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  1. Eric has said many times that he thinks it's the sadest song he ever heard and he finds no hope in it. I hope I'm right Eric. I hate quoting you, but we have had this debate many time before. Bernie? June
  2. I agree, there is hope, but Eric does not seem to agree. June
  3. I agree, That sure is a hard act to follow, but then I think most of Eric's music is a world apart from most. June
  4. Eric, I truly like the new Raspberry site. It looks like this site will take you guys right into the future. Let’s hope for lots of hits on the site, and lots of sales on the up coming CD. I can't wait to get mine. I remember thinking and praying about how much it would mean to me to meet Eric and tell him how much His MISIC has meant to me. I did this for years and years till I found this web site. I thought I struck GOLD!! Not much later my heart stopped when I actually got a chance to hear the Raspberries LIVE! I never seen them before and thought my chances were long, long gone. I saw 5 shows!! Now the Raspberries have a new web site and our boys are moving forward AGAIN!!! I couldn't be HAPPIER. This is pretty miraculous in it's own right, why would you want to put a damper on any of this. ENJOY people!! Peace & Love - June
  5. I was just watching Oprah and they were talking about Gale not having a boyfriend and they started playing All By Myself. That song is gets more mileage. Lucky Eric. June
  6. I can't believe I had to miss this years WAB. I got a chance to take care of Jimmy a Helping Hands monkey, I raised from a baby, and I jumped at the chance to be with him again. The only problem would be I was going to miss WAB that I look so forward to all year. So while I missed all of you and so wished I could have been there, I am having so much fun with Jimmy. I hope to see you all next year. I'm sorry I missed Jim, Barb, and Al. I'm enjoying the pictures, keep posting them. Love June
  7. Gee, I thought I pproof read!! My post above should have said, I listen to it all the time and I totally enjoy it. Sorry about that. Thanks Tony!! June
  8. I love Winter Dreams and Eric's voice on it is just beautiful. I listen to it all the time and really totally it. I agree with Bernie, it was a wonderful gift for us fans. Thank you Eric again and again. June
  9. Happy Birthday Eric. I hope you have a wonderful day and a very happy and healthy year. To me Eric you have the best voice out there, a true gift. I am looking forward to seeing you again live. You may have noticed I forgot to send the card to you, perhaps you could use the break! Hugs and kisses, Love June
  10. Thanks Bernie, total enjoyment!! Lets hope the guys get back together soon, I could use a fun fix with all my Ras buddies. I enjoyed their concerts so much they could have gone on forever for me. I had so much fun at every one I went to and enjoyed meeting everyone. I hope we meet again soon. That goes for you too Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave. June
  11. I was smart enough to buy extra copies.. I knew it would be a huge hit!! June
  12. Matt I am so sorry for your loss of your Brother. It sounds like he lived doing something he totally loved to do, working with his horses. One day, you will see your brother again. Take care Matt June
  13. Eric, maybe this is a good time for me to tell you just how much it means to me, to log on and see your posts here. To actually get the right answers to questions we only used to be able to speculate at (usually horribly). To me, to have your voice here means everything. This is your website, it is a honor for you to join us. Thanks so much. Much Love and Respect June
  14. Eric I love your voice in that song, it's just done beautifully. Ron in right, it's a cute little ditty! June
  15. Great photo Eric! Age is certainly agreeing with you. June
  16. Marlene and Darlene I just love your ideas. Imagine live that whole album, how exciting, I love that album. I hope we hear quite a few of the songs anyways. But I'm for that breakfast, lunch and dinner deal anyway. June
  17. Hi Barb Nice to see you posting after lurking for so long. I enjoyed meeting you and I hope it won't be the last time. Please say hi to Jim for me and tell him he is awsesome. Welcome here and I hope you will not be shy. Take care June
  18. Congratulations Bernie! I remember when we were trying to get to 100!! This is such an accomplishment. Not only that you have done this with complete professionalism. You have had the talent, knowledge, and the goodies you have shared with us to keep us here. Plus you have had the best wife to have put up with this obsession. You can't know what it meant to me to type www.ericcarmen.com and find this place. A place were others dream of Eric's music too. Thank you Thank you Eric too for with out you The world would certainly have a void without your music and I wouldn't have meet so many wonderful friends. June
  19. I am with you Bernie, Darlene and LC, I always thought Boats was optomistic. It always said to me that no matter how bad things got there is always tomorrow.. and when you have tomorrow there is always hope. That is how I see it. June
  20. What do you mean "if" Eric, I thought it was a done deal. I am really looking forward to this night so I hope this works out for you. Good luck. June
  21. Congrats John, I didn't realize how close we live from each other. I just live in Chelmsford. It's nice to have another EC fan living so close by. Enjoy the best toy a fan could ask for. June
  22. Eric, I am so happy for you!! This must be a dream come true for you. It is for me and I just want to listen. I can only imagine your anticipation to play in this wonderful hall especially given the history to you. You belong here Eric, you always have, and now finally, you will be getting what's long over due you. I couldn't be more proud,(as if I had the right) but that is how I feel. I will be honored to be there Eric and lend my support and have an awesome time. This is sure a dream of mine come true. Just a suggestion but Runaway sure would sound pretty cool with a full live orchrastra, but it's just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing your cool story too Eric, I enjoyed it. Love June
  23. I will have to look for that comercial. You go Eric! June
  24. Way cool Bernie!! You deserve a GOLD STAR this weekend. I am enjoying all your hard work. Do you have any idea how much fun I' having? Thanks so much. Eric you looked real nice on the Mike Douglas Show. I remember seeing you that day, I was so excited you were on TV because I never had a chance to see you live. This was a BIGGIE for me that day. June
  25. Thanks Marilyn, what great quality pictures. Eric I love the purple jump suit and I think you should have kept it for all times sake as well as some of the other things you wore. Your kids would have gotten a big kick out of it. You did look very good in purple. Too bad I wasn't around in those days so these pictures are gems. The guys looked so good. Thanks so much. Eric who is the guy at the keyboard forth row down second picture in? He has a hat on, boots and embroidered dungarees. Thanks June
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