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  1. Temporary Hero and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.
  2. Is this still available to hear?. I missed it...
  3. Looks like all four of Eric's Arista releases are being re-released in Cardboard sleeves as blu- spec CD]s in Japan. I've not seen full track listings, but from what Ive seen, they contain some previously unreleased live tracks, See Below. Also some Instrumental tracks and demos. I'll post more as I find out. Also release dates are set for Aug 26 2015 in Japan. She Did It (Original Demo) (Bonus Material) Marathon Man (Instrumental String Mix) (Bonus Material) A Temporary Hero (Demo) (Bonus Material) Love Is All That Matters (Piano & Strings Instrumental) (Bonus Material) Boats Against the Current (Single Version w. Backing Vocals) (Bonus Material) Marathon Man (Live at Budokan) (Bonus Material) All By Myself (Live at Budokan) (Bonus Material) Change Of Heart (Original 1975 Demo) (Bonus Material) Inside Story (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) (Bonus Material) Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) (Bonus Material) Tonight You‘re Mine (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) Foolin’ Myself (Single Edit) (Bonus Material)
  4. Love is All Around is a very interesting choice, I like it.
  5. Vote for Go All The Way as the best "Guardians of the Galaxy" song at UltimateClassicRock.com. We are currently in 10th place out of 12. Ron
  6. Sunrise in New movie People Like Us, about half way thru the movie about 45 seconds of Eric's Sunrise. Ron
  7. Killers Cover the Raspberries’ ‘Go All the Way’ by Marc Hogan The Killers have opened up the intriguing possibility that their upcoming album could be influenced by halcyon ’70s power pop. The Las Vegas pop-rockers covered archetypal power-poppers the Rapsberries’ 1972 “Go All the Way” for the new Tim Burton-Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows, and as Radio 104.5 was first to point out, the track has made its way online. For some reason the sound quality isn’t great, but you can tell it’s a relatively faithful rendition, although Brandon Flowers adds a little extra bombast as he channels Raspberries singer (and “All By Myself”/“Hungry Eyes” solo artist) Eric Carmen’s Roy Orbison-style vibrato. Considering Flowers has previously confirmed the Killers plan to release a follow-up to 2008’s Day & Age later this year, and considering the KIllers have been known to take on unexpected influences before, such as Bruce Springsteen on Sam’s Town, the rendition offers some reason to hope the band might experiment with power-pop’s muscular riffs and sweet melodies this time around. Then again, the Raspberries cover is of a piece with the Dark Shadows soundtrack, which also includes songs by Iggy Pop and T. Rex, so more likely this is another one-off along the lines of last year’s “Cowboy Christmas Ball” or U2 cover. But for now, you never know: They could … go … all … the … way (and, while we’re dreaming, could they please bring Canadian power-pop torch-carriers Sloan on tour with ‘em?): —Spin, May 14, 2012
  8. I don't think the orginal Lips video is that bad. Sort of fit in with alot of the videos from that time period. But it is nice that there are two different videos for that song. Ron
  9. I saw the movie Super tonight starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Paige, Liv Taylor and Kevin Bacon. About 25 minutes into the film you get to hear Eric singing "It Hurts Too Much", the scene uses about 2 minutes of the song. Pretty good movie also. Ron
  10. Foolin Myself was also released as a single in the USA from the Tonight your Mine LP. The B side was Lost in the Shuffle. Ron
  11. A slow version of Lets Pretend would be nice. Maybe a slowed down ballad type version of Never Gonna Fall in Love Again. Ron
  12. All By Myself was used in Monday nights Romantically Challenged episode. Not sure who was singing it. Thats two shows this week. Ron
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