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  1. Happy Birthday Eric, May all of your wishes come true for your Birthday. You know how much I love your music and I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for all your music!!! Love Ya Always, June
  2. Sorry that was the wrong link it's this, http://www.godvine.com/Random-Girl-Steps-Up-to-Karaoke-Machine-and-Leaves-Everyone-Awestruck-3737.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=8-5-2013
  3. There is a young girl who sings to a karaoke in a mall. Her version is awesome. http://stamford.patch.com/blogs/junk-food-everywhere?evar4=picks-6-groupavatar&newsRef=true Enjoy, June
  4. I would love to hear this song. Unfortunately I missed it when it got posted and have been mad at myself since. Bernie can you help me??? Please Love June
  5. There was a 13 or 14 year old Philipino boy who was on the Ellen show this morning and he sang All By Myself so GOOD that if you had my eyes closed you would think it was Erik. He had a beautiful voice. He said he had been singing since he was 3 years old, they even had picteres of him singing, at a gathering. He said his wish was to debut on the Ellen Show in America. I think he will go far, but no one will replace you Eric. Love June
  6. So sorry I am late this year but I have been away. However, I wish you a wonderful year full of happiness, laughter (that keeps you young) and lots of time with your family. I wish you good health and many friends too. I love and respect you very much Eric and I hope I get a chance to meet you again. Happy Birthday and may you have so many more. Much Love June
  7. I'm lov'en this! You guys are getting some good publicity. Wish I could be there, but I will be there in spirit. I am so proud of you guys, good things are going to continue to happen to you all. I am so happy Wally stopped smoking, way to go Wally!! Love June
  8. This is so exciting. I wish I could be the barbie doll they put on the stage on their tour so I could be in the stage when they blow every one away!! These big shots will not know what hit them! I am so excited for you guys and I just hope you have a ton of fun. Enjoy every second, and hopefully some one is taping it for us little people. My love to you all, Good Luck. Love June
  9. I heard it too!! I thought it was awesome and wonderful for the band. I almost didn't watch tonight too. You just can't keep these guys down, they are all over the place. They played the whole song in a key spot on the show. Yummy! I'd like to shake someone's hand for that goodie. Love June
  10. This is awesome news!! Just think how many new fans they will have after they play at the rock hall. They will blow them away even if we are not there. I can't help but hope that this might lead to something good in the future for us. They are a talent you just can't keep down. I am so happy for you guys, you deserve it. My hats off to Billy... Way to go Billy, sounds like a great gig. Enjoy Love June
  11. Hi Darlene!!! Nice to hear from you too. I hope you have been well. I am OK. I do recomend the play if anyone gets a chance to see it and I never thought I would be saying that. I thought nothing would compare to the original show but this was very good and they didn't try to sing Eric's song so I was happy. Love June
  12. I saw the Dirty Dancing play today in Boston. They did a great job keeping to the original show right down to costumes. The singers were great and the stage set up was awesome! Most songs were sung by singers but they play the Hungry Eyes recording. When it started to playing the audience started clapping. I was glad no one sang that song, I would have gone nuts if they messed it up which thy were bound to. We had a great time and it was a really nice show. June
  13. Neil Boyd sang Eric song tonight. He has an amazing voive. Of course nothing comes close to Eric's version. Love ya Eric. June
  14. Congratulations on Boats birthday. You can compare this album to any other and this on beats hands down. It has insight, love, compassion, brilliant arrangements, and a voice that speaks to your heart. Thank you for brilliant album Eric. Your music lives on for all of us to enjoy. Love June
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