
  7. I'd like to know what this little roll drum fill is called, and how it's played: Thanks! Paul
  8. So, if the business model is broken, what's going to fix it? Some would claim that rock died when KISS came out, but that's another discussion (sarcastic). Rather than lament, I'm certain that some artist (maybe Dave Grohl?) will figure all this out, and create the "new economy" which will foster creative new artists, and (hopefully) push all the crap to the wayside. The more that things change, the more they stay the same--it'll be interesting to see what happens next. And then after that.
  9. This is one of the funniest stink eyes I've ever seen.
  10. I always loved this part of Let's Pretend, but it's even better live, with just Eric and Wally belting it out raw. I'm also just now reading Marathon Man, and about their early days. So this is doubly awesome. Jump to 2:05...
  11. First thing I thought of when I saw the IKEA monkey:
  12. I'm digging through Dio's older stuff (he started in 1958!). Totally reminds me of your singing. Just curious--did you ever meet Dio?
  13. I was out of the room, but my wife paused and backed it up for me (bless her heart, she knows what I like!). Her comment was that this is the trademark song for any lonely pining woman scene. Cracked me up!
  14. Eric, I know you've noted the similarities between yours and Macca's voices, but I was putting together some Ikea furniture listening to Abbey Road, and Oh! Darling came on. Now, I've heard this song a million times, but from the first Oh! on this listen, it just screamed "ERIC CARMEN". I think more than any other Beatles song. Did you ever belt this one out for a show?
  15. Don't mean to take things too off-topic, but: 1) In My Life 2) God Only Knows 3) Let's Pretend That performance cements it--Let's Pretend is one of the best pop songs of all time.
  16. OK, it's a topless battle for spring! Top Down Summer vs. Rag Top Day. Who will come out king of convertibles?
  17. Funny that two different drummers did a great impression of a "refrigerator falling down the stairs". My 7 year-old son loves that part.
  18. "That Thing You Do" would be awesome! Eric already did "Walk Away Renee" on Winter Dreams How about "When It's Love" by Van Halen. It's got everything, piano, big vocal range, and it's not too ballady.
  19. Woo Hoo! That would release 35 years (yikes) of gratitude!
  20. I've been looking for a Raspberries video that I saw back in 1973 (ish)? It was a show called GO!, and the boys played Tonight. Eric was wearing a yellow sweater with brown and green diamonds, and a brown collared shirt underneath (I have a single .jpg). Perhaps that could be the next super-rare video post? Anyone else remember seeing this?
  21. And we lucky 300 LE buyers also got BUBBLE WRAP!
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